It was like re-visiting the 70s disco heydays in the presence of a shining act at the infamous Cinema de l’Amour. U.S Girls Meghan Remy’s diamond-cut melodies, avant-garde urges and concurrent collage / film work as backdrop set the stage for their first MTL appearance at Pop Montreal 2018, an eclectic Fall music Festival of emerging, celebrated artistic talents from around the world.

American Megan Remy’s project U.S. Girls has defied all categorization since she launched in 2007, an angry feminist discourse laced through experimental pop.

Pichfork best described her latest album: “Meg Remy is a narrative savant and her glorious, danceable new album is a righteous collection of razor-sharp songs, full of spit and fury, a high-water mark for political pop music.”

The sound of U.S. Girls is so elaborate that it can be difficult to pin down. You get range of flashes from Marc Bolan, Frank Zappa 1970s psychedelia and Terry Riley’s ambient extravaganzas. However what’s new to Remy’s palette is a disco-driven pop, stoking a wild celebratory spirit barely restrained by traditional verses and choruses. Tracks Incidental Boogie, Rosebud, especially M.A.H., the album’s spiritual and intellectual centerpiece, resonate the spirit of Madonna, or ABBA with bayonets concealed under those flowing white robes. She has talked about pop as a form of bait, to draw listeners in to her more complex ideas.

On her latest album, U.S. Girls In a Poem Unlimited, recorded with Toronto jazz/funk musicians and composing with the funky interstellar-jazz supergroup The Cosmic Range. ”I wanted to work with the pop form sonically so that I could hide the weird shit and the dark messages within it, almost hoping that they would go unnoticed,” Remy said, in a profile that dubbed her “the entire history of female pop music in one woman.”  Where to catch them?

Loto-Québec Scene – Verdun (corner Wellington and Galt St.) – Wednesday July 3 @ 9 pm – FREE

For more Montreal summer gems, every Wednesday and Saturday throughout the next couple of months, watch for the fireworks competition.