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Old Montreal Takeout & Delivery | Winter Edition – Staff Faves

Old Montreal Takeout & Delivery | Winter Edition – Staff Faves

Grilled cheese @ TITANIC Old Montreal delivery & takeout

There are Plenty of Old Montreal Takeout & Delivery options

We often don’t have time to cook – running an active online magazine, never mind our ‘day job’, and since our headquarters are in the Vieux Port, we are quite well acquainted with its takeout and delivery options.

One of the directors of Best Kept MTL manages to cook almost 3 times a day, but he’s a type-A personality machine with magical grocery and kitchen organizing skills (plus he went to chef school so he doesn’t count) … the rest of our creatives dabble with basic recipes.

We cook when we have time, or when we have guests, or just when we actually HAVE FOOD in the frigo lol. One of our writers lives on take-out and green tea, he is the most grocery-challenged and CAN’T EVEN! To add to that, we are all busy hustling, trying to survive so there isn’t the same time or motivation to cook for ourselves and others. Whether you live/work/hang in the hood, you know 3-meals-a-day is like NO-WAY.

Old Montreal has an abundance of Curbside Takeout & Delivery options. Around every historical grey and brownstone is a slew of restaurants and bars which were once crowded (31+ notable Montreal restaurants have sadly permanently closed, despite rental support and the CRB)…

Options like Uber Eats & Door Dash are so conveniently seductive, but please use them sparingly as they really slash into the profits, up to 30%! Instead, take a good walk in the fresh air and soak up some vitamin D (you still get it on grey days!), and follow some of our Old Montreal Curbside Takeout & Delivery tips:

BUT FIRST, COFFEE with best suggested times:

  • Balance a tinylicious coffee corridor where Cappuccinos and Disco THRIVE. (Weekday)
  • Olympico is kind of the iconic MTL Italian go-to. So go to it, (Weekends)
  • Le Petit Dep is like a magical retro dollhouse full of troves and treats (Anytime)
    Old Montreal Takeout & Delivery | Winter Edition - Staff Faves 3


  • L’Amour Du Pain is full of fancy carbs. Sick cranberry pumpkin seed bread (Anytime)
  • Christian Faure is the best croissant you can get in the Old Port, your welcome (Anytime)
  • CARTET Has a lot of French food, where do I begin! Un Brunch des Cantons to-go (Weekends)
    CARTET Has a brunch des cantons pour emporter!
    Miss Old Montreal weekend brunches? CARTET for curb-side pick up!


  • TITANIC Has now added amazing tacos to their soup & panini menu yai!! (On winter break for now)
  • Cookie Stephanie  & Chez Gluten-free desserts & dishes to-go (Weekday)
  • Slice & Soda has paper-thin, Jersey-sized pizza & Italian soda – right on (Anytime)
    3 Different tacos at TITANIC, Old Montreal takeout and delivery
    The BKM Fave is the chicken pané with killer coleslaw! But you will have to decide for yourself. (Vegetarian options avail)


  • MANDY’S has salads, healthy chips – yes, healthy chips EXIST! (Weekday)
  • CoucheTard has these healthy snacks now, for like 3 bucks (Anytime)
  • Marché de la Commune snacks at Suzie’s banana bread with your mini-market produce. (Anytime)
    Marché de la CommuneDelivery and take out snacks in the old port
    Marché de la Commune has great baked snacks, fruit, and berries; energy, fiber, vitamins, and anti-oxidants to get you through the day!


  • Uniburger THE burger joint, how to make a smaller/healthier/yummier “Big Mac”
  • L’Orignal has an evolving take-out menu of comfort-faves like mac n cheese
  • Sesame is a nice sushi, soup, Asian fusion solid
Seasame Asian fusion old Montreal takeout & delivery
One thing I love about this Old Montreal takeout / delivery is that you get to wait in an epic ambiance when you

NEW: Salumi Vino, an Italian Wine Resto has transformed into a mini Italian market with Old Montreal take out like affordable pastas-to-go and Xmas desserts. They will also have a Xmas menu to support locals on the 24th, 25th, 26th. They are awesome and we should support them. They also launched a Love Our Nurses GoFundMe to support delicious meals to overworked nurses, donate if you can!

Salumi Vino - old Montreal Italian Take out
Quality pasta at affordable prices, right here in the Old Port Yes, please :)

Now that you have the 411 on our fave Old Montreal takeout, get your virtual Foodie groove on with Taste Of The Caribbean – mini webisode capsules!

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