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? Big News! We’ve been inspired by the passion of RAD (Rescue All Dogs) and we can’t keep calm about it!

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For every ad purchase with BKM, we pledge:

? 6-10% of our Sponsored Story profits will go directly to RAD – Yes, we are head over heels for our furry friends!
? Empowering Local Writers – Your stories fuel their dreams. Let’s make sure they shine and flourish!
? Boosting Your Narrative – Your brand story deserves the spotlight, and we’re here to give it the stage.

So, when you opt for a sponsored editorial with BKM, it’s not just another purchase. It’s a move that resonates:

  • Amplifying your brand’s voice.
  • Supporting writers in their craft.
  • Making a tangible difference in the lives of rescue dogs.

Reserve Your Sponsored Story, product placement anchor text or REEL with us!

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