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Club Saint-Denis | Iconic Private Members Club Reopens

Club Saint-Denis | Iconic Private Members Club Reopens

Club Saint-Denis

A legendary Montreal venue with over 135 years of history, which closed in 2009, finally reopened its doors on April 1st. Nestled in a heritage building at 257 Sherbrooke Street Est, Club Saint-Denis has been completely renovated to welcome city dwellers ready to spend an evening in the luxurious decor of this private members club.

Club Saint-Denis

Owned by Proaction International CEO Denis Lefebvre, the club offers many spaces including lounges, intimate lounges for rent, wine cellars and even a ballroom. However, in order to have access to the facilities, you need to be a member and it’s not cheap.

Club Saint-Denis

Each of the yearly memberships, which cost between 1,495$ and 7,995$, depending on the package you choose, offers a variety of different services and access. For example, you may be allowed to have your own on-site wine cellar and invite friends or business contacts at no charge.

Club Saint-Denis

The least expensive membership is for Bronze Members. These clients will be able to use the lounge and ballroom during the evening on weekdays and from 11 AM on weekends for 1,495$ per year. These members also have the opportunity to invite four additional guests free of charge.

Club Saint-Denis

Silver Members have access to wine racks and up to six guests at no charge for a total of 1,995$ for twelve months. An even more exclusive package, Gold Members, for 2,495$ per year, will have access to the facilities from 11 AM on weekdays and weekends. They will also have access to Club Saint-Denis’ 40-bottle wine cellar.

Club Saint-Denis

Ultimate packages for Diamond Members or Corporate Members are also available at a cost around 8,000$. By subscribing to these packages, members will also be able to use the gym and locker rooms at Club Saint-Denis. Let’s just say that bringing guests into a ballroom after serving them a bottle of wine from your own cellar in a lavish setting makes a lasting impression.

Club Saint-Denis

Here is what you need to know about Club Saint-Denis

Location: 257 Sherbrooke St. E., Montreal, QC

Bronze Member: 1,495$
Silver Member: 1,995$
Gold Member: 2,495$
Diamond Member: 7,495$
Corporate Member: 7,995$

Instagram: @clubstdenis

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