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TOP 5 virtual tours that I LOVE

TOP 5 virtual tours that I LOVE

Top 5 virtual tours online

Bored during self-isolation? Top 5 virtual tours online

Let’s face it, we’re all stuck at home. Those of us who love to travel are undoubtedly longing to go places and discover the world. Museums, sights, culture, nature! Who knows how long it will be till we can go places again?

Well, what can we do about it? We could sit at home and be sad or we can travel virtually! Yes, it is possible to experience all the fun of traveling and going to museums from the comfort of your own home with virtual tours. So without further ado, here are the top visual exhibits to check out on the web!

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Leisure -Top 5 virtual tours online

1. Expedia

Prague, Praha, Winter, Night, Prague Castle - Top 5 virtual tours online
Prague, Praha, Winter, Night, Prague Castle

Europe trip ruined due to travel restrictions? You don’t have to sit at home and mourn what could have been! You can see the best of some major tourist destinations without all the hassle.

London, Paris, Dublin, Copenhagen, Berlin, Venice, Rome, Florence, Budapest, Prague, Amsterdam, Vienna, Salzburg, Warsaw, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and more. Seen all of Europe? Want something different? Check out; Mexico City, Cape Town, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Quebec, Ottawa, Montréal, Toronto, Vancouver, Dubai, Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington, New York, Hong Kong and Tokyo. It’s seriously all here. You can virtually go anywhere your heart desires! Make a list of places you wanna know more about. You can always plan for the future. Have fun and see the world without endangering others or leaving a carbon foot print.

2. Virtual Museum of Canada 

Top 5 virtual tours online - Canadian virtual museum
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The Virtual Museum of Canada is essentially described as “the largest digital source of stories and experiences shared by Canada’s museums and heritage organizations”. Art, History, Nature, Science it is all there and ready for your viewing pleasure.

Grab a cup of coffee and see what Canada’s museums have to offer. You can use filters such as: “exhibit type”, “exhibit subject” and “sort by” to find exactly what you want. Witness a virtual tour of the Monastery of Saint-Ursulines of Québec, see the beauty of The Mont Saint-Hilaire Biosphere Reserve or marvel at some Stone Art. This website provides us museum lovers a great way to pass our time. Turn you home into a museum and see exhibits from all over Canada. It is completely free and has zero down sides. What’s not to love?

3. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Top 5 virtual tours online - The Met
The Met, Nyc, Museum, The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

Undeniably one of the best museums in New York, The MET is offering some virtual exhibits.

Fashion lover? Marvel at the genius of Gabrielle Chanel in Coco Chanel: Modernism and Romanticism, discover Dior’s iconic new look and Charles James: Muslins. Learn about some great art such as Young Woman with a Water Pitcher and discover the Souvenir Album of the Petit Trianon. There is so much to see in the MET’s rich, must-see collection. 

4. The Northern Lights 

Northern Lights, Aurora, Light Phenomenon, Shining - Top 5 virtual tours online
Northern Lights, Aurora, Light Phenomenon, Shining

The Aurora Borealis, one of nature’s most magnificent wonders. These stunning lights can be found in Canada, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Russia, Alaska and Greenland.

Well that’s great but we can’t just get on a plane and fly there! Well what if I told you it was possible to see them right now. There are several options to see these gorgeous lights.

One is via a live webcam in Manitoba, Canada. You can also check-out Lights over Lapland. This even features an Ice hotel a reindeer sleigh and even a dog slay. How amazing is that? You can also see them in Iceland if you’re lucky. There are so many options! Don’t miss this wonder of nature! Your eyes will thank you.

5. AirPano

Vw Bus, Vw Bully, Volkswagen, Adventure, Sea, Grassland - Top 5 virtual tours online
Vw Bus, Vw Bully, Volkswagen, Adventure, Sea, Grassland

This website if perfect for everyone who loves adventure. Mountains, icebergs, rivers, canyons and even Manhattan. With the help of videos and photos in 360 degree view, you can enjoy a virtual tour of many of the worlds must-see locations.

Visit the Ancient City in Petra, Jordan, the Great Barrier Reef, Australia, Cappadocia in Turkey, the Grand Canyon in the USA, the Great Pyramids of Giza, Egypt, the Island of Icebergs, Greenland and much more. Dive with sharks, jellyfish, manta rays and hang out with the animals of the Galápagos archipelago in Ecuador. Thought that was a lot? There is even more. View the Angel Falls millions of Years ago, hang out with Warao Indians in Venezuela, see the Solar eclipse on Tidore island and be filled with amazement by the Milky Way above the Sahara Desert and the world’s highest mountain above sea level, Mount Everest.

There are countless things to see. It is hard to experience all these bewildering sights in person. It costs nothing to appreciate them on your computer screen.

The world truly has so much to offer and it is a shame that we have to miss out on travelling for a while. Satisfy your wanderlust with theses websites and experience things you may have never even thought of. Go on, there is an immense world full of stunning, awe-inspiring sights to take in.

What are you doing to overcome your wanderlust? Share them with us and help all of us travelers out! And scroll through our guidebook of the TOP 10 sustainable travel destinations for 2020 to visit once we’re out of confinement!

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