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Cirque De Boudoir’s Kinky Halloween Party Will Descend into a Hellscape

Cirque De Boudoir’s Kinky Halloween Party Will Descend into a Hellscape

Cirque De Boudoir

Montreal, the city famed for nocturnal adventure and artistic flair, is once again hosting its most provocative costumed event of the year: Cirque De Boudoir‘s Halloween party on Saturday night, October 28, at Théâtre Paradoxe.

Cirque De Boudoir

Nestled behind the massive wooden doors and stone façade of the century-old Notre-Dame-du-Perpétuel Secours church, the majestic Théâtre Paradoxe has been meticulously desecrated to host Montreal’s most hedonistic celebration.

Cirque De Boudoir

Steeped in history and dressed in mystery, this unique venue adds an eeriness that sets the stage for a night you won’t forget.

Cirque De Boudoir

Founded in 2006 by creative conspirators Davide LaPara (DJ Davidé) and Cora Attwood (VJ Bunnyguts), Cirque De Boudoir has become a trademark event for those in the know.

Cirque De Boudoir
Cirque De Boudoir co-founders Davidé and Bunnyguts

Expect to witness a tantalizing blend of lively fetish, burlesque and circus performances that stretch the imagination. With dancers, dazzling decor, and a crowd that defines the word ‘hot’, the atmosphere is set to sizzle.

Cirque De Boudoir
The Fire Furiads

From the moment you enter, your senses will be ensnared and uplifted by the breathtaking visuals of VJ Bunnyguts and pulsating rhythms of DJs Davidé, Diskommander and Kosmic Kitty that envelop the room.

Cirque De Boudoir
Felix Volatile

A playground for adult fantasies, hosted by the devilishly-charming Plastik Patrik; the party will feature eye-popping exclusive live stage spectacles by talented performers, such as Fire Furiads, Hellhound Harlots, Kosmic Kitty, Natasha Nebula and many more.

Cirque De Boudoir
The Fire Furiads

What’s a Halloween party without a theme? After opening the Gates of Hell last October, this year’s edition dives deeper into the HELLSCAPE. The smoldering motif will guide the mood, the decor, the visuals, the performances, and, most importantly, your outfit. Inspiration awaits those who dare to explore.

Cirque De Boudoir

A word of warning to the curious and the adventurous: tickets sell out every single year. Secure your entry to this world of decadence and desire by getting your tickets as soon as possible. And don’t forget to prepare your most extreme outfit; after all, this is an event that glorifies the extravagant.

Cirque De Boudoir
Val Vampyre

Cirque De Boudoir isn’t merely about entertainment; it’s about creating a community. A safe haven where adults of all sexual orientations can express themselves openly, without fear of judgment. Freedom, expression, and respect are at the core of this party.

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Cirque De Boudoir

Montreal’s kinkiest, freakiest, sexiest fetish Halloween event awaits you. Let Cirque De Boudoir take you on a trip where normal is a distant memory, and ecstasy is just a dance move away. Unleash your inhibitions, embrace the night, and let the freaks show you how Halloween is meant to be celebrated.

Cirque De Boudoir

About Cirque De Boudoir Halloween 2023

Date and Time: Saturday, October 28, from 9PM to 3AM
Location: Théâtre Paradoxe | 5959 Boulevard Monk, Montréal, QC H4E 3H5

Available for purchase only online:
General Admission: Between $60 and $80
VIP Admission: Between $80 and 125$
VIP Table Reservations:

Dress code: Dress to impress. Fetish-themed costumes are socially rewarded. No entry if you are wearing regular street clothes unless you are all in black at the very least
Code of conduct: No touching without consent. Always ask permission
Photo policy: No photo or video allowed unless you are an accredited photographer

Facebook: CirqueDeBoudoir
Instagram: cirquedeboudoir
Pinterest: cirquedeboudoir

Featured image credit: © Jason Laboy Photography
Cirque De Boudoir
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