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St-Rémy Signature Cocktail Week in Montreal

St-Rémy Signature Cocktail Week in Montreal

St-Rémy Signature Cocktail Week in Montreal 1

St-Rémy, the world’s leading French brandy, is pleased to announce the return of St-Rémy Signature Cocktail Week in Montreal, taking place from November 14 to 21, 2022.

This year’s programme, which honours Canada’s greatest bartenders and their best St-Rémy Signature drinks, brings together over 70 of the country’s best bars from Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, and Alberta. Each participating bar will serve up its own St-Rémy Signature cocktail concoctions.

St-Rémy Cocktail
Care to try a delicious St-Rémy Old Fashioned?

The distinctive characteristics of St. Rémy‘s brandy are roundness, finesse, and an unexpectedly protracted aftertaste. The selection of a wide variety of French grape varietals from the top vineyards in the nation, including those in Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Beaujolais, the Rhône and Loire valleys, and Languedoc-Roussillon, is the first step in the process. A various range of vines and terroirs producing complex and unique aromatic notes define its style.

With its latest expression, St-Rémy Signature, which has been successfully launched in Canada, the brand aims to recruit a new generation of sophisticated brandy lovers.

St-Rémy Signature is the ideal fusion of tradition and modernity, a special liquid created to delight at every unexpected moment and inspire a new generation of drinkers to reclaim a moment of harmony in their busy lives. This is accomplished through aspirational storytelling and cutting-edge production processes.

St-Rémy Cocktail
Or maybe a St-Rémy Daiquiri is more your style?

Montreal’s establishments participating in this year’s St-Rémy Signature Cocktail Week are:
132 Bar Vintage, 9 Tail Fox; Bar Otto, Bar Palco, Dinette Marcella, Fish Bone, Grinder, Jiao Dim Sum Bar, Shay, Tropikàl Restobar, Wolf & Workman.


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