Since forever, the Full Moon has fascinated the human being by its beauty, stories and energetic power. So when you combine Yoga in the presence of the Moon what do you get? Most of us may not associate moon cycles with your yoga practice. However many natural cycles of the earth (moon phases, solstices, tides, seasons) are incorporated into yoga practice as a way to embrace all of the changes that are naturally occurring around us.

When you step away from your calendar and to do lists and start paying attention to the cycles of the Moon it allows room for magic to enter your life and increases your ability to connect with something much larger than ourselves.

Discover the mysteries of the moon and celebrate it’s magic in a unique way. Next Tuesday, February 19th, around Eastern Standard sunset (5:45 p.m) will be the perfect time to do so.

Photo credit: La Luna Alchemy


In gentleness, slowness and relaxation, Vanessa DL will guide this practice and will be accompanied for the occasion by soothing sounds from a surprise guest guitarist. With one of the most beautiful views of Montreal, come enjoy a mystical experience that will make you travel through your 5 senses.

RSVP on Facebook. Purchase your tickets here ($30.50 each) or contact the Observatory PVM for more details at 514-544-8200.

Entrance through the ticket office via Mansfield Street corner René-Lévesque (Mall level of Place Ville Marie)

A full moon practice brought to you by yoga with rituals…

Video credit: Rituals Cosmetics Global