Aloe Vera is Not Just a Beautiful House Plant

The spiky succulent aloe plant grows naturally in dry, tropical climates in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the southern and western parts of the United States. While there are more than 300 known species,  there is ONLY ONE that is scientifically referred to as Aloe Barbadensis, aka aloe Vera. Revered in the health and beauty worlds for its therapeutic properties, aloe goes a long way in terms of benefits. Aloe Vera has been known for its healing properties for at least 6,000 years when people realized they could use the gel and sap found in aloe Vera as a remedy to help treat everything from skin issues such as sunburn to digestive problems.

long thick leaves of aloe vera plant

Also known as “burn plant,” “Lily of the desert,” and “Elephant’s gall,” Indians, Chinese, Mexicans, North Americans, including Africans have used aloe Vera, not only to alleviate digestive issues but also to treat wounds, hair loss, hemorrhoids, etc.

Today, aloe Vera is a household name that has an entire industry built behind it. Its extract is used in the production of cosmetics and personal-care products such as moisturizers, soap, shaving cream, and suntan lotion. Of course, the multifaceted plant’s gel can be bought at drugstores and used to soothe sunburn plus aloe Vera is also available in supplement form, which is said to offer potential benefits to the skin, immune, and digestive system.

So, we all may be aware of the uses mentioned above. Still, there are some surprising benefits of aloe Vera that not many know about aside from using it to soothe burns, clear your complexion, remove makeup, and a slew of other things. Keep reading and discover some surprising benefits of aloe Vera!

5 Unusual Uses of Aloe Vera

Commercial hand sanitizers vs. Aloe Gel

  1. Most hand sanitizers are made with irritating alcohol or hormone-disrupting toxins that tend to leave your skin feeling dry. Take a walk on nature’s side by using aloe vera.
    It’s easy: combine half a cup of aloe gel, a quarter cup of distilled water and 20 drops of either orange or lavender essential oil will make a healthy blend that is free of toxins, chemicals, and synthetic fragrance.

    Scientific Evidence

  2. There is a plethora of evidence to support that aloe Vera gel outperformed some OTC medications when it came to reducing inflammation as far as combating the symptoms of genital herpes, including conditions such as psoriasis and acne. Note that aloe Vera is an excellent remedy in reducing stretch marks, including preventing premature signs of aging by increasing the elasticity of the skin.
    a slice of aloe vera on wood
    Use aloe vera juice as a mouth wash to reduce dental plaque.

    Let’s Take it up a Notch

  3. When you need to get things moving FAST in your digestive system, the juice of the aloe explicitly extracted from the skin of the plant, rather than the gel, can be used as a laxative.
    aloe vera juice dripping into a jar
    The juice of aloe vera has many surprising benefits from relieving insect bites or using it as a laxative.

    A Good Aloe Vera Massage Goes a Long Way

  4. Massaging aloe Vera on nails makes them healthy and lustrous, and when combined with castor oil, the mixture can boost hair growth. Conditioning plus its anti-microbial properties also helps prevent dandruff and itchy scalp.
    lady applying aloe gel to face
    Aloe vera gel is a great for clear skin and moisturizing properties.

    Aloe Vera may Allieviate Discomfort

  5. Another surprising benefit of aloe Vera is that thanks to the incredible anti-inflammatory properties, it helps relieve muscle and joint pain, precisely the discomfort that is associated with arthritis. Perhaps from time to time, try adding a little TLC to your life with THC. Check out every strain we’ve sampled.

    succulent leaves of aloe vera plant
    Studies have shown that aloe vera gel may speed up the healing process of canker sores.

As with any natural medicine, aloe vera is safe for most people, but you may want to check with your doctor if you have any underlying health issues before using it.

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Like the lion, the aloe vera plant is majestic too.