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In the dynamic world of showbiz, Alistar excels, always on the hunt for society's elite and their latest ventures. With a sharp eye for detail, this adept journalist transforms their adventures into concise, engaging narratives, offering readers a delightful glimpse into a world of glamour.

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Ceilidh Michelle

Musician and writer, Ceilidh likes to provoke your thoughts, make music, and challenge anyone who takes life too seriously. Her favorite quote from Lester Bangs says it best: “The real question is what to live for. And I can’t answer it. Except another one of your records. And another chance for me to write.”

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Creative Director, content manager. Currently curating: everything charming.

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Guillaume Parisien

Writer, Director, Camera Op, Editor & Professional "Last Man Standing". Is there anything this guy can't do? Yes. A veritable metric f*ck ton of things, so he sticks to what he knows. Join him on some adventures, here, at Best Kept MTL.

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Jamie Frank

Jamie has seen the world through the lens of camera ever since his father handed him his old Nikon 20/20 over two decades ago. As a passionate traveler, he has always sought to portray the true emotion, the hidden spirit of the places he visits.

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Jody Penhall

Wellness practitioner and digital nomad, Jody is looking for like-minded meditators and travel adventurers. No lulu lemmings.

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Marie-Eve Venne

Lifestyle columnist specializing in spirits, food, music and travel. For more than 8 years, she has been sharing her love for a luxurious lifestyle through articles published in Whisky Magazine, VICE, Nuvo and Dress To Kill.

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Petrona Joseph

From lifestyle, beauty trends, and over-the-top luxury getaways, Petrona reveals hidden gems from across the globe and writes about her extraordinary experiences.

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Simon Wayland

Simon is 20 years into a life sentence in the music biz. He's performed at major international festivals and worked with Grammy Award winners. As Music Curator for BKM he gives you a sneak peek behind the curtain...

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From fine dining restaurants to boutique hotel staycations to high society balls, V is a lifestyle writer who unlocks some of Montreal's best-kept secrets.

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As a journalist, I've explored vibrant art scenes, spotlighting exhibitions and creators, with a focus on the diverse stories shaping our civilization. My experiences with global cultures and artists have deeply influenced my journalistic and artistic identity.

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Iryna McGlam

Iryna is a dynamic journalist blending brillance with glamour. With an early fascination for our planet's beauty, she now shares her sharp-eyed vision on travel, finance, art and fashion. Join her on a journey where intellect meets elegance, illuminating the world through her insatiable curiosity and passion for storytelling.

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Alexander Bergman

Fashion editor/curator Alexander Bergman, Concordia's third-year fiber maven who blends academia and industry, is our MTL fashion insider. Unravel style with him.