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Help US Save BAM BAM! A RAD Rescue Puppy

Help US Save BAM BAM! A RAD Rescue Puppy

Save Bam Bam

Introducing BAM BAM, a remarkable puppy whose resilience has touched the hearts of many, despite enduring unimaginable suffering at the hands of cruelty… Discovered abandoned in a dumpster, BAM BAM’s journey towards healing and hope began with the compassionate intervention of A Purposeful Rescue and our friends at Rescue All Dogs.
Save Bam Bam!

SKIP To donate directly to RAD
SKIP To donate to Bam Bam’s vet bills directly by going to the donation drive on RAD’s instagram @rescuealldogsco and on our instagram as well @bestkeptmtl¬†

Save Bam Bam! RAD Rescue
Bam Bam bravely fighting parvo, with a reason to live: Loving humans are rooting for him.

BAM BAM’s newly fortuned fate took a sudden and dire turn when he was struck down by Parvovirus, compounding his already precarious state. Yet, through sheer determination and the unwavering dedication of his caregivers, BAM BAM emerged victorious from the brink of death.

Save BAM BAM - Rad Rescue
BAM BAM is fighting to get better and we’re fighting with him!

However, the road to full recovery remains fraught with challenges, particularly the mounting cost of his extensive medical care. With veterinary bills soaring to over $13,000 and potentially reaching $15,000, the urgency to rally support for BAM BAM’s rehabilitation cannot be overstated.

At BestkeptMTL, our commitment to animal welfare runs deep, resonating with the profound bond between humans and our four-legged companions. We have long championed the noble efforts of organizations like Rescue All Dogs and A Purposeful Rescue, whose tireless dedication mirrors our own mini-missions to make a tangible difference in the lives of animals in need.

As BAM BAM continues his valiant fight for a second chance at life, we ask our cherished community of supporters, friends and clients to stand with us in this critical endeavor.

Help save bam bam - rad rescue
BAM BAM is getting such amazing care, what a wonderful thing to see!

Together, let us rewrite the narrative for BAM BAM and countless others like him, offering them the promise of a brighter future filled with love, compassion, and the opportunity to thrive. Every donation, no matter the size, brings us one step closer to transforming tales of suffering into stories of resilience and triumph. Join us in making a difference today.

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