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YUL Eat | YUL Dance | YUL Party

YUL Eat | YUL Dance | YUL Party

YUL Eat | YUL Dance | YUL Party 1

Alright Montreal! This is it, arguably the final weekend of summer is upon us. September long weekend is in full swing & labour day is upon us. The city is saturated with end of season tourists, & locals alike roaming the downtown areas enjoying the heat and culture this fine city delivers on a daily basis.

Though Montreal has lots to offer anyone, there is a an event happening that sets a bar & stands on its own. I am talking about the 2nd edition of YUL Eat Festival.


Coming to the public for FREE, yes free. YUL Eat brings on the Montreal flavour. All your favourite local resto’s are on location with tons of free samples to indulge in. A personal favourite being the macaroon’s and Remy Couture – The Donut King! Too good not to eat a few.


Being less of a foodie, in a sea of foodies, this festival will open you up to a culinary artist’s dream world. So much to see, and learn.

All the food demo’s have been great, and the smells of food boasting the urge to get your glutton on. Some of the more fun displays have to be in the form of local celebrity cook-offs. Yesterday we saw Radio hosts MC Gilles & Eric Nolin go head to head in a steak cook off.


Up today, a sure to be spectacle will see Olympic medalist Alexandre Bilodeau face off against Patrick Langlois to see who can make the best-classic caeser salad! One of the few things I can actually make myself. These events are good fun, lots of laughs, and a highlight to the daytime events.

Of course, no festival nor festival blogs from BandMark would be complete without touching on the music. Here YUL Eat has upped their game. Sunday night’s shows were insane! Rich Aucoin performed a set that had everyone at the festival site dancing & singing along.

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A spectrum of colours flooding the stage, Rich got way into feeling his music & caught my attention immediately. At points coming off stage to dance with the crowd, share his mic with the fans dancing with him. He certainly put on a show of note.

Hip-Hop/Electro duo Radio Radio headline the stage tonight, with Quebec local Andee adding some sultry pop to the mix.

Be sure to check out the final day of YUL Eat Festival, 2015 Edition today at Quai de l’Horloge. The event is in full swing right now, & once again it is FREE!

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