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1700 La Poste | Great Temple of the Arts in Griffintown

1700 La Poste | Great Temple of the Arts in Griffintown

1700 La Poste

Question: “If art is meant to inspire then shouldn’t the space that houses art be just as inspirational?” The obvious answer is what motivated Isabelle de Mévius, a Belgian patron of the arts, to transform a century-old post office in Montreal’s Griffintown neighborhood into 1700 La Poste, a prestigious exhibition center that highlights the work of contemporary visual artists from here and abroad.

1700 La Poste
The exhibition Gilles Mihalcean: Reversals and Diversions runs from October 15, 2021 to January 16, 2022

The magnificent stone building located at 1700 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest was erected in 1913 to house Postal Station F. A century later, in 2013, the interior was entirely redesigned and beautifully restored to reflect the unique and audacious vision of its new owner, Isabelle, and Luc Laporte, one of Montreal’s most significant architects.

1700 La Poste
Quebec fashion designer Denis Gagnon attending the “Singular Mythologies” exhibition | © Béatrice Flynn

Unlike the traditional “white box” gallery format, Laporte’s design for 1700 La Poste leverages the building’s neo-classical and Beaux Arts forms. Drawing inspiration from the existing characteristics of the heritage building, Laporte retained the volume properties, furnishings, and surface treatments reminiscent of its original vocation. Rooms are arranged around a central hall that opens directly, without corridors, onto the adjoining spaces.

1700 La Poste
Central hall | © Alain Lefort

While maintaining a part of the mezzanine, Laporte opened up the main space to re-establish its presence and increase the flow of light throughout the building.

1700 La Poste
Mezzanine | © Alain Lefort

For nearly ten years under the tireless patronage of Isabelle de Mévius, 1700 La Poste has become a remarkable venue presenting private and public events in the form of enlightening lectures…

1700 La Poste
Art historian Bernard Lamarche in conversation with artist François Morelli | © Béatrice Flynn

…and engrossing exhibitions…

1700 La Poste
“Singular Mythologies”, a group exhibition showcasing the works of artists Claire Labonté, Anna Torma, and Marigold Santos | © Béatrice Flynn

…whose pre-pandemic cocktail party receptions were always highly-anticipated social events.

1700 La Poste
Sidewalk cocktail party reception for the “Singular Mythologies” exhibition | © Béatrice Flynn

Past exhibitions include Julie Ouellet; Geneviève Cadieux; Les états limites; Jean-Pierre Larocque; Ed Pien; Elly Strik; François Morelli; Vide et vertige; Singular Mythologies; Jean-Pierre Morin; Marc Garneau; Vladimir Velickovic; Luc Laporte; Violette Dionne; and Louis-Pierre Bougie.

1700 La Poste
Quebec singer Isabelle Dowd admiring a work by Dutch artist Elly Strik | © Béatrice Flynn

The current exhibition — from October 15, 2021 to January 16, 2022 — is dedicated to Montreal sculptor Gilles Mihalcean, an acclaimed artist recognized for his contribution to the revival of sculpture in Quebec society during the 1980s. A golden opportunity for lovers of art and admirers of architecture alike to visit and discover 1700 La Poste and fall under its spell.

1700 La Poste
Three sculptures by artist Gilles Mihalcean from his “Reversals and Diversions” exhibition | © Richard-Max Tremblay

Here is what you need to know about 1700 La Poste

Location: 4376 Notre-Dame St W, Montreal, Quebec H4C 1R8
Opening Hours: Wednesday to Sunday 11 AM to 6 PM
Facebook: @1700laposte
Instagram: @1700laposte

Featured image credit: © Béatrice Flynn

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