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Dog Stranded in Mexico Celebrates Return to MTL at Ruby Café

Dog Stranded in Mexico Celebrates Return to MTL at Ruby Café

Ruby Cafe

Lücy at Ruby Café: It’s not everyday that we can share a heart-warming pet reunion story that connects with a new best-kept secret of the city! On June 8th, speech therapist Julie Boileau created a Facebook post to express her joy that her dog stranded in Mexico for 4 months was finally coming home.

Dog Stranded in Mexico Celebrates Return to MTL at Ruby Café 1
Lücy saying goodbye to Mexico © @julie.b.glowy

Julie had adopted Lücy — a four-month-old female mixed German Shepherd — from an animal rescue organization in Mexico during a trip in the spring of 2020, and brought the dog to her new home in Saint-Mathias-sur-Richelieu, a city 40 km east of Montreal. This past winter, Lücy had accompanied Julie on her 2-month-long trip back to Mexico. So they flew down together in mid-December at a time when her dog had the right to be on board since she was certified as an emotional support animal (ESA).

Dog Stranded in Mexico Celebrates Return to MTL at Ruby Café 2
An example of a therapy dog serving as an emotional support animal

However, on January 11, 2021, the United States Department of Transportation changed the rules and no longer required airlines to accommodate ESAs. Worse, not only had Lücy gotten too big to be allowed on the plane in a cage, but she couldn’t travel as cargo either because there was a pet flight embargo due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Dog Stranded in Mexico Celebrates Return to MTL at Ruby Café 3
Lücy not going anywhere fast © @julie.b.glowy

“When I booked my return ticket [to Montreal for March 1st, the canadian airline] company assured me that it would be a final exception given that I had already traveled with her,” Julie wrote to her followers. However, her trust was betrayed and she was left without any options. “I won’t hide from you that the return was quite stressful given the [unexpected separation] and that I had to come home due to my work obligations… I’ll spare you the many failed attempts to bring her back ever since,” she added.

Dog Stranded in Mexico Celebrates Return to MTL at Ruby Café 4
Lücy seeking comfort in the warm sand of a Mexican beach © @julie.b.glowy

Fortunately, during the 4 months Lücy was stranded in Mexico, she was able to stay with one of Julie’s human friends who lives there to avoid being sent back to the animal rescue organization. And after the ESA-dog-friendly airline company Aeromexico was allowed to resume flights to the United States and Canada, which enabled her dog to take a plane trip from Los Cabos to Seattle to Vancouver to Montreal — a journey marked by exhilarating ups and frustrating downs — Julie’s efforts paid off. On July 9th, Lücy was finally back home.

Dog Stranded in Mexico Celebrates Return to MTL at Ruby Café 5
Lücy at the airport © @julie.b.glowy

Touched by Julie’s story, I invited her to celebrate the return of her dog at Ruby Café, which welcomes owners and their dogs in a friendly atmosphere for one of the best brunches in Montreal.

Ruby Cafe
Ruby Café welcomed Lücy like a VIP © V

Ruby is actually the name of a beloved dog owned by Tatiana Custode, the founder of the luxury hotel Doggieville Mtl where Ruby Café is located.

Ruby Cafe
Ruby and friend running in front of the Doggieville Mtl hotel © Ruby Café

Opened in May 2019, Doggieville Mtl is an all-in-one canine complex offering all the services dog owners could dream of: daycare, hotel, spa, boutique and, of course, a restaurant where dogs are not only welcome, but are even offered ice cream free of charge during your meal.

Ruby Cafe
While his owner eats the “Sloppy Dog” sandwich, Dexter the Pug is ready for his treat © @thetailsofdexter

Ruby Café is therefore the place of choice for dog owners who like to brunch without feeling guilty about leaving their pooch at home, whether inside or on the magnificent outdoor terrace.

Ruby Cafe
Claire enjoying a brunch on the Ruby Café outdoor terrasse © @whats_up_claire

Ruby Café‘s bright and warm bistro-style decor was designed by the hotel owner, a former interior designer. Everything has been well thought out, including several benches and ottomans to comfortably accommodate customers with two and four legs. During our tour, we were surprised to learn that it was Tatiana who, after four years of hard work, completely transformed an abandoned horse house into a dog hotel.

Ruby Cafe
Tatiana Custode and her dog family © Ruby Café

Whether, like Julie, you fall for the Poché, a poached cane egg on brioche bread with white ham from Gaspor, candied tomato, asparagus, white wine, fresh tarragon soup, poppy seeds, sorrel pods, topped with a strong cheddar crunch…

Ruby Cafe
The Poché © V

or, like me, for the Berger Qc, a grilled cheese with pesto, goat cheese, pistachios and beets yellow…

Ruby Cafe
Le Berger QC grilled cheese © V

…you will not be disappointed by the menu of Ruby Café created by executive chef Arnaud Glay. Several dishes like the smoked salmon bagel or the avocado tartine are perfect to take out for a delicious lunch on the go. A variety of fresh smoothies including mango and lime, beetroot and raspberry, as well as celery, avocado, melon and mint are also on the menu; with mocktails and cocktails created by mixologists from Liquid Chefs.

Ruby Cafe
Lola, a betterave rouge et framboise smoothie © Liquid Chefs

As a dog owner, Tatiana wants to give the best to her dog Ruby. After several years of traveling the four corners of the city in search of food, grooming services or daycare, the idea came to her to create a place that would meet all her needs and those of other dog owners — an all-in-one canine complex.

Ruby Cafe
Camille leaving her dog Bruce at Doggieville hotel for an overnight stay © @cam_ds

With the addition of Ruby Café in May 2020, the completed Doggieville Mtl hotel welcomes canine guests for the day or longer stays in one of its 39 mini-condominiums or 11 suites. The luxury hotel also has a 4,200 square foot indoor park where your dog can stretch his paws, a spa to pamper him and an indoor pool for a swim session.

Ruby Cafe
Tatiana Custode and her two dogs sitting pretty above Yoda’s Splash, a pool for canine hydrotherapy © Ruby Café

There is also a private room to celebrate your pet’s birthday and Lola’s Corner, a specialty store where you can find everything for your dog, from food to toys and a wide range of accessories.

Ruby Cafe
Julie found the dog collar she was looking for Lücy in the Lola’s Corner boutique © V

So we must really thank Tatiana Custode and the entire staff of Ruby Café for making our welcome party for Lücy and our exclusive tour of the Doggieville Mtl hotel a delightful treat.

Ruby Cafe
Lücy trying to lick off her nose a decoration leaf from her welcome cake © V

Here is what you need to know about Ruby Café

Location: 3824 Saint-Patrick St, Montreal, QC H4E1A4
Opening Hours:
Wednesday to Sunday: 10am to 3pm
Monday and Tuesday: Closed
Instagram: @rubycafemtl

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