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Hennessy Soundbox at W Montreal

Hennessy Soundbox at W Montreal

Hennessy Soundbox at W Montreal 1

In collaboration with the famous cognac house Hennessy, W Montreal is introducing us this season to Hennessy Soundbox, a unique immersive concept that celebrates the long partnership between Hennessy and hip-hop.

The strong relationship between the world famous cognac house and hip hop artists is mostly explained by the fact that the brand was one of the first spirit brands to authentically invest in a minority audience.

Hennessy Soundbox
Hennessy Soundbox and hip hop: a long lasting partnership

Hennessy appointed Olympian Herb Douglas as its vice president of urban market development in 1963, at the height of the US civil rights movement. Over three decades passed during his tenure with the business. Hennessy was able to forge an unwavering sense of loyalty with Black Americans to their upscale cognac by recognizing their purchasing power in the US.

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to hear famous rappers referring to the brand in a verse of their hit songs.

Hennessy Soundbox
Yes, they let you play any record you want from their selection @Hennessy Soundbox

As for the Sound Box itself, it is an immersive experience that celebrates the richness of this culture, while highlighting the versatility of Hennessy.

Until March 2023, you are invited to enjoy a selection of cognac-based cocktails, including Hennessy’s X.O., while being seduced by the private comfort of the lounge and the collection of LPs based on hip-hop icons.

The beautiful decor is the work of Madame Bombance, a set designer who perfectly captured the spirit of the brand. From the giant neon Biggie frame to the records on the wall, everything has been thought to accentuate the connections with the musical universe.

Hennessy Soundbox
Thirsty? Sit back and wait for a tasty Hennessy drink to be served.

The cost for this one of kind experience is $95 per person for two hours, excluding taxes and service charges, but it also includes two cognac-based cocktails and a tasting of an X.O. cognac from Hennessy.

Whether it’s for a special cocktail party or an event with colleagues, the Sound Box is definitely a unique experience that will allow you to immerse yourself in a festive culture while celebrating the best cognac there is.

Note that all guests staying in WOW and EWOW suites at W Montreal can enjoy complimentary access for two.

For reservations to the Hennessy Soundbox experience at the W hotel, please visit OpenTable.

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