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HOROS by Phenomena | Your Chance to Live a VR Experience for Free!

HOROS by Phenomena | Your Chance to Live a VR Experience for Free!

HOROS by Phenomena | Your Chance to Live a VR Experience for Free! 1

During the summer, Montreal is full of activities and sometimes it can be hard to choose which one will fully offer a unique experience. Which is why we were excited to try out Horos, a new virtual reality experience next to the Montreal Science Center. The interesting concept puts the user into a limitless universe of different worlds, as they try and find clues to progress onto the next quest. I must say it’s mind-blowing and reminded me a lot of the Matrix as you can move in time and space and interact with different objects. What I found so cool was the multiplayer experience. Meaning, you and your friend are in the scene together. I’ve never experienced anything like this. 

The experience allows you to move in an enclosed area and interact with real-life objects unlike any other at-home VR game

Bonus – For a limited time, Horos by Phenomena is offering a contest on their social media platforms for a chance to try out the experience for free and win a 50$ gift card for any Cominar shopping center, here.

Phenomena are the masterminds behind the creation of this VR expedition. A Montreal-based company that specializes in virtual reality, is taking this experience throughout Quebec so don’t miss out on trying out this experience before it’s too late, opening their Old port location from June 17 – October everyday from 10 AM- 10:00 PM. Tickets now on sale through their website, or box office on site!

TL;DR From June to October, everyday from 10 am – 10:00 PM,  Phenomena is hosting a VR escape expedition game at the Old Port. The virtual reality experience provides an immersive and visually stimulating and body-tingling journey towards the world of Horos

Everything you need to know:

What: Horos 

Where: Old Port, Next to the Science Center

When: June 17th – Oct 5th // everyday from 10:00 am- 9:40 pm

Price: $12 – 10:00 am – 12:00 pm , $15 – 12:00 – 09:40 pm

Check out their official Facebook page HERE!

Check out their official Instagram page HERE!

After all those separate realities, check out the rooftop party at the Pointe-à-Callière Museum in the Old Port of Montreal.

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