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Beauty Buzz for December | 7 Local Beauty Brands Yule Love featuring Veil Cosmetics

Beauty Buzz for December | 7 Local Beauty Brands Yule Love featuring Veil Cosmetics

Beauty Buzz for December | 7 Local Beauty Brands Yule Love featuring Veil Cosmetics 1

It’s that time of the year again, so this December, Beauty Buzz suggests to you, 7 local beauty brands yule love, featuring Veil Cosmetics and so much more. Whether shopping for someone you love, or curious about the brands we have here, keep on reading dears.

As always, I’m bringing you the best products that I have tested and loved, hoping to bring you a winning product that comes from home; allowing you to support the local brands that are making amazing beauty products, all-year round.

I have chosen a selection of different types of beauty products, and I hope that you will love these suggestions, get curious and explore new self-care possibilities to indulge yourself and others, in much-needed, moments of self-appreciation and love.

Giving the gift of beauty and opening the doors to new experiences of makeup and skincare and fragrance; is a great way to allow others to further explore themselves, and play with the options that pigments and pampering products permit us.

A Velvet Palette for the Cheeks and Lips

Veil Cosmetics, the brainchild of Montreal-native Sébastien Tardiff, makes some of the best hybrid makeup products and their influence on the market has been huge. Their innovative products have inspired many dupes in the cosmetic industry.

The Velvet Lip & Cheek Palette by Veil Cosmetics is a stunningly curated collection of 6 colors that can be used on the cheeks and the lips to add blush or flush, as desired.

7 Local Beauty Brands Yule Love
This multi-use, gel-cream formula is the perfect travel companion for on-the-go, effortless beauty. Photo courtesy of Veil Cosmetics.

These cream-to-powder textures can be layered for more payoff; however, these products are meant to be softer and more natural, even the most vibrant fuchsia-pink in the palette has a softness that makes its application rather foolproof.

The Velvet Lip & Cheek Palette by Veil Cosmetics can be applied with brushes, fingers, or sponges, this product has a wonderful slip and is truly easy to blend, so controlling the intensities will be easy to play with it.

The Velvet Lip & Cheek Palette by Veil Cosmetics comes in an elegant black and gold compact, the compact has a nice weight to it, as it remains easy to transport and travel with.  A great gift for you or someone you know, who loves softer blush and lip colors.

I also speak about several other products from Veil Cosmetics, that are all equally excellent, read more about them here, here, and here.

Estate’s Trend Report Will Dazzle Your Eyes

Estate Cosmetics is a great Montreal-based makeup brand that produces high-quality eyeshadow and pressed pigments palettes, as well as many other incredible products, read more about their gloss, the Lip Icing, here.

Their latest palette, the Trend Report Eyeshadow and Pressed Pigment Palette features 10 richly pigmented shades, 8 of which are matte, the last 2 have beautiful shimmer and frost in them. The matte shades always blend beautifully and layer well on the lids. The shimmers have stunning reflection, making this palette, the Trend Report Eyeshadow and Pressed Pigment Palette, a must-have palette for bold and playful eyes.

7 Local Beauty Brands Yule Love
High-intensity color payoff is guaranteed with any Estate Cosmetics product, this palette delivers on so many levels. Photo courtesy of Estate Cosmetics.

From the cool, raspberry frost of the shade Vogue, to the gorgeous matte. khaki shade Label, so many shades to play with and have fun. This primarily cool-toned palette has several neutral pops in it, making it a versatile palette with wonderful pigmentation.

The Trend Report Eyeshadow and Pressed Pigment Palette by Estate Cosmetics packs a playful punch of colorful fun for your eyes to dress themselves up in. I love their textures and the quality of the pressed pigments they make; I have been loving this brand for over a year now and often find myself suggesting their products.

You should give Estate Cosmetics a try and see why, the Trend Report Eyeshadow and Pressed Pigment Palette is a great place to start.

Watier’s Holiday Offerings Make For Festive Treats!

Watier releases multiple gift-sets before the Holidays and this iconic beauty brand has been well-loved and adored in our province and our city for 60 years and counting now.

Which makes so many of the Watier gift-sets, especially the varied fragrances that they have methodically curated, as the collection of Watier‘s high-end fragrances has evolved and grown over their decades of popularity.

7 Local Beauty Brands Yule Love
This set will entice you southwards with its fragrant heat and enchant you. Photo courtesy of Watier.

A personal favorite of mine is Vent du Sud by Watier, this beautiful fragrance is both fruity and exotic, with its sensual and feminine notes of Passion Fruit, Jasmine and Rose; Vent du Sud also has sweet and warm traces of Amber, Vanilla and wood-scented Musk.

The Vent du Sud Set by Watier is a perfect fragrant getaway, to a warm, sweet-smelling paradise, the set comes with a bottle of the Vent du Sud Eau de Toilette and the Vent du Sud Body Veil Parfumé.

You can also find many of their other iconic fragrances such as Neiges and Homme Neiges, as well as Ivresse and Watier.

A Pure Cleanser To Refresh Your Skin

I recently wrote about Fey Cosmetics, this impressive Montreal-based brand creates truly high-end, organic skincare. The packaging is exquisite, the components themselves luxurious and well-weighted and the formulation; the science behind the products themselves is well researched, their products redefine the term Clean Beauty, in a true way.

No harsh ingredients, nor any tolerated, so-called, clean ingredients, every ingredient has purpose and the products are truly delightful to apply on the skin, the Fey Cosmetics products are always natural and vegan.

I highly recommend you read my previous post about the Eterna Anti-Aging Night Cream, here.

7 Local Beauty Brands Yule Love
This milk cleanser works wonders on the skin, leaving it feeling refreshed, clean and always hydrated. Photo courtesy of Fey Cosmetics.

Today however, allow me to introduce you to my latest, adored milk cleanser, the Pure Gentle Cleansing Milk, this efficient facial cleanser is delicate on the skin as it lifts impurities and nourishes the skin it is cleansing.

The Pure Gentle Cleansing Milk by Fey Cosmetics has a wonderful and effortless slip on the skin, whether my skin is moist or not, I find the product works well at dislodging the dirt from my sleep for my morning cleanse or as my first cleanser at night, to wash the day away.

The Pure Gentle Cleansing Milk by Fey Cosmetics is the perfect choice for a calming and efficient, soothing cleansing experience for your face.

Soaps & Suds Yule Never Forget

Every Holiday season, I count on 7 Deadly Soaps to deliver amazing Holiday gifts, as their varied soaps have the most aromatic qualities, with their sublimely crafted fragrances.

Created, locally by hand, these organic soaps are the perfect Holiday treat and a smart way to make washing your hands even more appealing.

7 Local Beauty Brands Yule Love
This relaxing and restorative soap will make showering and bathing, a sensory experience, perfect for the Holidays. Photo courtesy of 7 Deadly Soaps.

7 Deadly Soaps latest offering for the Holidays is their Zéphyr – Forêt Exaucée, a beautiful mixture of Blue Cypress, Lily of the Valley and Quebec’s White Pine; make this a soothing and restorative experience, perfect for relaxing and pampering oneself at the end of a long day.

Every single soap I have tried from 7 Deadly Soaps is an intoxicating experience, these soaps are simply so soft and nourishing on the skin, made from the finest organic ingredients, a true delight on my skin.

You can equally find their great products for sale, online at Simons, here.

You can also read more about 7 Deadly Soaps, here, and here.

A Colorful, Playful and Natural Bath Time

Mood Bomb is another locally-made cosmetic line that features several natural, hand-made cosmetics that are super playful, fun and unforgettable once you see them.

9 Local Beauty Brands Yule Love
This adorable selection of bath friendly products will bring out the marveled kid in anyone, such beautiful products to use. Photo courtesy of Mood Bomb.

If you love colorful baths and really love your bath-time, then the Fairy Dust is where it’s at; with a selection of different scents, these naturally made products are both colorful and playful and very gentle on the skin.

Another product I adore is the Body Butter, this colorful balm-cream, will make your skin feel super lush and hydrated and it is truly occlusive; once again it comes in a selection of 5 choices of fragrance, my favorite was the Cactus & Cherry Blossom Whipped Body Butter by Mood Bomb, the colorful swirls in the pot are so pretty when you open it.

9 Local Beauty Brands Yule Love
Drop this donut in the tub and watch the suds, bubble-up in front of your eyes. Photo courtesy of Mood Bomb.

Last product I will mention for today, is the Bath Bomb, featured above, this colorful donut will transform into a luxurious, bubble-bath experience before your very eyes; once again available in an assortment of 5 different options to choose from, depending on your preference.

These products are clearly made with a lot of love and the cuteness factor is off-the charts with this brand, one to discover and watch as these products have the potential to become truly viral!

Loving This Lightweight Gel Moisturizer

Savan Skincare is a brand I discovered this past year as I was hunting the internet to find local beauty brands I could discover and promote. Savan Skincare is based out of Quebec City, and I love the concept behind this very easy-to-use brand.

Unlike many companies that promote different actives, many of which you cannot mix with other actives, making the management of one’s skincare process, too complex for some.

Savan Skincare simplifies the process for you, their minimal line addresses real skin concerns and is made locally, and features high-end ingredients that are proven to be efficient and always gentle on the skin.

7 Local Beauty Brands Yule Love
This lightweight and nourishing moisturizing gel, will hydrate without ever feeling rich or heavy, great for men too! Photo courtesy of Savan Skincare.

The Lightweight Moisturizer by Savan Skincare is a stand-out to me, it has a gel consistency that makes it super fast to absorb on the skin. The Lightweight Moisturizer leaves the skin feeling refreshed, is completely fragrance-free and features many great ingredients such as Squalane, Jojoba Oil and one of my all-time favorite ingredients, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, which is excellent for  nourishing, hydrating and soothing the skin.

Savan Skincare has a wonderful minimalist approach in their packaging as well, making their products truly unisex and approachable for all.

For anyone who enjoys a nourishing gel as a moisturizer, the Lightweight Moisturizer by Savan Skincare is an excellent, locally-made choice.


As we end the cycle of another year, I find myself so excited to begin a new year, to discover more brands and excellent products to suggest to you, my dear readers.

I have loved this past year, these past 10 months of writing and developing the Beauty Buzz monthly columns, approaching brands, getting to know formulations, researching ingredients, has been a complete blast for me.

Thank you, for every read, hit on the page, social media share and so on; our stories would not be successful without you, dear reader and for that, you have my thanks, appreciation and gratitude!

I promise, I will continue to uncover, discover and explore the best of the beauty world for you, all throughout 2023, and hopefully, for many years to come.

Remember to treat yourself kindly and enjoy yourself over the Holiday period, spend some time with loved-ones, or doing things that make you happy. There may be many moments for some of you, where you will feel that your Holiday schedule is a bit, perhaps, hectic.

However, stop and slow down when needed, that way you can better remind yourself of the name we give the current moment we are living in; the present.

Until next time dear readers, reindeer, elves, fairies and babes, stay beautiful!


Lead image courtesy of Veil Cosmetics.

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