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THE GLITCH 2 | Red Velvet Ball @ Yoko Luna

THE GLITCH 2 | Red Velvet Ball @ Yoko Luna


After the secret success of the first edition of The Glitch fashion show party at Restaurant 212 back in August; the creative conspirators of Royal Vision, Maison Toki, Lavender May & Les Amuse Girls have been caught red-handed plotting the launch of The Glitch 2: Red Velvet Ball, on Wednesday, November 23, inside Yoko Luna, Montreal’s most exclusive and largest supper club at the legendary 1234 de la Montagne location.

Yoko Luna
Les Amuse Girls: Floe Fassler, Veronica Rocket & Coralie Plante | Photo Philippe Manh Nguyen

In their defence, Myraï Lavoie, Alexander Bergman, Lili Rose, Ugo, Alexandre Hétu & Lay-Khim Heng –the masterminds behind Royal Vision– have pleaded that the raison d’être of this black-tie fundraising event for struggling artists is only to present various Montreal talents and promote their works through an unusual yet spectacular experience.

Myraï Lavoie, the Queen of Hearts | Photo Philippe Manh Nguyen

A hot spot known for its unique Nikkei cuisine and festive atmosphere; Yoko Luna is undeniably the perfect staging ground for their plot since its aesthetic reflects the energy they intend to create, through its conceptual setting, dreamlike essence and overall grandeur.

Yoko Luna
Yoko’s Garden, the 6000 square foot main dining room, with a 15-foot-tall Geisha statue towering above the crowd

The central part of the Glitch event will feature fashion designers, such as the multi-talented Lavender May – with her Closet offering original vintage pieces, costumes, and unparalleled burlesque attire – whose creations will be worn by numerous hostesses, models and performers throughout the evening.

Les Amuse Girls: Eliane Lagrange, Floe Flassler & Sparkle | Lavender May Designs | Photo Mario Leblanc

Guillaum Chaigne, a young designer with an avant-garde and minimalist aesthetic with an obsessive attention to detail, will also steal the spotlight.

Guillaum Chaigne bodypainting Tamy Lee | Photo Gordon Baker

Finally but without a doubt, Vincent la Kuach a.k.a Lakuachimoto will bring an inclusive and progressive touch with androgynous works that swing between streetwear and couture.

Claire D James wearing Lakuachimoto | Photo Edgard Daher

During the entire Glitch event a showroom will highlight Montreal painters demonstrating their talent in real time on canvas or living mannequins. The first artist Marie-Eve Rouillier a.k.a Mimi will present her minimalist and modern approach.

Mimi | Photo Gordon Baker

Simultaneously, the second artist Amma Valentine will impress with her knowledge of colours and fluidity of drawing in her paintings.

Amma Valentine

Another central part of the Glitch event will be high-caliber performances by showgirl SaraSophisticated, burlesque performer Olivia Killjoy, sword swallower Miss St-Rock, roller dancer Sandie Nuova and draglesque queen Miami Minx

Miami Minx | Photo Néo-Esmé Ars

… as well as the most popular burlesque troupe in Quebec – Lavender May & Les Amuse Girls.

Les Amuse Girls
Les Amuse Girls: Vickey Smookie, Veronica Rocket, Lavender May, Belle DeNuit & Floe Fassler | Photo Philippe Manh Nguyen

Composed of performers of all genres, Les Amuse Girls have not only mastered the art of burlesque, but also dance animation and circus performances.

Lavender May | Photo Philippe Manh Nguyen

Last but not least, the Glitch event will include musical performances that capture the heart of Yoko Luna’s identity : Turntable tacticians, such as DJs GODsta and Villagomez, will twist tunes, while singers Blond Dragon and Lou Celestino will be the melodic highlights of the night.

Blond Dragon | Lou Celestino | GODsta | Villagomez

So save the date of November 23 and secure your tickets to see how this intriguing conspiracy plays out, with various Montreal artists in the foreground who can’t wait to show you their creations.

Lili Rose | Photo Philippe Manh Nguyen

Here is what you need to know about The Glitch’s Red Velvet Ball

Date: Wednesday, November 23, 2022, from 7PM to 3AM
Location: Yoko Luna | 1234 de la Montagne, Montréal, QC H3G 1Z1
Dress Code: Black tie for men and (ideally red) evening gown for women

Tickets: General ($30), Gold ($80) and Platinum ($150) tickets, as well as Diamond Table for 4 ($500), are available for purchase online at

Instagram: @royalvision.mtl

SaraSophisticated | Photo Josh Kirschner

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