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Custom Farine Five Roses Sneakers, Thanks to DeLaRu!

Custom Farine Five Roses Sneakers, Thanks to DeLaRu!

Farine Five Roses - Custome Sneakers - DeLaRue

DeLaRue. Remember that name, because these custom Farine Five Roses kicks by: Damien of DeLaRue are going to blow up and you may want to grab some of your own while they are still affordable and he’s not too busy with celebrity orders ;)

I love my new Farine Five Roses customs and I can’t wait to wear them tonight. They are so beautiful and valuable for me, that I am treating them like high-heels and dressing them up with flared dress pants, a fitted top and a blazer!

I’ve been obsessed with The Farine Five Roses Sign ever since I used to live at the top of the Kander building on De LaMontagne. From the many loft windows of the triangular penthouse, we could see the retro sign, flashing its lights into the sky. At the time, I had a good friend Joel, who also saw the sign from his loft and we would call each other when it was raining and one of the letters wasn’t able to flash. “Hey, the V is out!” etc..  they have since restored the electrics and the sign seems to be able to survive storms. With Montreal’s lack of heritage protection in so many upsetting ways (we will never forget losing our green oasis in Old MTL that  should have NEVER approved…)  we really must protect the few old signs, facades and historical gems that we have left!

Five Roses Sign By DeLaRue
The Original Five Roses photo that inspired Damien from DeLaRue’s FFR Custom kicks!

As it turns out, my old friend Damien, was also a big fan of the Farine Five Roses sign and during a job a few years ago, he had a perfect view of it, allowing him to capture an epic photo. From this photo, he created his own illustration. His first idea from many of his illustrations and ideas was to have a t-shirt of hoodie business, but his final creative canvas ended up being sneakers.

What is so incredible about these custom sneakers is that they are hand painted, every metallic trussing line. It gives the overall look a nice custom feel as we can tell they are hand painted if we get a good look. From far, they could be sprayed on with technology. As I attend media events so often, I get tired of wearing 3 inched heels both because they aren’t made for walking around looking at art for hours, but also because it’s just no longer in style. Suits and heels are quickly are quickly being replaced with sneakers and althleisure outfits – but one doesn’t want to look like they are off to the gym either! I love it when people are fashionable surprising! Last Thursday, I went to an art show and a fundraiser in a Gucci bomber, dress pants and these DeLaRue sneakers. I also sometimes wear green vintage Addidas track pants with a black T-shirt, blazer and heels. It all depends where I am going, and for how long. Am I sitting pretty on a date in and out of an Uber or am I running around networking at a convention.

Farine Five Roses - Custome Sneakers - DeLaRue
The Precision in the metallic trussing is incredible. A ruler and steady hand needed here!

Damien Tartamella of DelaRu began his journey as a graphic designer, trading his pencils and sketchbook for Photoshop and a suite of creative software over 25 years ago. In 1996, after completing his 3D animation course, Damien transitioned to digital art, creating cartoons and logos with a mouse and a digital drawing board. As he grew into a seasoned professional, he found himself yearning to reconnect with his traditional art roots, fearing the loss of his authentic drawing skills..

In 2024, Damien embraced a new creative passion—custom shoe design. He equipped himself with airbrushes and stencils, quickly regaining his adeptness in drawing. Today, Damien excels in crafting unique, personalized footwear under his brand, DeLaRu, aimed at discerning clients who cherish one-of-a-kind designs. Discover Damien’s artistic journey and explore his unique creations on Facebook and Instagram. He is currently working on a Batman and Joker sneaker dropping in June! You will have to follow his socials to see them. Below is another sneaker I love from DeLaRue: Stranger Things. I love the creature on the side of the sneak, he really was able to capture the creepy essence of this sci-fi lifeform!

Stranger Things- Custome Sneakers - DeLaRue
Re-live Stranger Things Retro 80s Sci-Fi series, in your sneaks!

Follow Damien from DeLaRue on his Facebook & Instagram to see his latest work or order a pair!

If you like contemporary art, we were at PLURAL (formerly PAPIER) Last week here was the preview – the REEL is on our insta too!

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