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Spotlight On Igloofest: This Year’s Lineup

Spotlight On Igloofest: This Year’s Lineup

Igloofest, a Journey to Remember

Despite the freezing temperatures that we experienced this past weekend, we went to Igloofest’s opening night and we had a blast! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did and if you were not brave enough to fight the cold, you’ll find our recap of the first weekend below, as well as a sneak peek of the upcoming lineup.

January 17thPolo & Pan

The French duo became known with Caravelle, a lush album which pervades you with an invitation to dream and travel, which unveils with certain melancholia the promise of an endless summer. Paul and Alex, two Parisians in their thirties, have evolved in the musical sphere from their early childhood. From classical music to the turntables, from experiences to special encounters, they found themselves reunited to compose this sort of twelve parts treasure hunt. Unlike many artists who get inspiration from deep, tormented thoughts to express their creativity, Polo & Pan explore the joys of living with disconcerting frivolity. We were pretty disappointed when they played a DJ set in Montreal two years ago, but we were glad we gave them a second chance because this time, the music was on point!

They got us through the arctic cold with music that rather evokes tropical weather. It was like two big kids bringing us to the amusement park, making us dance and laugh at the same time. It sometimes felt like taking a trip down the rabbit hole or being in a freak house that might have come straight out of Fantasia. This psychedelic trip set the audience on fire as they navigated through the realms of techno, trap, and dubstep… Igloofest’s opening night was definitely a journey to remember.

Polo and Pan


We couldn’t bring ourselves to brave the intense cold two nights in a row so we chose Four Tet, but we couldn’t resist putting a photo of Diplo’s insane visuals. He’s quite the fire starter…


Jan 19thFour Tet

Kieran Hebden, the English musician best known by his stage name Four Tet, started in the post-rock band Fridge before establishing himself as a celebrated electronic music producer. As he unlocked the ways his laptop could become an improvising instrument in its own right, he’s rewarded his fans with an abundance of music productions and remixes. This absolute music bible explores a variety of genres ranging from Bollywood to trip-hop, new age to 2-step anthems, downtempo beats to high-energy breakouts. Some 20 years into his career as a live artist, his low-key, generous ways have earned him the title of in-demand DJ. Behind a booth, he demonstrates his mastery of tension and release through his eclectic live sets.

Igloofest is worth the freeze

Let’s be honest here, we were freezing to death during Four Tet’s set, but it was worth it. He managed to unite the crowd of survivors as one ball of energy bouncing off his deep, complex vibes. His music was vibrant, darker than usual, almost as if he was experimenting on his audience. Who could blame him? Whoever was insane enough to dance outside at these temperatures could easily enjoy some trippy techno.

Four Tet


Don’t miss out on Igloofest’s following weeks!

Weekend #2: Above & Beyond & Mind Against

The British trio Above & Beyond, one of contemporary trance’s biggest names, can rock a party, a club, a festival, and write songs that will bring out the goosebumps in you. The group carved out a unique space in music and culture, a mix of synth-pop with a strange combo of trance, and almost a French disco feel. Their melodramatic style of dance music is quite dark until we reach the breakdown, that piece of sonic architecture that lets us breathe for a minute as our heart rate settles before reaching its digitally enforced orgasm at the drop. Jono, Paavo, and Tony have created something unique: a groundbreaking radio show, a thriving, multi-artist label, iconic dance anthems, and soulful acoustic remixes. This approach put them in front of arena-sized crowds from the world’s best clubs and most illustrious venues to the icy, soldout Igloofest’s dancefloor.

The Italian-born, Berlin-based duo of Alessandro and Federico Fognini have developed a deeply melodic and emotionally rich form of techno for which they have become the world’s finest ambassadors. Their musical venture draws from the combined roots of Intelligent Dance Music, house, and techno and their gift for filling synths and percussive instruments with emotion translates uniquely onto the dancefloor where they play dynamic, joint DJ sets lifted by their understanding of each other. Their slick, moving take on techno combined with an emphasis on sound design create intricate atmospheres present in all their releases. We can’t wait to be taken on a journey like no other, one full of masterstrokes and powerful sounds.



Weekend #3: GramatikMaceo Plex

Denis Jasarevic, a.k.a. the Brooklyn-bred DJ/producer Gramatik, has always been an early adopter. From being glued to the radio in his older sister’s room to making his first beats on an early PC at the age of 13, this kid from Slovenia has a few tricks up his sleeve. Growing up with American funk, jazz, soul, and blues, he developed a signature electro-funk sound. His compositions are stuffed with vocal samples, chopped orchestral samples, and blues guitar riffs. Gifted with a mastery of electronica, he continues to expand the boundaries of what EDM can be as he has matured into a world-class producer. He is also one of electronic music’s most outspoken artists when it comes to political issues. On his latest album, he subliminally takes on themes such as Internet privacy, discrimination in the 50s, and the “Tesla Room” where his idol lived and died trying to bring peace to the world with his technology. We are very excited to listen to him repurposing the sounds of the past with his new age synthesizer soundscapes.

Eric Estornel has worn many masks over the course of his near two-decade career. He started making gritty electro as Mariel Ito, then moved on to mechanized techno as Maetrik, until he eventually created Maceo Plex, a housier alias which put him on a spotlight. Trying to find a sweet spot between Maceo Plex and Maetrik, he became one of dance music’s biggest stars. Merging iconic heavyweights with bolder acts, he took his residency at Pacha, Ibiza’s famous super club, to the next level, introducing the island’s mostly uninitiated crowds to cutting-edge music. From evocative deep house jams to atmospheric tracks and fist-pumping anthems, he never ceases to amaze his audience. He is an expert at producing momentums, incorporating an experimental side of techno with stripped vocals and glitchy breakbeat bombs. Not a chance we would miss this closing night of the coldest festival in the world!



Full lineup here.

While you’re at it, heat up well before at the MTL Auto Show.

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