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Design Zola’s Exclusive Mega Clearance Sale Is ON!

Design Zola’s Exclusive Mega Clearance Sale Is ON!

Design Zola

Whisper it, but there’s an exclusive secret we’re about to unveil just for our BestKeptMTL readers. Design Zola, the renowned Montreal-based sanctuary for stylish, handmade, fair trade, and eco-friendly treasures from India and Turkey, is hosting a MEGA clearance sale EXCLUSIVELY at their plateau location: Click for Directions! 4441 St-Laurent

Design Zola
Sareka, the owner is a master curator of home decor items from around the globe. IF you haven’t travelled in a while, her STORE literally is an exotic trip!

EVERYTHING at this location is on sale from 30% to 75%. All furniture is at 50% off and some pieces are even  up to 75% off. Huge collection of gorgeous rugs at 75% OFF!

Imagine walking into a realm where every piece has a story to tell, where the blend of vintage and contemporary design meets the ethos of sustainability.  This isn’t just a sale; it’s an invitation to embark on a journey to discover unique, exotic upcycled troves that will transform your living spaces into a reflection of global artistry and charm.

Design Zola
You’re never going to be able to GANESH how much this gorgeous mediation or dining table statue is? Come to the store!

Dive deep into the heart of Design Zola’s collection, where each artifact is a testament to age-old techniques harmoniously married to contemporary designs. Every item is crafted with care, using recycled and natural materials, ensuring that as you beautify your residence with these exquisite pieces, you’re also making an eco-friendly decor decision!

Design Zola's Exclusive Mega Clearance Sale Is ON! 1
Throw a well travelled pillow onto your sectional or chill out corner, to add a cozy piece of art!

As you head to 4441 St-Laurent, in the heart of the plateau, know that you are supporting a company with a conscious. Design Zola stands tall on the pillars of fair trade, ensuring that every artisan behind these masterpieces is paid fairly and works in safe conditions.

Now, for the pièce de résistance: this sale won’t last forever, and given the uniqueness of each item, once it’s gone, IT’S GONE! So, don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers. Head over to Design Zola’s store and let your home resonate with tales from distant lands.

Find them at their Montreal location: 4441 Blvd. Saint Laurent, Montréal, Québec, H2W 1Z8, Canada. Dive into a world of enchantment at 30-75% off and bring home a piece of the globe!

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