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ARICO X DUVAL | Beyond The Visible Expo @ Gallery Nicolas Robert

ARICO X DUVAL | Beyond The Visible Expo @ Gallery Nicolas Robert


Painters ARICO (Ariane Côté) and DUVAL (Marie-Chloé Duval) are joining forces in artistic symbiosis. Bringing together several large format works, their dual exhibition will be held, from November 4 to 7, in the secret showrooms of Gallery Nicolas Robert.

ARICO X DUVAL | Beyond The Visible Expo @ Gallery Nicolas Robert 3
Arico & Duval at their opening with Art Souternain inside Le Central

Reflecting in their respective universes a shared vision, that of making visible what seems invisible; these two talented visual artists seek to initiate us in a reflection on the distorted realities offered to us by our five senses.

Arico | Gallery Nicolas Robert

The impetus behind this project? The desire to highlight the works created in large part during their summer 2021 artist residency with Art Souterrain. The duo invites you to dive into this artistic journey. Each of the works unveiled transports you beyond the visible.

Duval | Gallery Nicolas Robert

Arico sees herself as an explorer of the cosmos since her birth in Montreal. In other words, a spiritual seeker who experiments with altered states of consciousness. She translates her insights into meaningful painted, sculpted and immersive works.


Her practice has developed through revelatory experiences and research into the world of dreams and meditative visions.


A self-described “telepathic astronaut”, she integrates high-frequency vibrational fields into her works. Her purpose? To raise consciousness and stimulate reconnection with oneself, others and the Universe.

Arico | Photo Kevin Millet

Originally from Saint-Pascal in Quebec, Duval creates expressive and touching works of art. Her contemporary acrylic creations are available in several art galleries and exhibitions around the world.


In this exhibition, it is this desire to break codes, norms and mental and social prisons that is put forward. For Duval, it’s about depicting liberation. In this series, the artist in her pursues a reflection on the porosity of borders, perceptions and contrasting elements.


She obstructs her visual “interface” by proposing to the observer to create his own interpretation of what is hidden beyond the first glance. A painter with a desire to confront perceptions. Duval emphasizes the pride of our belief that our senses are in harmony with the world. Destroying the illusion that what we see is what is.

Duval | Photo Benjamin Bredmose

Here is what you need to know about Arico X Duval

Vernissage: November 4 | 5 PM to 8 PM
Public Exhibition: November 5, 6 and 7 | 10 AM to 5 PM
Q&A Mediation Workshop: November 6 | 1 PM
Live Painting: November 7 | 1 PM to 5 PM
Location: Gallery Nicolas Robert | 10 Rue King, Montréal, QC H3C 2N9
Website: |
Facebook: @ariane.cote2 | @mc.duval.9
Instagram: @arico.elle |

Featured image credit: Ian Williams

ARICO X DUVAL | Beyond The Visible Expo @ Gallery Nicolas Robert 4

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