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M for Montreal | Top 5… here’s what we think

M for Montreal | Top 5… here’s what we think

M for Montreal | Top 5... here's what we think 1

M For Montreal 2018 Edition Is Here

The 2018 emphasis is on Discovery. The 13th edition of M for Montreal brings you 200 industry heavyweights from 15+ countries, taste-makers and music enthusiasts. The industry-driven festival overflows with incredible music, business opportunities and an overload of fun! In addition to all the unique artists doing their thing, there are plenty of conferences, keynote talks, networking events and pro activities.

What differentiates the musical rendez-vous from others? Its  scheduling of showcases of local and international buzz-worthy bands in 20+ venues across the city for yours truly. But let’s be realistic – there’s no doing it all due to time constraint which often leads to a sense of missing out in a rewarding experience from which one is absent – yes, FOMO.

M For Montreal is on until Nov. 17th

Our advice to you is to start with the curated M For Montreal playlist on Spotify. From the impressive voice and musical arrangements of Reuben and the Dark, electro-pop duet Milk & Bone, to the calm before the storm Yukon Blonde & The Zolas brandishing their energetic brand of indie rock… these acts have found a way to reach out to the masses.

So what does Best Kept MTL think? Well, that you’re off to a good start with this 2018 M for Montreal TOP 5:

The Zolas – Ancient Mars

If you’re a fan of ’80s inspired electro-pop with synth dished out in spades The Zolas choruses just beg for a sing-a-long. This band has mastered riding the fine line between music you can dance to and music to pour your heart out to. Ancient Mars holds a pace of pop perfection and good times for it’s entire playtime.

Reuben and the Dark – Hurricane

Reuben and the Dark are a Canadian indie folk band from Calgary, Alberta. Led by singer and songwriter Reuben Bullock this track demonstrates their folky side, more ballad-oriented with his shining vocals!

Yukon Blonde – Saturday Night

For the launch of their 2015 On Blonde album, they employed the services of Tony Hoffer (Beck, Air, The Kooks) to produce this track.  For this album, musically they play it safe, dipping into the ’80s pop, rhythm and blues, and soul. The confidence, audacity and a killer song make this video a keeper.

Milk & Bone – Natalie

Milk & Bone are a testament to the power of friendship. This electro-pop duo has the ability to craft emotionally-stirring, musically-sophisticated songs. The wonderfully simplistic lyrics and euphoric synth work of the track Natalie make it a Fall playlist necessity.

Elliot Maginot – Monsters at War

Still emerging in Canada’s music scene, Elliot Maginot is considered one of the most underrated artists. His sound gives off a magical, dreamlike state that makes you feel an ache in your heart. Here’s one of the first tracks he wrote about dealing with mental health issues with a ”me against the world” feeling it creates.

For more info on the festival & its schedule click here

I would suggest before heading out to these shows, treat yourself to some brunch or lunch with this surprising reinvented cuisine.

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