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Champion’s Parade @ ABGE | 4 Days of Grand Prix Festivities

Champion’s Parade @ ABGE | 4 Days of Grand Prix Festivities

Champion's Parade @ ABGE | 4 Days of Grand Prix Festivities 1

Famous for its exhilarating amalgamation of speed, passion, and glamour, the Formula One Grand Prix in Montreal has long been a fixture on the global sporting calendar. This year, the event is about to be cranked up a notch, thanks to an exhilarating line-up of festivities at the historic Auberge Saint-Gabriel (ABGE).


A buzzing hot spot in the city, ABGE – and its underground speakeasy Velvet – is the epitome of chic and extravagance during the F1 weekend. For four days and nights, the thick brick venue pulses with electric energy as unique experiences unfold one after the other, and tickets fly off the shelves faster than race cars rocketing down a lane.


The high-octane partying kicks off on Thursday, June 15, with CLUB FÊTE RACING. DJs Mkeyser, Hugo Renzo, Ragazzi, Sealteam, Tommy Kimpton, and Zac Martel set the stage for an evening of limitless excitement. Their heart-thumping beats echo the adrenaline of a Grand Prix start, igniting the city’s nightlife like an engine roaring to life.


The following night sees the festivities shift into the next gear with POWER UNIT. The stellar lineup of DJs Ahmed Spins, Nico de Andrea, Mekki, and Underher ensures an atmosphere of decadence and high-energy revelry. It’s a glamorous party where the city’s night owls flock, shedding everyday conventions to embrace the madness of the night.


The momentum continues into Saturday, June 17, with FULL SPEED. DJs Baron, Tali Rose, Yerko, and Zo take control of the decks, creating an irresistible sonic landscape that mirrors the thrilling highlights of a nitro-fueled race.


The grand crescendo arrives on Sunday, June 18, starting with the BAGATELLE Brunch and Party. The brunch, curated by the executive chef of Bagatelle Miami, Jimmy de Almeida, starts at noon. It’s a veritable feast of flavours that mirrors the eclectic spectacle of the F1 race itself. But make no mistake, this isn’t a mere brunch. The party starts at 4 PM, with DJs Aik and Pepelz turning the day into a scene straight out of a wild 3 AM party. The revelry refuses to wind down as the sun sets, the atmosphere pulsating with vibrant energy.


And as the final hours of the grand prix weekend approach, the POLE POSITION event takes center stage. This VIP event embodies the spirit of the Formula 1 celebrations in all their glory. It’s an affair frequented by F1 drivers, celebrities, and the city’s elite, all gathered to bid adieu to the weekend in grand style. DJs The Neighbors, Pat Boogie, Choby, and Bretty Boop provide the perfect soundtrack, their rhythm-infused sets serving as a fitting endnote to Montreal’s most exhilarating weekend.


Every year, the Formula One Grand Prix weekend in Montreal is a whirlwind of excitement, and this year promises to be no exception. At ABGE, the city’s renowned nightlife venue, four days of spectacular celebrations are ready to start their engines, with international DJs, decadent parties, and unforgettable experiences that will linger in our collective memory long after the last car crosses the finish line.


Here is what you need to know about Grand Prix at ABGE

Dates: June 15, 16, 17, 18
Location: L’Auberge Saint-Gabriel | 426 St Gabriel St, Montreal, Quebec H2Y 2Z9
Facebook: @lauberge.saintgabriel
Instagram: @aubergesaintgab | @abge.f1

Built in 1688 by a French soldier, the Auberge Saint-Gabriel (ABGE) was the first “inn” in North America to receive the first liquor license in the country, on March 4, 1754. In the 19th century, it was transformed into a private mansion. In 1914, it became the Auberge Saint-Gabriel again and thus regained its original vocation. Today, the Auberge Saint-Gabriel is owned by Marc Bolay and Garou. Between the two of them, they have made this historic institution a mecca of Quebec gastronomy, one of the trendiest destinations in Montreal’s nightlife, and a friendly and tasteful gathering place for all major events.

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