Poutine Pairings with Booze= Bliss

Poutine has gone from being a rural Quebec delicacy to a national icon. Chefs are taking its original recipe of French fries, cheese curds topped with a brown gravy and creating unique a version from it.  But that’s not all – they’re pairing them with booze to enhance the experience to whole new levels of bliss.

From the 1st to 7th of February, La Poutine Week will take place in 50 restaurants from different cities across Canada. So what makes an amazingly good poutine? Tastes will certainly vary… Read on and prepare to feast!

La Bêtise Rosemont – shepherd’s pie Poutine

La Bêtise opted for a shredded and ground beef with a cream corn sauce, french fries partially mashed and cheese curds. “A comfort, tasty beer is a must like a Labatt 50. There’s nothing more satisfying than a sherpherd’s pie poutine with a classic Labatt 50” explains owner and manager of the restaurant Douglas Tan. For amateurs of red wine, the Folonari Valpolicella would be also a good choice. Where? 6015 Rue Saint-Hubert


Salle Porto Lounge – P3 Portuguese “Porto” Poutine

There’s actually a way to indulge in both a poutine and porto at the same time at Salle Porto Lounge. A simmered lamb served with a porto sauce pairs perfectly with a tawny or vintage type wine. “You simply can’t go wrong” says owner Herman Alves. Where? 3716 Rue Notre-Dame West



Broue Pub Brouhaha – La Gifle

The braised beef cheek in red wine poutine goes hand in hand with the Saison Voatsiperifery, a peppered beer. The wild peppered booze from Madagascar will do the trick with fried spiced cheddar, pink pepper and harissa Tunisian chili paste. At least that’s what the owner of Sylfranc Cote, co-owner of the hidden gem, Broue Pub Brouhaha. Where? 5860 Avenue de Lorimier

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Taboo Cuisine Rebelle – Poutine El cabrón

The Mexican inspired El Cabron poutine is made with Yukon gold fries and Kingsey cheese curds. It is topped off with corn, kidney beans, guacamole, Cajun sour cream, tomatoes and corn chips. The owner Laurence Gaudreau-Pepin believes a Corona is the best combination to go with the Mexican theme. Buen provecho at Taboo Cuisine Rebelle! Where? 2025 Rue Drummond

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5. Brasseur de Montréal – Poutine chômeur

Not to be biased… as I’m Scottish 😉 Try this poutine pairing with a Scottish Ale induced home fries, a gâteau chômeur goat cheese tempura with pepper and smoked bacon cream sauce. To die for. Brasseur de Montreal recommends “a beer with personality like the Black Watch or our Goudy stout to add to a great tasting goats cheese. Our dry, smooth stout blends in perfectly with our sweet tasting poutine.”


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