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Cultural Corridor | Follow the Path to Find Treasures from South West to Old MTL

Cultural Corridor | Follow the Path to Find Treasures from South West to Old MTL

Cultural Corridor

Montreal’s vibrant “artbeat” has found its newest rhythm in the form of Follow the Path – the brainchild of the CULTURAL CORRIDOR initiative. A journey through the city’s southwestern district, this project highlights Montreal’s artistic tapestry, converging in Old Montreal, Griffintown and Little Burgundy.

Cultural Corridor

Follow the Path draws on the city’s rich mosaic of artists, artisans and creative venues. Supported by MR-63 and PHI, this scheme extends the creative pulse of the city from institutions into the streets, involving local merchants in its outreach.

Cultural Corridor
1700 La Poste

A collective of over ten cultural entities stands at the core of this eclectic enterprise. From Arsenal Contemporary Art Montreal and Galerie Blouin Division to Fonderie Darling and PHI Centre, they provide a remarkable amalgamation of creativity and local flair. The result? A cultural feast, promising a wealth of encounters with visual and digital arts, immersive experiences, music and public art installations.

Cultural Corridor
PHI Centre

Caserne Studio has crafted a colourful system of blue and orange stickers, a playful beckon guiding the explorers through this 2.3 km path. Weaving down William and Ottawa Streets in Griffintown, the stickers create a lively trail to follow, a testament to the project’s intention to encourage wandering and engagement.

Cultural Corridor
Galerie Blouin Division

Furthermore, the Corridor bursts to life with public artworks. Through the coordination efforts of MR-63, local talents, such as Alexis Vaillancourt, Lebonar and Thaïla Khampo, have transformed the cityscape, their art giving Griffintown a new cultural, inclusive and greener identity.

Cultural Corridor
Sculptural work by Alexis Vaillancourt, installed on the site of the future Parc des Eaux-Cachées, integrated into the fence and sidewalks and made from recycled construction materials.

Looking towards the end of the year, the CULTURAL CORRIDOR promises an abundance of artistic encounters. With a rich program of events, the Corridor will not merely exist but thrive, allowing Montrealers and tourists to immerse themselves in a lively artistic ecosystem.

Cultural Corridor
Griffintown street art by Thaïla Khampo

All information, including the interactive map, is available on the CULTURAL CORRIDOR’s website: This vibrant project invites residents and visitors alike to revel in the local culture, from the familiarity of Old Montreal to the emerging artistic spaces of Griffintown and Little Burgundy.

Cultural Corridor
Screenshot of the “Follow the Path” Interactive Map

Through the CULTURAL CORRIDOR, Montreal is not just offering a path to follow, but a journey to engage in, one steeped in creativity and local pride. It is an open invitation to all, offering a chance to embrace the city’s cultural landscape and let the local journey unfold. So step out, follow the path, and discover the artbeat of Montreal.


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