AIM Festival is Art, Innovation, and Movement

AIM (Art – Innovation – Movement) is an organization supporting artistic causes and dedicated to becoming a unique Canadian platform for exposing attendees to leading-edge multimedia art from around the globe. With a focus on live performance, interactive multimedia art, sound and digital technologies. AIM offers a new, non-pretentious, vision of the festival industry.

Come celebrate the AIM 5th edition – a 3-day festival featuring some of the most boundary-pushing music this weekend – July 12-13-14, 2019.

It is taking place at Parc Carillon in St-André d’Argenteuil, Quebec – a 50 minute drive from Montreal (plus there are shuttles to and from the Montmorency area everyday). There are 80 different artists on 5 stages that all have different themes: techno, house, bass, trance and the eclectic multi culti stage. Enjoy the full camping musical festival experience! Round up your besties, pack your fave crop top, gather your camping gear and nestle into unique riverside grounds. Get your tickets here.

TOP 5 artists to set your sights on!

John DigweedAIM Stage

Some DJ careers are built on hype. John Digweed’s career is built on substance. From ethereal, swirling cinematic soundscapes to energy-infused bass-bothering tech growlers, a new generation of clubbers are learning what we already know – that there’s nothing quite like being locked into a John Digweed set.


Brought up near São Paulo, Brazil, the daughter of a club owner, ANNA has made her own destiny through a combination of perseverance and talent. She’s quickly climbing the ranks with her seductive yet heavy-hitting brand of techno.

Danny TenagliaMonolithes

Danny Tenaglia’s name rightly sends shivers down the spine of anyone who has been front, centre and soaked in sweat during one of his club sets, stomping to attention while jostling for a glance into the booth to watch someone for whom mixing records seems to be as natural as breathing. Whether he’s on for four hours, or doing his marathon gigs at Stereo this guy will take you on a journey. His genre ranges big time, from tribal house, US garage, techno to disco!

Markus Schulz – Trance Arena

The master of trance Schulz is a German-American DJ and music producer based in Miami, Florida.. a dance culture veteran who’s spent more than 25 years working the decks in clubs around the world with his timeless sounds that envelop techno, trance, and progressive. Have a listen!

GetterBass Pit

Dubstep darling Getter became known as “the unsung hero of underground bass culture.” Getter’s profound production prowess on monstrous, early tracks like “Vile Orchestra”. After nearly 30 artist releases (albums, EPs, singles, collabs) and 28 remixes in the space of seven years, he’s ready to take on AIM!
There is more creativity going on at the Caribbean Festival in the art of taste.