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Pas Sages Wines Partners With Quebec Artists

Pas Sages Wines Partners With Quebec Artists

Pas sages wine - amelia-hadouchi

How many of us have bought, more than we care to admit, a bottle of wine because we liked the label? I am pleased to inform you that there is now a new series of Canadian wines that are not only delicious, but whose labels are works of art. For real.

Inspired by the passing of artisanal skills, Pas Sages wines have an assertive character that is expressed through the unique works of Quebec artisans. They deliver Canadian wines created with attention to detail, from the selection of the grapes to the label on the bottle by offering an unfiltered orange wine, a gamay, a brut sparkling wine and a riesling.

Made from grapes that thrive in Canadian soils and bottled in Rougemont, Quebec, the Pas Sages line of wines expresses its Quebec character in and on every bottle.

Pas Sages Wines Partners With Quebec Artists 1
At the launch of Pas Sages Wines

Each bottle not only has a piece of art, but it is possible to learn more about the arist by scanning the code on the back. This allows you to learn more about their creative world and the process that led them to create a specific artwork for each expression.

During the launch, I was able to speak with the artists who stated that they had complete freedom to create their work. Not only did they get to express their creativity, but they also got to choose the kind of wine they liked the most. This can be felt when you take the time to examine each bottle, giving the impression of a perfect match between the wine and its packaging.

Pas Sages Wines Partners With Quebec Artists 2
The 3 expressions out of 4 available at the SAQ

As for the wine itself, Pas Sages offers:

Pas Sages Wines: Orange Unfiltered – Label by Jennifer Miville Tremblay

This orange wine, a combination of Vidal and Chardonnay, showcases the best of  Canadian grapes. It is first pressed to capture its maximum flavour potential in its raw state after being fermented with the skin in stainless steel tanks. It will entice you with its daring as it is dry and has the aroma of white skinned fruit.

Pas Sages Wines Partners With Quebec Artists 3
Jennifer Miville Tremblay and her artwork


Pas Sages Wines: Gamay 2020 – Label by Mephisto

This medium-bodied wine, produced from Canadian clay soil and a microclimate that favours the Gamay grape, is distinguished by its smooth tannins and fruity flavour. The wine exhibits a modest wild side and gentle tannins with a fruity flavour that combines raspberry and cherry with hints of coffee and peppery spices.

Pas Sages Wines Partners With Quebec Artists 4
Mephisto and his artwork


Pas Sages Wines: Brut 2021 – Label by Mélanie Arcand

This sparkling brut skillfully balances various grape varieties, including Chardonnay, Riesling, and Pinot Noir, with a crisp, savoury, mineral edge. To release the citrus flavours and delicate floral undertones, the Canadian grapes are harvested in the first few days of September. This sparkling wine’s fame is due to its inherent acidity.

Pas Sages Wines Partners With Quebec Artists 5
Mélanie Arcand and her artwork


Pas Sages Wines: Riesling (soon to be available at the SAQ) – Label by Amelia Hadouchi
True to Riesling, we find an initial signature aroma of petrol or gasoline, which gives way to very aromatic notes of pear, apple, nectarine, apricot, and hints of honey and ginger. Given that a Canadian Riesling really just can’t compare to a German one, the gorgeous label by Amelia makes up for the difference! It is overall a great Canadian Riesling, but our staff definitely had a soft spot for the Brut

Pas Sages Wines Partners With Quebec Artists 6
Amelia Hadouchi working on her artwork

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