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HELMER | Imagining the Wild Stylings of a Dressmaker’s Husband

HELMER | Imagining the Wild Stylings of a Dressmaker’s Husband


On the evening of Wednesday, April 26, Old Montreal’s Saint-Pierre street was humming with the secret buzz that only a private haute couture fashion show could elicit. The highlight of this vibrant soirée at the MiidSpace studio was the unveiling of the spring/summer 2023 menswear collection by the extraordinarily gifted fashion designer, Helmer Joseph.


Echoing the name Le mari de la CouturièreThe Dressmaker’s Husband – the collection was an assemblage of fifteen original looks, embodying a wit and brilliance characteristic of Helmer. The title, evocative and playful, hinted at the designer’s inherent sense of humor, challenging conventional notions in fashion with a delightful twist.

Every stitch and cut from Helmer’s creations invite you into his boundless creative universe, a world where no idea is too far-fetched, no design too audacious. Gazing into his collection was akin to diving headfirst into a pool of artistic fervor, an experience that left you appreciating the grandeur of his mind’s creations.


The master of his craft, Helmer, traces his roots to humble beginnings as a men’s tailor. The finesse and precision of his craftsmanship are a testament to the wealth of knowledge he amassed in those early years. The intricate tailoring, the impeccable fits, and the silhouettes, all bore his signature, a harmonious blend of creativity and skill.

Each ensemble in the collection was an artwork in its own right. With a discerning eye for fabrics, Helmer employed a riot of textures, each more mesmerizing than the last. The embroidery, a nod to his past training at the École Lesage in Paris, was nothing short of fabulous. It drew an inspired portrait of elegance and detail, breathing life and personality into every garment.


But perhaps, the most charming aspect of Helmer’s collection were the delightful inserts and quirky details. Each addition was a smile-inducing surprise, a whimsical element that made his collections a grand art spectacle, far beyond the traditional realms of fashion. The Dressmaker’s Husband collection was a jubilant celebration of style and joie de vivre.

The effervescent moods it evoked were hard to ignore, sweeping every onlooker off their feet with its refreshing playfulness. The collection was a technicolor dream, bringing a splash of color to the world of men’s fashion. It showcased an enchanting palette inspired by Helmer’s Caribbean roots, his creations a vibrant kaleidoscope of his colorful ancestry.


A private viewing with Helmer is an indulgence in artistic flair and daring innovation, a sartorial spectacle that challenges the norms while paying homage to traditional craft. With The Dressmaker’s Husband, Helmer not only showcased his mastery over design but also offered a slice of his soul, his cultural roots, and his journey in the world of fashion. For those lucky enough to witness the spectacle that night in Montreal, it was more than just a fashion show; it was a narrative woven in the threads of style, courage, and heritage.

About Helmer

Helmer Joseph‘s journey has been nothing short of a fashion odyssey. Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, his voyage has spanned the globe, from the grandeur of Parisian couture, the prestigious ESMOD and the Institut Français de la Mode, to Montreal’s own Lasalle College. His twenty-year legacy includes work with fashion titans such as Thierry Mugler and Christian Dior. Today, Helmer continues to create, while nurturing the next generation of designers with his wisdom and technique.


Helmer will take center stage at the MAD Festival with The Virgin’s Prayer, a pre-opening cocktail runaway show on August 23rd, and The Dressmaker’s Husband, an official opening runaway show on August 24th, as well as The World of Helmer, an exhibition throughout the duration of the festival.

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