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What to do in Montreal, a Local’s Guide

What to do in Montreal, a Local’s Guide

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As Montreal gears to open up slowly… over the next few weeks – some of our best attractions will come back to life. This still means wash your hands, & wear a mask where you cannot socially distance yourself.

Montreal is the largest city in the Canadian province of Quebec. With its world renowned festivals and multitude of different cultures, there is always something to do… while you are in your safe covid cocoon, you can read about our wonderful city and when the time is right, you can paint the town red again! Welcome to our What to do in Montreal GUIDE.

Getting  bored in “The City of a Hundred Steeples” is impossible.

Whether you’re a food enthusiast, an art lover, a nature aficionado or anything in-between, you’ll find yourself constantly occupied. Montreal is truly a must visit city for anyone who likes having a good time.

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Art Museums Galore

One thing Quebec’s Metropolis is never short of is art.

The streets of Old-Montreal are filled with marvelous galleries. Spending a whole day wandering in Old Montreal’s cobblestone streets, taking cute pictures, and checking out all the galleries is fun and completely free! Looking for more of a museum experience? Visit The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. They have everything from modern art to 19th-century paintings. On top of that, the museum always has exciting exhibits so hurry! There is always something interesting going on there.

If you’re more of a contemporary art person check out the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal. Here you can take in some immaculate art in lots of different forms such as paintings, videos, and more. Anyone who enjoys art will have lots to do in Montreal. (P.S.: The first Sunday of the month in the Museum of Fine Arts is free for the discovery exhibitions and collections!)

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Foodie heaven

Montreal’s rich cuisine is truly incomparable to that of anywhere else. There are restaurants virtually everywhere in this city. Every cuisine you can think of can be found here. You could literally tongue travel the world in this city and get to know about other countries & cultures this way.

Try food unique to Montreal and Canada such as “poutine”. “Poutine” is a dish found throughout Quebec and it consists of french fries, cheese curds, and gravy.  More mouth-watering Canadian foods include beaver tails (the mouth-watering dessert everyone needs in their lives) and maple syrup. You can even buy candy leaves made of maple syrup to take a piece of Montreal back home! But make sure to buy enough as they are seriously addicting.

In the mood for something else? Have a poke bowl, sushi, tacos, hamburgers, salads, spaghetti, snails, or anything else your heart desires. Fancy restaurants, trendy fast-food joints, healthy salad bars, and cafes are around every corner. All you have to do is leave your hotel room. The Atwater and Jean-Talon markets are also great places to hang out and taste some fresh food.

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Nature Galore

If you are a serious nature aficionado, Montreal is the city for you. Countless nature parks full of lakes, trees, and picturesque scenery await you. Love going on hikes? Mont-Royal is the place for you. It is notorious for its beauty and incomparable views. Plant enthusiast? Visit The Montreal botanical garden.

Exploring and marveling at Mother Nature’s wonders is tremendously simple in the “City of Montreal”.

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History around every corner

Take in Montreal’s vast and well-preserved history by visiting its many iconic churches. The Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal built in the early 19th-century and Saint Joseph’s Oratory, built in the early 20th century are great places to view some historical artifacts. Furthermore, there is the Château Ramezay. It was built in 1705 and housed the then-governor of Montreal, Claude de Ramzey. Today it is an engaging and family-friendly museum where one can get as close as possible to the lives of 18th-century people, and discover many things about Quebec’s past.

Simply by taking a stroll in Old Montreal, you will find that sculptures and historical figures are around every corner.

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Saint-Catherine street is full of shops selling clothing, books, make-up, and much more. Indoor malls are also common in Montreal and there are even outlets where you can shop designer clothes for discounted prices. The iconic underground city is a must-visit for shoppers. Here you can essentially shop, eat and have the time of your life without having to go outside to face the city’s harsh winter. -30? No problem, the underground city is miles of what to do in Montreal on cold or rainy days!

Hitting the shops is easy when one has so many choices!

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Festivals, Concerts, Nightlife and Fun

The Montreal International Jazz Festival and Osheaga are two of many annual festivals that take place in Montreal. The city is also never without its concerts! The Bell Center, the Corona Theatre, l’Astral, and many other venues have concerts all the time. Clubs can be found anywhere in downtown Montreal and on Saint-Laurent aka “the main”.

Downtown, The plateau and Mile-End is an endless party at night as well as Old Montreal. Even Hochelaga and Griffintown are turning into nightlife hot spots!

Amusement Park La Ronde, owned and operated by Six Flags is a much-loved place to hang out. There are roller-coasters everywhere!

You’re almost certain to get an adrenaline rush. Your only worry will be which event you’d rather attend! Because La Ronde is on it’s own entire island of fun St- Helen’s island, it’s big in our What to do in Montreal list. If you don’t care for rides, there are over 146 acres to explore of national park.

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So what are you waiting for? Experience this diverse city. Take pictures, eat, drink, shop, learn, explore, and have fun. Full of French and English influences, Montreal is a truly unique city with so much to do. It is hard to even make a list! Do you have ideas to submit to our What to do in Montreal guide? Drop us a message on FB!

Enjoy the so-called “Paris of North America”! No advanced French skills required, just a good attitude and a comfy pair of sneaks, and a sustainable outfit from used clothing stores.

Want to sink your teeth into other amazing Montreal gems? Spotted By Locals has you covered. Oh and we were voted in for Best Independent Blog 2020, again! *BLUSH*!

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