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World Press Photo Montreal 2022 | 15 Years of Iconic Images

World Press Photo Montreal 2022 | 15 Years of Iconic Images

World Press Photo Montreal

After a two-year hiatus, the World Press Photo Montreal exhibition is back for an in-person 15th edition, which will take place from August 31 to October 2 at Bonsecours Market. 15 World Press Photo of the Year prizewinners from the past 15 years will be presented to the public, in addition to the 2022 contest’s award winners.

World Press Photo Montreal
World Press Photo of The Year 2014: John Stanmeyer, Signal, Djibouti, 2013

Indigenous artist Caroline Monnet will serve as the spokesperson for this 15th edition, during which she will also present the world premiere of her exhibition Ikwewak (Women). “Women is a series of six large-format photographs featuring First Nations women who break free from the historical European gaze by reshaping their biased portrayals in the collective consciousness,” explains Monnet.

World Press Photo Montreal
Caroline Monnet, Echoes From a Near Future, 2022

Les Décrypteurs: the underbelly of disinformation
How can one distinguish between the real and the fake when surfing the Internet? What are the different varieties of fake news? Can the eye deceive the viewer when presented with a doctored photograph or is it easy to spot whether it has been manipulated? Visitors can expect answers to these questions as part of the Les Décrypteurs exhibition by the Radio-Canada team, spotlighting the work of Alexis De Lancer, Marie-Pier Elie, Jeff Yates and Nicholas De Rosa.

World Press Photo Montreal
MASSIVart, Les Décrypteurs interactive exhibition, 2022

Des images qui marquent (Images that leave their mark)
To mark the anniversary of the World Press Photo Montreal exhibition, 12 of La Presse’s current photographers will each present an image that has left an impression on them over the course of their career. These poignant snapshots were brought to life by photographers Hugo-Sébastien Aubert, David Boily, Marco Campanozzi, Martin Chamberland, Olivier Jean, Sarah Mongeau-Birkett, Edouard Plante-Fréchette, Alain Roberge, François Roy, Patrick Sanfaçon, Robert Skinner and Martin Tremblay.

World Press Photo Montreal
Sarah Mongeau-Birkett, Hebron au coeur de la haine, 2021

Finally, the recipient of the Photo of the Year Award, photographer Amber Bracken, will be present to launch this edition. The Canadian, based in Edmonton, Alberta, was awarded the title of Photograph of the Year for her photo “Kamloops Residential School” for The New York Times.

World Press Photo Montreal
Amber Bracken, Kamloops Residential School, 2021

Here is what you need to know about World Press Photo Montreal 2022

Date: Wednesday, August 31 — Sunday, October 2
Opening hours: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays 10 AM – 10 PM | Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays 10 AM to Midnight
Off-peak periods: Weekdays after 6 PM
Length of visit: Approximately 90 minutes
Location: Bonsecours Market | 350 Rue Saint Paul Est, Montréal, QC H2Y 1H2
Tickets: At the door. Tickets are payable by credit and debit card only. Please note that cash is not accepted. It is not possible to book tickets online.
Prices: General admission: $15 | Students, seniors (65+) and FPQJ/AJIQ card-holders: $12 | 12 years old and under: free
Website: | Facebook: @ExpoWPPMTL | Twitter @ExpoWPPMTL

Featured image: Yael Martínez, The Flower of Time. Guerrero’s Red Mountain, 2021

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