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Support the Restaurant & Bar Industry | Ready-to-mix Cocktails & Cook It meal kits

Support the Restaurant & Bar Industry | Ready-to-mix Cocktails & Cook It meal kits

cocktail kits and cook it

Give back to the hospitality industry by purchasing your ready-to-mix Cocktail & Cook it meal kit

With the recent closure of all bars and restaurants in Canada due to COVID-19, the vast majority of workers in the industry sector are now unemployed. Among them, many are living in precarious conditions and depend on their weekly income to sustain themselves.

Thankfully the Bartenders Benevolent Fund, founded in 2013 offers support to the hospitality industry and provides funding for those in serious financial hardship. In response to the pandemic a number of local food & beverage entities have stepped up to the plate and provide assistance by raising funds for the non-profit financial resource for bartenders.

cocktail kits and cook it
Passion and Dream Cocktail – The Atwater Cocktail Club

From the initial days of the crisis, local food & beverage ambassadors Pur Vodka and Cook it decided to partner up to give back to an industry that most of us have adopted as part of our lifestyle and social DNA. For their first initiative they offered 1,000 boxes to workers in this industry, a total of 6,000 meals, representing a value of $90,000.

“This was our first contribution to an ocean of needs that we knew to be more important. In just a few days, we received hundreds of registrations for over 30,000 meals. This donation of 6,000 meals was just the beginning of their resistance movement.” – Nicolas Duvernois, CEO of Pur Vodka

cocktail kits and cook it
Mise en place of a ready-to-mix Pour toi, baie (Bae) cocktail courtesy of The Coldroom

Round 2 for Pur Vodka and Cook it!

By popular demand from their first initiative in support of bar and restaurant industry, Cook it and Pur Vodka are back, this time offering ready-to-mix cocktails in Cook it boxes. Bet you didn’t know that cocktail kits are a THING. Concocted by mixologists from the best bars in the province of Quebec, they can now be savoured at home!

The 2nd round was launched on May 6th, and they have already sold over 900 cocktails in 24 hours! So far that’s an $1,800 donation to the Bartenders Benevolent Fund! The cocktails are available until Tuesday, May 12th at midnight!

Ready-to-mix cocktails supporting Canadian bartenders

Cook it subscribers will be offered a selection of three cocktail kits made from Quebec ingredients allowing them to enhance their aperitif experience at home while supporting a noble cause.

The cocktails will be invented by bartenders from the best bars in Quebec. Beginning with 3 world-renowned establishments which have each received two nominations for the prestigious Spirited Awards 2020 competition: Atwater Cocktail Club, The Cloakroom Group and The Coldroom.

cocktail kits and cook it
A ready-to-mix cocktail provided to you by The Coldroom

The kits will be available in The Pantry at a retail price of $12 and will include two servings each. Orchestrated 100% without profit, the operation will give, for each purchase, $2 to the Bartenders Benevolent Fund and $9 to the bar, a concrete way to support the bar and restaurant industry.

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” Having worked in the restaurant industry myself before launching Cook it, it was only natural to find a solution to concretely help those affected by the crisis in this industry. After all, we share the same mission, that of discovering culinary pleasures. This initiative not only provides financial resources, but also human resources, by securing the work of these employees, which is even more important in my opinion. ” Judith Fetzer CEO of Cook it

In addition, Cook it has decided to increase its contribution by creating a specific promotional code for the occasion. In fact, each time a new subscriber uses the SOUTENIRLAPERO promo code to order Cook it recipes, they will receive a $40 discount on their first box. The company will also donate $50 to the Bartenders
Benevolent Fund with every order.

Support the Restaurant & Bar Industry | Ready-to-mix Cocktails & Cook It meal kits 8
A ready-to-mix I’ll have another – STILLIFE cocktail courtesy of The Cloakroom

Since 2013, the Bartenders Benevolent Fund offers support to the hospitality industry and provides funding for those who have fallen under serious financial hardship and our mission is to work in earnest to ensure that those in need can make ends meet.

Want to contribute to this cause? Click here. For more information on how to re-launch your career in the food & beverage sector join a webinar hosted by Fever-Tree.

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