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Travel Tech Essentials You Need on the Road for 2020

Travel Tech Essentials You Need on the Road for 2020

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Travel Savvy Tips to be Organized on the Road

When you work on the road, travel tech essentials, and staying organized is probably the most important things. When I used to work in Environment Health & Safety, I was traveling for work a lot — renting cars, booking flights, and hotels. I have learned a few things from other road warriors that is worth its weight in gold. Your new environment becomes your office, from the airport, airplane seat, hotel, and conference rooms. Hell, I ‘ve even done it poolside.

Booking Flights

As a general rule of thumb, if you can book your flight well in advance, then you can save some bucks. According to travel stats, there is the best time of day to book and the best day of the week. However, before browsing, go incognito or private browsing mode in case some sites may use data collection (cookies), and your previously browsed fare may go up.
Here is a quick breakdown when you should purchase your ticket.

Hour: 5 AM. Never between 7-10 PM!
Day: Sundays or Tuesdays
Domestic flights: 2-3 weeks in advance.
International: 5-6 Months in advance. (Jan. Feb. then Aug.)

When it comes to booking your seat, because the plane is essentially your office, a workspace is noteworthy. will show you the best, eh, hem, “office.” Once you are booking your flight, open another browser and enter the flight info. Seatguru will give you a 30,000-foot view of which seats have the most legroom and plugins.

The Travel Tech Essentials Bag

Traveling as light as possible makes life a lot easier, so you are not schlepping around a huge bag. If you can, have one carry-on, and enjoy the freedom of not checking an extra suitcase.

Being prepared with the necessary tech devices shows that you are on top of your game. Coming ill-prepared can make or break a deal; imagine the horror of fumbling around to get a presentation started?! People don’t have time for that shit. They want to see your dog and pony show.

Portable Wifi Hotspot: If you are always traveling and need to have a consistent connection, then a little portable wifi wonder beast is your best bet. Skyroam or GlocalMe is something to get excited about as it has got to be one of my latest favorite intrigues. Take this little orange beauty (skyroam) in the palm of your hand and connect up to 10 of your friends. Business on the road was never was more reliable. You can pay by the month or by the day. There are a few good options out there. Our friends at the dailybeast give a useful review of portable wifi devices.

Travel Tech Essentials You Need on the Road for 2020 1
Portable wifi devices like Skyroam is your never-ending wifi friend. I call it the wifi wonder beast.

WiFi Video Enabled Doorbell: Leaving home never felt better. Ring or Wyze has you covered to protect your home and be on guard. These home security protection devices notify you when someone comes a-knockin, you can come a-talkin back.

The visitors might think you are home but can’t be bothered to answer to door. Nobody likes unannounced guests, so these devices bring you that extra security you may be lacking. Oh, it records too! These super doorbells are your answer to the external nanny cam.

home security device
Meet your wifi security butler called RING. Oh, it records too!

Phone Car Mount: The iOttie easy one touch Qi Fast charging car mount is my “must-have” pick. I have tried a few car-phone mounts over the years and had been disappointed until I found the iOttie. The sleek and sturdy design will keep you on track even when off-roading. And, of course, it charges your device. For those who commute around by bike, the iOttie has a handlebar version too. Indeed, a travel tech essential.

phone in car mount travel tech essentials
iOttie will keep you charged and on the right path with this sturdy device. Go ahead and off-road!

Noise Cancelling headphones: Poor sleep is one of the most productivity killers. Noise-canceling headphones are a worthwhile investment. In 2018, more than 10,000 travelers were asked in a study what they found the most annoying thing about traveling: noisy passengers topped the list.

headphones by Bose
These sleek Bose Noise-canceling headphones make the world a much more tolerable place. Flight anxiety reducer too!

The Bose Noise-canceling headphones are one of my “must-haves.” Oh, and if you work in an office or some nomadic place, these come in handy real quick. Headphones are a very polite do-not-disturb sign. Say yes to productivity!

Staying healthy on the road is even more important than travel tech essentials, so you need a travel apothecary. And every good suitcase needs to be well organized so you can use can fit more into it with these must-haves.

Please let me know what other travel tech essentials are on your must-have list.

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