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Beauty Buzz for May 2022 : Gift Ideas You’ll Want For Yourself!

Beauty Buzz for May 2022 : Gift Ideas You’ll Want For Yourself!

As I write my Beauty Buzz, I figure May is good for gift ideas you’ll want yourself.

I acknowledge that Mother’s Day is a special moment; so in honor of our mothers and all they do for us, the countless hours of care and concern they often bestow upon us, the unconditional love they give us; I figured I would concoct a slew of beauty suggestions, worthy of pampering your mom, with a little self-care, self-love, and much needed vanity.

Please remember, if your mother has never shown interest in beauty, no stress; many of these experiences and items are wonderful, regardless of age or gender.

So don’t feel bad if you get tempted  yourself by these suggestions, I know I sure did, you may well find that you want to incorporate them into your beauty routine or spoil yourself with a little beauty luxury.

Beauty as family, fun-time!

What better way of spoiling your mom with love and beauty for the Mother’s Day, then to plan an activity with her. Does your mom love getting her hair treated, perhaps a fresh coat of nail polish, filling out her sparser brows, having a beautiful evening makeup application before heading off to a night of celebration with family and friends.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to go to a place where you could cater to a wide variety of beauty desires?

There is such a magical place, located in Griffintown, and it is called Le Hideout, Montreal’s best kept beauty secret, a one-stop destination for all your beauty needs. Co-owners Charlotte and Martine, a long-time friend, have created a wonderfully decorated and versatile, multi-functional beauty salon. Their incredible list of services includes the following: gel varnish manicures and pedicures, gel nail extensions, various facials, depilatory services with laser technology or waxing techniques, electrolysis, lash lifts, lash extensions, microblading and microshading of the brows, brow laminations, capillary treatments, semi-permanent makeup like lip blushing and freckles as well as makeup services for special events.

Mother's Day Montreal Gifts, 2022
Mother’s Day Montreal Gifts – Hide and Go SLEEK with Mom ;)  courtesy of Le Hideout

I suspect an afternoon spent with family or friends at Le Hideout, will be a day well remembered and cherished, one thing is guaranteed, you will all be even lovelier as you leave then when you first arrived! This salon is pet friendly, so your furry, little, love ball, can wait while you beautify yourself!

More permanent enhancements please!

Another fabulous gift is the Genesis laser, which I recommend from my good friends at Access Medica in Kirkland. The Genesis laser is non-invasive, requires no down-time and you leave with your skin more beautiful, even, and radiant than when you arrived.

Mother's Day Montreal Gifts, 2022
Does mom look good for her age? Let’s keep that tradition strong for years to come!  Photo courtesy of Access Medica

The Genesis laser is a great introduction into the realm of laser technologies and the various ways they can repair the skin to turn back the sands of time.

I find the Genesis to be an effective treatment to help me balance out my skin tone, reduce the size of my pores, increase the radiance of my skin, and reduce all inflammatory signs and diminish blemishes and scars.

I have been doing the Genesis laser for over 5 years now, it is a staple in my anti-aging routine, and I highly recommend it. It is easily one of the most affordable laser treatments on the market that provides instant results without any healing downtime or complications. It’s a great treatment for a mom who is scared of beauty tech and concerned with after-effects. Mom will be in and out in under an hour, feeling fresher than a new spring leaf. Click here for Genesis Before & After.

Protecting your skin with a bit of flair perhaps?

As you know I am a strong believer in good sun care, especially now as we get into the brighter, sunnier days. Therefore, I am always happy to discover a tinted moisturizer that works effortlessly and gives me a great protection, I was delighted to receive from Origins, the GinZing SPF 40 Energy-Boosting Tinted Moisturizer.

Mother's Day gifts Montreal, 2022
Protect and perfect your mother’s skin! Photo courtesy of Origins

It appears off-white once squeezed onto the palm of my hand, it delivers a glorious, universal, golden glow that works on every skin tone, I tried it on a Black friend, and it looked beautiful on his skin.

The formula is non-greasy, leaves no white cast and blends seamlessly with the skin, it protects, it hydrates and acts as a perfect occlusive barrier on the skin.

An effortless way to perfected skin that also protects and wears beautifully throughout the day.

For those who want to bring the technology home!

Now some of you might be looking for a more technological gift; a reusable product that can benefit and ameliorate the quality of the skin with time, and repeated usage.

Allow me to suggest the Silk’n Titan AllWays, think of it as a self-controlled facial and anti-aging device that reduces wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet, restores collagen and elastin fibers to lift your facial contours without surgery.


Mother's Day gifts Montreal, 2022
Zip Zap, let’s bring some youthfulness back! Photo courtesy of Silk’n Titan


The machine is ideal to build volume on the face, tighten the skin and lift the facial contours. It will strengthen the deeper layers of the skin and improve the skin’s elasticity and texture.

Repeated usage will help blur superficial sun damage and age spots.

Mother's Day gifts Montreal, 2022
Sleek and chic , the future of beauty! Photo courtesy of Silk’n Titan

I love the sleekness of the design, the white, handheld device looks stylish and chic and would be a perfect accompaniment for any vanity, an exquisite tool to help any mother look her best, on her own terms, at home.

Does Mommy Love Her Makeup?

Another beauty category and one of my favorites, is makeup. Makeup makes for a light, fun gift to share that can instantly brighten up your mom’s day and give a much appreciated, and occasionally needed, boost of confidence.

One of my favorite categories in makeup is primers, this category has evolved throughout the decades, and we are living in a true primer renaissance.

Smashbox is a company that understands the various needs for priming and has incredible solutions to cover any potential need you might have for perfecting the texture and general appearance of your skin, with or without additional makeup.

Are you looking to hydrate the skin more, try the Photo Finish Primerizer + Hydrating Face Primer, I love this primer as a first step after I have moisturized and lightly oiled my face, I will layer additional primers as needed on top, depending on the results I am aiming for, in my makeup application.

For a glowing and radiant effect try the newly released, Photo Finish Illuminate Glow Face Primer, it is luminating and excellent.

Hashtag Primed For Life !Photo courtesy of Smashbox

And if you want to blur the skin and trick the eye a little, I love to use the Photo Finish Smooth & Blur Oil-Free Foundation Primer, just before I apply my foundation products, I magically see my pores disappear before my eyes.

These amazing primers are made of lightweight, gel-like, textures; that can be easily applied onto the skin with fingers, sponges, or brushes depending on your preference.

An exciting, hybrid, hydrating beauty concealer and corrector, just for you!

Veil Cosmetics, based out of Toronto, Canada, whose founder, Sébastien Tardiff, is a Montreal native and long-time friend of mine.

An incredibly, gifted makeup artist who worked for many years in Asia; his vision has always been to glorify and perfect the skin without masking it, thus the concept behind the name Veil. These products do not mask, they enhance and embellish the skin in soft pigments, light diffusing technologies and hydration.

His first product is the Complexion Fix, this product has long been a staple in my makeup kit. It comes in a tube with a brush-tip applicator and the product can be used as concealer, highlighter, to lightly even out the skin, it is so versatile. It comes in a satin finish, mattifies itself and has a skin adapting technology that allows it to blend perfectly with your skin.

Photo courtesy of Veil CosmeticsHigh-end
The ultimate complexion friend! Photo courtesy of Veil Cosmetics

The product feels lightweight and is easy to apply, travels well in any purse or bag for quick touch ups and allows everyone access to quick, flawless skin in seconds.

No one brings class to shine like Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown is a makeup brand synonymous with high quality and a sophisticated, practical approach to makeup. The Bobbi Brown Highlighting Powder is an incredible example of the impressive quality behind the products in the brand. The product comes in a refined, glossy, square compact, with Bobbi Brown written in white, once open; a mirror is revealed, and the highlight powder is beautifully embossed within the compact. You can see the micro pigments reflecting the light, it is in makeup terms, a thing of true beauty.

Give me glow and give me life! Photo courtesy of Bobbi Brown

It is so pretty, I almost couldn’t bare to touch it, however, once applied, I was delighted to see that the shimmer is highly refined and can be used to create simple, soft glows or more intense reflection if layered and so desired. This is not a chunky glitter effect; this is sophistication and a soft brilliance for the face that illuminates in a controlled manner and can be built up and layered for more luminosity.

A truly beautiful and very versatile product, once opened, all who glimpse will easily fall under its spell; this product is a must for any makeup station, and it will become a staple at mine, I still can not get over how beautiful it is.

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Balming it instead of powdering it….

Now a problem many women have confessed to me over the years and one I have noticed myself, being a makeup user and wearer, is that powder, though essential to set most cream or liquid products, once it gets re-applied throughout the day, it can build up a cakey layer.

Well, I have a great suggestion for you, Danessa Myricks Beauty has just launched their new Yummy Skin Blurring Balm Powder, available exclusively at Sephora in Canada.

Balm me up Baby! Photo courtesy of Danessa Myricks Beauty

Danessa Myricks Beauty is a Black-owned beauty brand from the United States, and I must say that they are the most exciting brand in terms of new technologies; invigorating the market with versatile, multi-use products of extremely high quality at affordable prices.

The Yummy Skin Blurring Balm Powder is the third product for the Yummy Skin line, their foundation and serum launched earlier this year, the foundation was a hit for me as well, however this new balm has me seriously intrigued.

A shade for everyone. Photo courtesy of Danessa Myricks Beauty

There is a color that is translucent, while the others are tinted; this product is a texture reducing, blurring balm, it will balance out your oil production during the day while maintaining your skin’s moisture levels thanks to its unique mix of Swedish, super ingredient, upsalite, olive-derived squalane and hyaluronic acid.

The tinted shades have the same properties with additional skin color coverage, allowing them to have more pigmentation and skin balancing properties.

You do not have to rub your skin that hard honey!

Now my last suggestion is one I bring to you because I know that removing your day face, whether it be a gentle tinted moisturizer or a heavier foundation, requires a stronger remover.

I also know that rubbing your skin is not the solution and can lead to premature damage and aging of the skin.

I am falling head over heels for the following makeup remover, it is a miracle waiting to be sprayed onto your face, allow me to introduce, the ONE/SIZE by Patrick Starr GO OFF Makeup Dissolving Mist.

No fuss, no mam, this cleanser works like bam! Photo courtesy of ONE/SIZE by Patrick Starr

The product comes in a sharp, red tube and you simply spray the product, generously on your face, allow it to sit and begin dissolving the makeup, then proceed to use a makeup wipe or damp cloth to remove and voilà, the work is done for you.

When I think of the endless rubbing and continuous layers of cleanser, I need to use to remove some of the waterproof and long-lasting formulas in today’s cosmetics, I am sure glad that someone as brilliant as Patrick Starr, has been kind enough to bring this solution to market.

If you love wearing makeup, what are you waiting for, nothing will take it off like this product will!

So, remember to pamper your mother this Mother’s Day and pamper yourself, we all need a little more beauty in our lives and treating yourself is a great start.

If you’re still unsure about what to get your mother, my last suggestion is simple, get her a Sephora gift card, once again, an easy way to my heart, if anyone is curious.

If you’re curious about a new moisturizer, while I finish up my new story, check out my report from last year, these moisturizers where bomb, you can see them here.

Until the Beauty Buzz drops again, keep your skins tinted and protected and stay beautiful!



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