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Gon Bui: Montreal’s North Shore Cantonese Secret!

Gon Bui: Montreal’s North Shore Cantonese Secret!

Gon Bui: Montreal's North Shore Cantonese Secret! 1

What if I told you that the best new Asian restaurant was only a few minutes drive from Montreal?

Located on Carrefour Boulevard, Gon Bui offers a Cantonese menu that includes both slightly revamped family recipes adapted to the more in addition to some Southeast Asian inspiration.

Henry Cheung, Raymond Ng, Davida Chhay, Clark Ng, and Jules Abram started their new restaurant in December 2021, and they set out on an adventure to make it a place where everyone would feel at home the moment they stepped foot inside.

Gon Bui: Montreal's North Shore Cantonese Secret! 2
Gon Bui: Jelly Fish Salad. Definitely one of a kind!

We started the night with the Jelly fish salad. This dish comprised of soft slices of poached chilled chicken and crunchy jelly fish. All tossed in a smokey and citrusy-sesame dressing mixed with fried shallots, fresh cilantro, onions and chili peppers. It was spicy and it was delicious.

At the suggestion of our server, we have chosen to try the plump shrimp filled dumplings wrapped in a crystal skin that’s transparent and chewy. Beautiful to look at – almost looking like little tomatoes a first glance – and wonderful to eat, these dumplings were served with a sweet chili sauce.

We also tried the fried tofu, crispy to perfection and  accompanied by a coconut curry sauce full of flavours. Because we wanted to try as many different dishes as possible, we also ordered the tamarind salmon. Served with crispy skin, tropical salsa and seasonal vegetables, it was my personal favorite of the evening.

As for the cocktails, we chose a Wild East (bourbon, Montenegro, taiwanese milky and tabasco) and a Tamarin Sour (Grand Marnier, Kamouraska, Tamarin and Tajin). Both choices were perfectly balanced and delicious. The spices were present in just the right amount and left room for the spirits to shine.

Gon Bui: Montreal's North Shore Cantonese Secret! 5
Thirsty? We were.

The restaurant’s co-owner and interior designer, Jules Abram, created the decor, which was influenced by China’s ruined temples. Jules Abram, who ensured that each component had a purpose. Visitors are greeted upon opening the majestic brass door and are then invited into the world of Gon Bui. A tree covered in hundreds of red envelopes stands in the middle of the restaurant as a tribute to the Chinese tradition of festivities, which stands for prosperity, hope, and optimism.

Few other restaurants provide the appealing variety that Gon Bui has, which is both dramatic and colourful throughout the day. The joyous ambiance, delectable meals and a lengthy selection of specialty drinks the list of signature drinks can be used for a variety of occasions, including family dinners or a full-blown celebration.

The team makes it their mission every day to break down the between guests and staff, creating an incredibly warm experience from start to finish. And this is exactly why we’ll go back.

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