Fashion is the ever-evolving industry where if you’re not innovative, you’re out. Having a standout style means that you want to follow the trends but never become their slave. Giving your bold twist to the outfits is something you can easily do, and actually, do it in just 10 steps. These tips listed below will help you a lot in becoming a street fashion sensation wherever you go.

1. The Faux Fur Coat

This is a trend that won’t seem to go away. If you want to be noticeable and fashionable once the weather gets cold, this is THAT piece of clothing. You’ll be winning so hard with literally any faux fur coat that you choose. These past few seasons we saw the return of the teddy coat, a full range of fluffy faux fur designs and so many colourful versions. When you have a bold, you can keep the rest to a minimum and still be a fashion icon.

Rockin the faux fur coat

Image via camilacoelho/Instagram

2. Work The Monochrome Trend

If you want to improve your street fashion, there is a very simple way to do that. Monochrome outfits are approved by the biggest fashionistas in the world and so easy to put together. Wearing the same colour from head to toes is not boring at all.

Monochrome trend

Image via camilacoelho/Instagram

3. Sometimes Oversized Is Better

Influencers have been absolutely obsessed with oversized pieces, which means it’s time for you to get on board as well. A single button-up shirt or coat that are slightly bigger can completely change your final look for the better.

The secret behind oversized fits is that you can play with these pieces in so many different ways. If it’s a top, you can tuck it in, roll the sleeves, open it up more in the cleavage area, flaunt it with shorts, super-tight jeans and more. When it comes to bottoms, cinching an oversized pair of pants or jeans with a belt is so chic. Yes, bigger is better if you know how to pull it off.

Oversized suit

Image via negin_mirsalehi/Instagram

4. Layering Is Fun

It’s officially time for you to become a master of layering. Autumn and winter are the two seasons when your street style game can go to a whole new level thanks to multiple layers of clothes. Tops, sweaters, blazers, and coats are just a part of the pieces to get creative with. Lately, fashionistas have been wearing two coats and it looks so amazing! Dare to try these tips and you’ll see how much more on-trend you’ll feel.

The Art of Layering

Image via aimeesong/Instagram

5. The Classics

You can never go wrong if you pair the most classic and timeless pieces. A cool black suit is essential that every lady has to own in her closet. From there on you can easily dress it up with bold shoes or tone it down with trendy sneakers. The best thing about these classic ensembles is that you have the space to add statement jewelry, a great bag, and experiment with footwear.

Pant suits are the classics

Image via thestyleoflucia/Instagram

6. Print On Print

Mixing prints is not something you should be afraid of. If you want your street fashion to get better and bolder, this is a trend you should consider trying. Bloggers are pros at ‘clashing prints’ and can be your biggest inspiration and a lesson on how to incorporate it in your style.

print on print style

Image via blaireadiebee/Instagram

7. Drape The Coat

It doesn’t matter if it’s a leather jacket, winter coat, trench coat or any other type of outerwear. This trick always does the job. Draping your coat over the shoulders without actually putting it on, gives your look such a fashionable touch.

Draping the coat over the shoulder look

Image via blaireadiebee/Instagram

8. Leather

Leather and faux leather pieces are so eye-catching! No matter in which colour you’ll wear this fabric, it’s safe to say that it will steal the show.

Since not everyone is a fan of real leather, you can always decide to recycle clothes or opt for a faux leather fabric. We found several great places where you can get high-quality second-hand pieces that also support ethical fashion.

A punch of colour accessories can turn heads with leather

Image via aimeesong/Instagram

9. Alter Your Clothes

Buying a ton of new clothes every single season just to be on-trend is not an option for everyone. We all want to look flawless, but spending a whole fortune on clothes is something you can avoid. A very important tip you need to learn is that you should alter and recycle the pieces that you own. The jeans you wore two seasons ago can look brand new if you give them a tiny twist. Love Your Tailor will take your street fashion to a new level with their expertise in alterations and repair services whenever you need them.

Alter your clothes for that street fashion look.

Image via evachen212/Instagram

10. Over-The-Knee Boots

Over-the-knee boots are flattering on everyone! Once you buy a pair, you’ll see that they complement all of your outfits. Thanks to these boots you’ll feel more comfortable rocking a mini skirt or dress. Even if you have the most basic ensemble on, thigh-high boots are here to help you be the centre of attention.

Over-The-Knee Boots

Image via negin_mirsalehi/Instagram

Street Fashion Conclusion

Standing out in fashion is much easier once you become bold enough to try out new things and upgrade some of the old golden rules. All these tips and tricks we included are extremely easy to follow but provide a guaranteed result and so many stares of admiration on the streets.