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Osheaga 2019 | Raise them high for the Top 10 acts

Osheaga 2019 | Raise them high for the Top 10 acts

Osheaga 2019 | Raise them high for the Top 10 acts 1

The Osheaga 2019 Music and Arts festival has been hosted in Montreal for the past 14 years, with the goal of discovering emerging local and international talent. Every summer, over 3 days, music lovers from all walks of life gather at Parc Jean-Drapeau to indulge in the variety of music styles played out on several outdoor stages. Lesser-known artists play alongside the big international acts on August 2-3-4. For its latest edition here’s what you won’t want to miss!

Friday, August 2nd, 2019

Jessie Reyez (R&B), National Bank Green Stage, 6:00 pm6:50 pm

Her voice is piercing, snaps like an elastic band, and she deploys it just as flexible over a wide range of sounds, riding the nearly invisible lines between genres in a way that feels entirely her own. A personality too big to contain, knowing exactly when to rein herself in and when to let loose – a superhero in control of her powers.

J Balvin (Latin/Reggaeton) – River Stage – 7:10 to 8:10 pm

Reggaeton has been huge in Latin America for more than a decade, but few artists have achieved the worldwide success J Balvin deploys a smoother side to the sound with hints of trap and dancehall. He and his longtime producer Sky have relied on a clever combination of few elements – beat, synth line, bass – prizing subtlety over grandiosity!


The Lumineers (Folk), Bell Alt TV River Stage, 9:25 10:50 pm

The general expansiveness of sound on their songs make this delightful band American in all the best ways: gritty, determined, soaked in sweat and love and drive. Nothing precious or affected here, just three dedicated artists opening their hearts with inventive tracks with songwriting and arrangements crossing paths perfectly.

Saturday, August 3rd, 2019

Janelle Monáe (R&B) – Mountain Stage – 6:20 to 7:20 pm

Nothing short of a pop phenomenon, Monáe is a wildly talented, multifaceted artist with funk, soul, hip-hop attitude and charisma for days. She combines sexual liberation and political commentary without missing a beat. Oh and on stage, she’s fire!

City and Colour (Folk) – Bell Alt TV River Stage – 7:20 8:20 pm

There’s something special about a singer-songwriter whose ambitions are such that he or she is compelled to shed their given name and adapt a handle that indicates there’s an entire band at work in the background. If nothing else, it takes the artist beyond the typical solo performer syndrome, suggesting that there’s a greater vision at work behind the scenes.

Chemical Brothers (Electronic) – Bell Alt TV River Stage – 9:20 10:50 pm

An era-defining act Rowlands and Simons have been making some interesting music in the past ten years. It illustrates how the duo seems to have tapped into something from their past, using it to move forward.  The weight of their legacy, the apathy of aging fans and an ever-changing music landscape, the Chemical Brothers are still in the game!

Sunday, August 4th, 2019

Metric (Rock) – Coors Light Mountain Stage – 6:15 7:15 pm

While many bands follow musical trends and lose their old fan base, Metric sound pretty timeless. In other words, if you like their old music, you’ll love their new stuff. Canadian synth gods (and goddess) are still in top form and finished off an energetic and exciting evening of music.

Tame Impala (Rock) – Coors Light Mountain Stage – 8:15 9:30 pm

Tame Impala: Currents review – takes psychedelic music into unknown territory. A lot of the album’s power and strangeness comes from the way they cut against the lusciousness of the arrangements – oozing synthesizers, gorgeous multitracked vocal harmonies, fluid, gently propulsive bass – and the loveliness of the melodies

Childish Gambino (Hip-Hop) Bell Alt TV River Stage – 9:35 to 10:50 pm

Actor Donald Glover’s singer-rapper alter ego had his pop culture-captivating moment last year when his boldly visionary This Is America video went viral.  His music is resonant, if not more so, when he brings a hip-hop sensibility to vocals and melodies, and leaves the bars behind. He has said this will be his last Childish Gambino tour, so catch him while you can.

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Osheaga 2019 lineup

If you get hungry, there is a great variety of food stands to choose from at OSHEAGA 2019. However, if you were looking to dine in Old Montreal for a bite and return to the festival, it is possible at RIVA.

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