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Sustainable Travel Destinations for 2020| Lonely Planet’s Top Choices

Sustainable Travel Destinations for 2020| Lonely Planet’s Top Choices

Loyal readers of Lonely Planet prepare to indulge as the World’s favourite guidebook has just published its TOP 10 sustainable travel destinations for 2020.  Here are the best kepts:

1) Nusa Tenggara in Indonesia

Quiet beaches, volcanic lakes, dragons from Komodo, traditional villages, surf, and scuba diving: the number 1 cheapest travel destination. A dream one can bring to life. The oriental part of Nusa Tenggara is a set of Indonesian islands located east of Bali and Lombok, which includes the island of Flores. Tourists there are few and far between. “In certain parts, you’ll truly feel like an explorer discovering the untamed land” ensures Lonely Planet.

view of islands for sustainable travel destinations
Journey through the Nusa Tenggara archipelago landscapes and beautiful islands © Tan Yilmaz / Getty Images


2) Budapest, in Hungary

Despite it’s growing popularity in recent years, the Hungarian capital remains an affordable European destination – and a very interesting one. Besides the Danube river and architecture (Parlement, its bridges, art nouveau buildings, etc.). Budapest offers a lot of small urban pleasures: hidden thermal baths scattered in various city locations, wine bars, photogenic cafes and a multitude of ruin bars set up in rustic buildings.

big art Deco wave pool
The Gellért Baths renown for their Art Deco architecture offering thermal baths and services. Source: Wikipedia


3) The Madhya Pradesh Region, in India

Always dreamed of doing a Safari? Lonely Planet’s 3rd destination may be the right choice for you. In the state of Madhya Pradesh, you can participate in a safari in search of tigers in the middle of the jungle, in natural parks and reserves like the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. The experience is not quite like an African safari – as you won’t come across zebras and giraffes – yet more economical.


tiger seen in a safari
Amazing wildlife experience in customized vehicles with Luxury Tours India

4) Buffalo in New York State, in the USA

Really, buffalo? Why not? Lonely Planet reminds us that not only will you be at the proximity of the Niagara Falls, which are an honorary 8th wonder of the world – the city is undergoing an extraordinary renaissance. Its culinary scene is booming, there’s an impressive choice of hotels and tourist attractions are worth the detour (Children’s Museum to name a few). The guide also reminds us that there are a number of cheap flights to reach the destination.

children's Museum in Buffalo, NY
The brand new Children’s Museum in Buffalo, New York with four floors of exhibit fun

5) Azerbaijan

Midway between Europe and Asia, the former Soviet republic has it all to surprise you. Its capital, Bakou, is not only ancients (protected by UNESCO) and hyper-modern (at times futuristic), as the rest of the country offers natural splendor and astonishingly hilltop villages. According to Lonely Planet, Azerbaijan is practically unbeatable in terms of value for money in terms of accommodation, food, and touristic experiences.

architectural towers in Baku
The Flame Towers are seen in Baku, Azerbaijan


6) Serbia

The wine vineyards, spas, and picturesque landscapes make Serbia reasonably priced, and a fascinating European city still relatively unknown to tourists. A tip from Lonely Planet: do not miss out on the capital city Belgrade, where you can spend days discovering a particularly cool coffee culture and evenings of affordable festive nightlife along the Danube.

crowded night club with pool
Hot Mess where a lot of local celebrities hangout and international DJs perform


7) Tunisia

The ocean and desert await in Tunisia, in North Africa, for a small price tag. Among the suggestions: The Medina of Tunis, the remains of the ancient Carthage and the seaside city Sidi Bou Said. Furthermore, there are the excursions in the sand dunes of the Sahara in the vicinity of… the Star Wars film shoot!


stone carved statues in Tunisia
Tunisia’s desert dunes draw amateur astronomers and Star Wars fans alike. Photograph: Emilie Chaix/Photononstop/Corbis


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Camellia Sinensis

8) Cape Winelands region, South Africa

It is the wine region located near the city of Cape Town, Cape Winelands, in the 8th spot of Lonely Planet’s best value. In this small spot of South Africa, wine tours are particularly affordable and delicious and lodging is more affordable than elsewhere.

White wine being poured in two glasses outside
Award-winning wine estates sprawl along slopes covered with lush, green vines and look out onto scenic mountain landscapes

9) Athens, Greece

” The best things in Athens are free” affirms Lonely Planet, which is referring to all the wonders of the past to be discovered. However, there isn’t just the Acropole and the Parthenon in the museum – the city. Athens has an exceptional and fair priced culinary scene, a pleasant passageway and beautiful beaches a few hours away.

luxury resort beachfront
The ultimate luxury beach experience, Astir Vouliagmeni © Perikles Merakos


10) Zanzibar, Tanzania

The main city, Stone Town, a magical place with modestly priced restaurants, exotic markets, and multicultural cafes. A turquoise seaworthy of your most incredible dreams. Accommodations can be found along the shoreline at lower prices from the Caribbean or the Pacific Islands.


spices that are used in curry dishes
Tanzania, Zanzibar City, Stone Town, listed as World Heritage by UNESCO, kiosk seller of spices at sunrise

When traveled to Costa Rica, we found some sustainable travel destinations too. Looking for a surfing caddy for your board, The Gilded Iguana has you covered.

There you have it – Lonely Planets top Sustainable travel destinations. Time to pack your bags with these essentials!

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