A few years ago I had my legs waxed and to my horror didn’t understand why the waxed area revealed non-dyed skin while the non-waxed area showed a subtle denim blue!!! I was a big jeans-wearer and even though at that time I was swimming bi-weekly in chlorine, showering etc… this did not prevent fake indigo dye to leave its imprint on my skin… I googled this and to my shock, this was happening to everyone.  Most people do not notice the subtle dye but as a creative director, I picked it up right away. The solution: Organic Clothing!

I immediately threw out my bed sheets and ordered organic bamboo cotton sheets. If there was 1 change I was going to make, it was not sleeping 8 hours a night in dangerous dye… Then, I started thinking of my favourite clothing like hoodies, leggings and jeans. I ordered a 100% organic hoody from Climate Neutral. At that time, there were not many chemical-free clothing companies but now there are! Here are my top faves (you already know about Climate Neutral, so here is the next 4…)


Fringue is a fripperie downtown that sells used clothing for women. Because Fringue works in partnership with the YWCA, it provides a lot of fancy dress clothes at an insanely affordable price. One thing I often like to do there, is upcycle/donate my own clothing that I just do not like anymore and buy something new-to-me there! They have all sorts of cool things and it’s right downtown! This option is great if you refuse to support the buy new clothing industry but can’t yet afford the organic ethical options—which truly can be costly. Montreal has tons of 2nd hand clothing stores all over the plateau and a big value Village, but you may have to dig a long time to find nice things… at FRINGUE they do the sorting for you and only quality items are on display. Less is MORE and all proceeds go to support the mission of the YWCA.


Rawganique was founded in 1997 by off-grid island homesteaders. They handcraft organic cotton, linen, hemp products. They literally hand grow, weave, knit, and sew for true purity and environmental sustainability. They are vegan and 100% organic from seed-to-sale which means that it does cost a little more to support such sustainable fashion. It does not however cost more than chemical and climate-destroying-haute couture. Healthy and comfy doesn’t have to mean shabby either, take a look at this sexy breezy top for men… Un-shockingly SOLD OUT! if you can be patient, you can back order one. Killer with jeans or a dress jacket!


Synergy based in Santa-Cruz, California is not just about making healthier fashion, they are also fighting the living wage gap one employee at a time. They have partnered up with one of the growing eco-certified clothing production houses in Nepal, that pays their employees well and does not expose them or their end customers to harsh and dangerous chemical fabric dyes. It will take years for India’s famous river systems to be free of garment industry pollutants, help them get clean again!


PACT recycles clothing from the existing industry and integrates it into more ethical fashion. If you are tired of Fast, Cheap, Disposable, Toxic, trendy and artificial. That’s been the status quo for fashion around the world for the last decade or more. What is Pact known for?  They offer conscious, valued and versatile clothing and home goods that are sustainable, essential and organic. Now tell us that doesn’t sound like a breath of fresh air…

Now that you are all set to start your organic clothing journey! how about a healthy trip to LIVIA Matcha Bar