Travel Smart with these Top 5 Suitcase Essentials

Having all the right suitcase essentials will make travel much more efficient and stress-free. There is a science to packing the right stuff, saving space and being organized. I have listed the top 5 must-haves.

Travel essentials for organized travel
Being organized and prepared with the travel essentials takes away the stress and anxiety of travel.

The one major goal to have in mind is to pack light with the right suitcase. You have to start somewhere and here are the obvious quick checklist essentials before you start your trip:

⊗Travel Insurance

⊗Vaccinations for the appropriate country

⊗Passport (and photocopies)

⊗Advance Flight check-in

⊗Liquids of 100 ml or less (airport security does and don’ts)

Pack Light and Pack Right

  1. Packing Cubes: The ultimate in travel essentials

    Once I discovered these there was no turning back. The result was instant organization and neatly kept clothes separated in cubes. I knew immediately that this would keep the chaos down in the suitcase resulting in less stress, anxiety-free travel. And it did, it worked!
    Packing cubes are the ultimate in travel essentials.

  2. A Tech Case: Travel essentials you can’t go without

    A small lightly padded zippered case with compartments for your essential tech items. This was an obvious pick for ranking this as number two on the list. I had too many flashbacks of bad memories digging through my bag for chargers and tech accessories. They seemed to always get tangled and caught on other items. Now, whenever I leave the house, this tech case lives in my bag. Most notable items: USB Phone charger, laptop charger, wireless mouse, power banks, etc.

    Tech Organizer Case
    The Tech Travel Case: safe and organized
  3. Document Organizer: Travel essentials for feeling ready

    Let’s face it, part of travel anxiety is the feeling that you forgot something important. Most notably, your passport. Having a simple compact and secure organizer case for all of your important documents is a must. Make photocopies of your passport, ID cards, and travel insurance and stash them in another place in your carry-on. Scan and email to yourself and your emergency contact (ICE: In case of Emergency).

    Passport and document travel case
    Passport and document travel case: the travel essentials
  4. Toiletry Bag: The preening kit

    TSA Approved: Some folks may scratch their heads and say why would I need this vanity bag? A vanity bag it is not if you like to have your toiletry essentials packed away and beautifully organized. This can move to the top of the list for some. The Hunter Toiletry bag is one of my favorites or the Travando Hanging Toiletry bag. The latter being the ultimate preening travel kit.

    toiletry bag
    The Szududu Toiletry Bag
  5. Money Belt: Travel essentials for sweet dreams

    Not just any belt will do. Check if it has the RFID blocking technology or tinfoil will do. It’s very helpful to have different compartments for various currencies.
    If you find yourself on a late-night train or bus in a developing country, for instance— it’s practical to have a compartment in your money belt for your passport.

Girl with suitcase travelling in airport with a hidden money belt
She is wearing a money belt and you would not know it.

For those who like to travel and truly be organized and staying healthy while doing so, check out the must-have travel apothecary.