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Beauty Buzz for July | 5 Canadian Beauty Brands You’ll Love

Beauty Buzz for July | 5 Canadian Beauty Brands You’ll Love

Beauty Buzz for July | 5 Canadian Beauty Brands You'll Love 1

Beauty Buzz presents to you this July, 5 Canadian beauty brands you’ll love.

Our great northern country is home to a diverse wildlife and fauna, and a wild diverse Eco-system of beauty brands, all with a great variety of cosmetic products to suit your needs and desires.

As I have been writing for Best Kept MTL, discovering various brands, and approaching different companies, I have been incredibly impressed by the products I have had the opportunity to test out.

In fact, so many of the products I try are excellent, it can become difficult, when I decide to introduce a brand, to narrow down on the products I wish to present. This selection is even more difficult when I can only choose one product out of a selection sent.

The great news I can share is that we are spoiled in Canada with a dazzling array of beauty brands, both new and established, some making their mark now, while others have already redefined what a beauty brand can do.

So, whether you prefer more natural products or high-performance cosmetics, I hope to pique your curiosity with this selection.

Wellness you can massage onto the skin

Saje Natural Wellness is a company based out of British Columbia, that focuses on Wellness, and features a lovely skincare line

I reached out to Saje Natural Wellness and they were so gracious to introduce me to their brand and their products, since then I have been using them for a period of over a month to see how they apply and work on the skin and what benefits I notice from their continued use.

The first product I tried was the Glow On Oil Cleanser, this gentle oil cleanser is nourishing for the skin as it cleanses it, it helps to break down and remove dirt and oils, without ever stripping the skin of its natural moisture levels.

Beauty Buzz for July | 5 Canadian Beauty Brands You'll Love 2
The oil cleanser I did not know I needed! Photo Courtesy of Saje Natural Wellness.

Once rinsed off, the Glow On Oil Cleanser by Saje Natural Wellness leaves the skin feeling supple and soft, clean and hydrated. The Glow On Oil Cleanser features Parsely Seed, Squalane and Oat extract, these ingredients are infinitely soothing and nourishing for the skin and provide antioxidant protection.

The product is delicate, and I found it very comfortable on and around my eye area, making it an ideal morning cleanser to avoid stripping the skin or rubbing the skin too harshly.

The Glow On Moisturizer from Saje Natural Wellness was another welcome discovery . The moisturizer comes out as a thick cream that spreads well onto the skin and coats the skin with a lovely occlusive layer of moisture.

Beauty Buzz for July | 5 Canadian Beauty Brands You'll Love 3
A moisturizer to help you get that dewy complexion. Photo courtesy of Saje Natural Wellness.

The Glow On Moisturizer from Saje Natural Wellness is ideal for people with combination skin. On the website for Saje Natural Wellness, you will see that they have different lines for the various skincare products depending on your skin type. As my skin type is normal to combination, I chose the Glow On Moisturizer and I am so glad that I did, it works brilliantly and hydrates me beautifully.

The Glow On Moisturizer has an impressive ingredient list , featuring again the Parsley Seed, Oat extract and Shea Butter , which help pack this moisturizer with incredible benefits for the skin on the short and long term.

The third product from Saje Natural Wellness I want to introduce to you is the Glow On Face Oil, a great last step to any nightly skincare routine to serve as an additional, occlusive barrier, locking in the precious moisture applied prior to the oil itself.

The Glow On Face Oil can be worn alone and has a lovely fragrance to it, it also features key ingredients such as Raspberry Seed Oil and Squalane both incredibly moisturizing oils, highly beneficial to lock the hydration in your skin.

Beauty Buzz for July | 5 Canadian Beauty Brands You'll Love 4
Such a perfect facial oil, smooth it over your skin and glow! Photo courtesy of Saje Natural Wellness.

Pro tip for application, a step I often do is mix a few drops of my Glow On Face Oil with a few pumps of the Glow On Moisturizer, I blend them together in the palms of my hands to warm and blend them and directly apply them to my skin.

I have found that this helps to cut two separate steps into a singular step, thus saving time and producing a highly dewy finish to the skin that locks in the precious moisture to help you retain a glowing complexion all day long.

Looking radiant in the day has never been so easy and knowing that you can feel good about the products you are putting on your face is always a great added bonus.

A perfect balm to reduce the shine.

The amazing products of Veil Cosmetics are wonderfully subtle and highly practical for illuminating the skin and enhancing texture and luminosity of your complexion in ways that are flattering; while blending with the skin in harmonious ways.

The approach is build-able, blend-able, diffusing complexion concerns, nourishing the skin as it enhances. This concept and the incredible products from the line are the passion of Veil Cosmetics‘ co-founder, Montreal native, Sébastien Tardiff

The Automatte Mattifying Balm from Veil Cosmetics is a versatile balm for the face, it helps to mattify the skin, it does not add any layers of powder, is excellent for touch-ups, can be used to set foundations and concealers and is an excellent sebum reducing and pore diffusing tool, perfect for reducing the summer shine.

Beauty Buzz for July | 5 Canadian Beauty Brands You'll Love 5
This blue balm will mattify your face. Photo courtesy of Veil Cosmetics.

The Automatte Mattifying Balm by Veil Cosmetics can be used as a primer under your foundation as well, it is a versatile product that will provide different solutions depending on your concern, however for all your mattifying, retouching and pore reducing needs, the Automatte Mattifying Balm by Veil Cosmetics is a game changer.

We are beginning to see multiple balms on the market now, a rising trend that has begun invading the Sephora spaces as well, Veil Cosmetics were one of the first companies offering such a wonderful concept on the market.

Veil Cosmetics is another Canadian brand that is making waves down south and online, their high-quality products are innovative and enhance the complexion delicately, feeling lightweight and effortless, the Automatte Mattifying Balm feels weightless.

A few tips on application, for people with slightly more enlarged pores, I would recommend patting the Automatte Mattifying Balm on with the sponge found under the compact, this patting technique will likely be beneficial for any touch-ups post makeup or for setting a makeup as well.

Gliding motions are more practical for people with tighter pores and for instances without the wear of makeup, post skincare application, for the day or evening, if wearing this as a last step before going out, always remember to wear your sunscreen underneath, keep your skin protected.

You can also read up about the great Complexion Fix Concealer by Veil Cosmetics, here.

The defining and curling mascara you need for summer.

The Marcelle Cosmetics X-Tension Plus Waterproof Mascara is a great mascara for separating the lashes and extending them, it also helps lift the lash ends as it dries and becomes waterproof.

The brush on the X-Tension Plus Waterproof Mascara is excellent for defining the lashes as you pull gently upwards from the root of the lashes.

You can also layer your coats of the X-Tension Plus Waterproof Mascara to build up the lash volume without sacrificing the separation of the lashes, this helps create a higher impact lash effect which is a current trend that many people enjoy.

Beauty Buzz for July | 5 Canadian Beauty Brands You'll Love 6
Get ready to lift and separate your lashes with the waterproof formula. Photo courtesy of Marcelle Cosmetics.

I was also incredibly impressed by how good the X-Tension Plus Waterproof Mascara by Marcelle Cosmetics  actually is at lifting the lashes; I have several lashes that tend to grow downwards, so unless I curl my lashes, they often point downwards. I did not curl my lashes and with two coats of the X-Tension Plus Waterproof Mascara on my lashes, I could see an instant lift to all my lashes, none were pointing downwards.

Marcelle Cosmetics is a Montreal-based brand and is a company that consistently creates, high-performance formulas in its makeup and skincare products, the X-Tension Plus Waterproof Mascara is a great mascara and can be easily found at your nearest pharmacy’s beauty section. Always affordable, reliable, and embellishing, the Marcelle Cosmetics brand is a brand I trust.

Give your face even more glow!

MAC Cosmetics is the great Canadian beauty staple, this company launched in the late last century, has grown to become one of the leading companies that sets the trends for what beauty can be and also how we consume it.

MAC Cosmetics is also a company that knows how to make great skin products, particularly great primers, and the new primer they have just released; the Studio Radiance Moisturizing + Illuminating Silky Primer is no exception.

Beauty Buzz for July | 5 Canadian Beauty Brands You'll Love 7
Get that studio radiance all for yourself, behind the scenes glow secrets, finally revealed! Photo courtesy of MAC Cosmetics.

The Studio Radiance Moisturizing + Illuminating Silky Primer by MAC Cosmetics is a lightweight, light reflective primer that helps to hydrate the skin and give it a luminous glow. The Studio Radiance Moisturizing + Illuminating Silky Primer helps to even out skin tone, brighten the complexion and hydrate the skin allowing the foundation to glide more evenly and blend easier on the skin.

At the same time, the glowing properties of the Studio Radiance Moisturizing + Illuminating Silky Primer will pop through the foundation applied and give the skin the dewy finish that is so prized.

The Studio Radiance Moisturizing + Illuminating Silky Primer is also beautiful when worn alone and it features some great nourishing ingredients for the skin such as Niacinamide and Wheat Germ, well known ingredients which are beneficial for the general health and well-being of the skin.

A master moisturizer to soothe all skins!

Last summer, I received my first bonus ever at my job and decided to splurge on myself and purchase a moisturizer that I had been hearing rave reviews about.

I decided to try the Skinfix Barrier+ Triple Lipid-Peptide Face Cream, and as I used it for the first time, I felt an instant soothing reaction on my skin, the product glides exquisitely on the skin, easily absorbed. Once I had applied the Skinfix Barrier+ Triple Lipid-Peptide Face Cream, I instantly saw a reduction in my redness on the skin, my flush was softened instantly.

Beauty Buzz for July | 5 Canadian Beauty Brands You'll Love 8
One of the best products I have ever put on my skin, I can never recommend this cream enough! Photo courtesy of Skinfix.

I found out afterwards that Skinfix is based in Nova Scotia, Canada and is another Canadian beauty gem. The Skinfix Barrier+ Triple Lipid-Peptide Face Cream has gained a legendary cult-status following because it is such an efficient and performing cream.

The Skinfix Barrier+ Triple Lipid-Peptide Face Cream is vegan, gluten-free, fragrance-free and is suitable for all skin types. This hydrating face cream features active lipids, peptides which are excellent for anti-aging and small particle Hyaluronic Acid and Shea Butter which helps it spread elegantly and effortlessly on the skin.

The Skinfix Barrier+ Triple Lipid-Peptide Face Cream also features many plant extracts known for their anti-oxidant properties and for nourishing and soothing the skin , such as Rice Bran extract and Soybean extract and Sunflower Seed Oil.

The Skinfix Barrier+ Triple Lipid-Peptide Face Cream helps to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, the loss of firmness and elasticity and helps to boost and encapsulate the moisture in your skin.

This excellent moisturizer is a one-stop shop for almost all your beauty concerns and it will soothe, repair and replenish your skin leaving it plump and hydrated and healthy-looking.

I honestly cannot recommend this product enough, I love how it spreads so easily on my skin and nourishes it so deeply, the Skinfix Barrier+ Triple Lipid-Peptide Face Cream is a moisturizer for everyone that is so efficient, you will want to adopt it as a daily option for your skin.

You can also find the Skinfix Barrier+ Triple Lipid-Peptide Face Cream at Sephora, here.

I chose this selection of products to highlight a sampling of the diverse, Canadian beauty industry, hopefully introducing you to something you might find beneficial for you and get you curious about the industry we have in our country.

As I was curating this article, there were so many choices, unsung heroes I wanted to bring to attention and spread my joyous gospel of how hallelujah-fabulous a certain product might be, however, a selection had to be made.

As we continue to explore the vast offerings of the beauty world together, I will continue to bring you more homegrown talent, from our country, our beautiful province and our city, that we love so much.

Until next time my beauties, pamper yourselves, enjoy your beauty rituals and routines, I will be back soon to spill some more hot beauty tea, stay beautiful!


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