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Best Kept Montreal’s Guide to the Fashion+Design Festival 2022

Best Kept Montreal’s Guide to the Fashion+Design Festival 2022

Best Kept Montreal’s Guide to the Fashion+Design Festival 2022 1

Welcome to Best Kept Montreal’s guide to the Fashion+Design Festival for 2022.

Join us from August 25-28 for the latest edition of the Fashion + Design Festival. It is special to us as we are proud partners of their latest edition, which means this guide is particularly precious to us, as we love our ever evolving city!

Expect 3 days and 4 nights filled with fashion, art, culture, style, and design that will ignite our magnificent city, and inspire many to dress to express themselves and be creative with their fashions and self-expression. There will be 17 fashion shows featuring 24 designers and brands, 40 diverse artistic performances and various pop-up spaces created with boutiques and surprises in store for the 500,000+ visitors the festival is expecting this year.

Best Kept Montreal’s Guide to the Fashion+Design Festival 2022 2
The Fashion & Design Festival celebrates creativity and culture through a major outdoor event at Quartier des Spectacles.

This year the events are numerous and the bar is set very high in Montreal and the Fashion + Design Festival is prepared to meet this challenge, not only is the roster of talent impressive, the events are sure to inspire with their stellar lineup of talented individuals, designers, models, artists, musicians, makeup artists, hairstylists, nail technicians and the technicians on-hand to make the magic of fashion breathe and come alive.

Beyond the Fashion shows, the importance of fashion and design in our culture

From multi-disciplinary collaborations between artists of different backgrounds and professions, recognition of the importance of BIPOC and 2LSGBTQIA+ communities within the fashion and design world and their incredible contributions over the centuries of style, fashion and beauty that humanity has known thus far.

Best Kept Montreal’s Guide to the Fashion+Design Festival 2022 3
Beyond the fashions, the stores, the brands and houses of style and dreams; there is the cultural impact of fashion and this is where some of the true brilliance of the Fashion+Design Festival really comes to light.

The events listed in this section highlight the intersect of the crossroads of multiple interconnecting artistic disciplines, reunited with the sole purpose of celebrating one of human’s greatest artistic creations; the fashion and style that surrounds our daily lives.

Futurs Divergents

Futurs Divergents is a street theater show that combines music, dance, classical, fashion, singing and hip-hop. This concept created by the Festival of Fashion + Design, allows 8 performers to express themselves freely and create a unique piece of multi-disciplinary art. This show is also unique as it features costumes designed by Aboriginal designers that will be unveiled live during the performances.

B4C FMD Present : Serving Fashion Mini Kiki Ball

Ballroom 4 Community is a collective that comes form Montreal’s Ballroom community, and it organizes community activities to help bridge the gap between the different members of the LGBTQ+ and the QTBIPOC youth. They will be presenting a mini kiki format with 2 catogeories, it will begin with a presentation of the active members of the community, the active participants of the balls in Montreal.

Pénélope Gromko

A fashion-dance hybrid event that will feature a collection of 15 dazzling, different costumes, worn by 12 differnet models, this piece will be performed by Pénélope Gromko in collaboration with 2 contemporary dance performers, Pamela Gomez Widman and Silvia Sanchez.

Best Kept Montreal’s Guide to the Fashion+Design Festival 2022 4
The creator Pénélope Gromko is known for conducting various explorations with the other performers, particularly with regard to voice and movement.

Together : A Celebration of Fashion

Assist a professional photo shoot by none other than renowned Montreal fashion photographer, Sylvain Blais, Together a Celebration of Fashion, groups the retailers of the Eaton Center and Place Mont Royal Trust, under the styling of Randy Smith. Happening at Place des Festivals, come and see how the professionals work and attend a real, large-scale, professional, fashion, photo-shoot.

Thursday August 25th 2022

Bertrand La Ligne X Dailystory

This collaborative and exciting fashion show is a collaboration of the brand Dailyshow, as they present their Spring/Summer 22 collection , accessorized by the beautiful bags from Bertrand La Ligne, a beautiful fashion show, featuring 2 local brands and their shared common vision.

Fashion Preview

A collective fashion show, featuring unique pieces in a spellbinding presentation with three of Montreal’s couture designers; Helmer, Small Akim and Wiwa. A definite must-see to celebrate fashion in a post-pandemic world.

La Pimbêche

Under a theme of emancipation and inter-sectional feminism in different forms, La Pimbeĉhe present its Fall-winter 22 collection. A series of ensembles that are made of recycled and artistically transformed denim to create visual art.

Best Kept Montreal’s Guide to the Fashion+Design Festival 2022 5
Whatever your style, express yourself with our series of unique and meaningful designs. La Pimbêche accessories.

Friday August 26th 2022

1er Mai

The Human Nature collection that will be presented by 1er Mai includes new and old pieces, composed for the main part of recycled clothing and textiles, this performance promises to deliver an impressive scenography , whose inspiration comes from the current problems of the fashion industry.

Défilé Eclectik du Collège LaSalle

The graduates of LaSalle fashion programs will be presenting a fashion-tainment event that will blow your mind. With over 40 models and dancers and a battle between DJs happening during the show, this colorful and eclectic selection of clothes is sure to delight and inspire with its forward fashion sense.

Cooper’s Den

Cooper’s Den promises to be a unique experience, featuring a world where clothes are not made out of fabrics. A first-ever collection of beaded, avant-garde pieces that will likely be the talk of the town, come celebrate this unconventional fashion, showcasing the femininity and power of the magical and mythical beings of this world.

Saturday August 27th 2022

Fashion School of Marie-Victorin

Twelve silhouettes chosen from their annual Fashion Show, Marie-Victorin College showcases some of the brilliant designs its students have achieved over the course of their semesters. College Marie-Victorin is the only public school in Montreal that offers Fashion programs in the public sector. Come encourage and enjoy the creative universe of the graduating class from the Fashion School of Marie-Victorin.

Lakuachimoto-Cyber Alter

Lakuachimoto presents his 4th collection, named Cyber Alter, which was created by the artist adopting a new artistic approach. Lakuachimoto presents a universe without rules or protocols.
A collection born from the crisis that is our modern era, inspired by monsters and an alternative world, where sea, sky, and internet almost merge together.

Best Kept Montreal’s Guide to the Fashion+Design Festival 2022 6
Expect to be wildly entertained by the highly creative looks with exaggerated shapes and bold colors.


Spektrom is a clothing project that honors nature, the human wearing their clothes and the colors and materials needed and used to make the clothes themselves.
The minimal and distinctive pieces are made from some of nature’s finest materials such as hemp and cotton, bamboo and colored with vegetable dyes like indigo.
The Spektrom collection is conscious and makes clothes you can enjoy every day.

Sunday August 28th 2022

Finko X Mister King K- Vivre Ensemble

This collection is a collaboration between Finko and Mister King K and finds inspiration in the 80s and 90s and fuses the beautiful symbiosis of African and Western culture.
This collection uses magnificent fabrics from Africa to use them in the construction of more western designs, a joyful and danceable collection that is worth wearing and celebrating!

Fusion Jeunesse

Fusion Jeunesse’s Fashion Design Program introduces younger students tot the world and techniques of the fashion world. The students come from four different schools and are accompanied by a teacher and coordinator as the students learn the basic skills to draw, design, trace a pattern and create their own fashion pieces which are then showcased to an audience.

This is a wonderful opportunity to see the young minds at work in fashion and scoop up the next talented designer!

Krykou – État de graĉe GRÂCE

Krykou’s performance will showcase the haute couture collection called, État de Grace , designed for both men and women.
The haute couture collection, État de Grace is a tribute to self-renewal, through personal success and transformation.
Made from a collection of recycled materials and featuring poetic, transcendent words to a hypnotic beat. This event promises to be a spectacle to behold.

Best Kept Montreal’s Guide to the Fashion+Design Festival 2022 7
Krykou – Discover its first collection of haute couture dresses dedicated to the celebration of feminine renewal.

Enjoying fashion and everything the festival offers

I honestly feel we are so blessed to live in a city with a fashion conscience where so many inspiring performers and artists come together to bring you the best in fashion and design that Montreal has to offer.

Along with live music, fashion shows, workshops, and afterparties, a popup area with over 45 trendy local designers and businesses provides a distinctive shopping experience with limited editions, discounts, giveaways, and new fashion collections. Foodtrucks, bars and chill zones allow festival-goers to enjoy the event all day long.

For more on its schedule guide click here to all the amazing fashion shows and spectacles you can find at this year’s Fashion+Design Festival.

Bonus! Go here to know more about XP_MTL and their activations, showcasing the incredible talent we have in the city.

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