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Cirque De Boudoir BUNNY BALL 2024 Springs Up at Theatre Paradoxe

Cirque De Boudoir BUNNY BALL 2024 Springs Up at Theatre Paradoxe

Bunny Ball

Montreal’s thriving burlesque, circus and fetish scene is set to be invigorated this spring with the return of the much-anticipated Cirque De Boudoir‘s BUNNY BALL. Set for Saturday night, March 30, at the majestic Théâtre Paradoxe, this thematic kinky dress up event is a grand celebration of Easter with a naughty twist.

Bunny Ball

Cirque de Boudoir was born out of a conspiracy hatched in 2006 by Davide LaPara (DJ Davidé) and Cora Attwood (VJ Bunnyguts). The diabolical duo is taking things to another level by choosing an awe-inspiring church venue to host this year’s Bunny Ball. From 9 PM to 3 AM, attendees are invited to immerse themselves in a sacred sanctuary transformed into a hedonistic haven.

Cirque De Boudoir
Théâtre Paradoxe | © Jo Gorsky Photography

Like every year, the Bunny Ball is themed around the playful and versatile symbol of Easter — the bunny. Attendees are encouraged to dive deep into their closets and imaginations to embody their unique interpretations of bunnies, be they sweet and innocent or daring and provocative.

Bunny Ball
Miss Deadly Red | © Magic Owen Photography

As usual, this boundary-breaking event will expand its welcoming arms to include kitties, puppies, and unicorns, broadening the scope for creative self-expression.

Bunny Ball

With Plastik Patrik as the master of ceremonies, the night will offer a great lineup of live DJs – including Emiel Roché, Diskommander, and Uppercut – whose beats will reverberate through the sacred halls, accompanied by mesmerizing visuals that always entrance.

Bunny Ball
Dan Solstyx | © Jo Gorsky Photography

Gogo dancers, like the Hellbound Harlots, and a full roster of performers – including Dan Solstyx, DasKao, Flame Fatale, Goddess Ges, Golem ObsidianKissumi, Maggie Chan, Matt Ryan, Miss BehaveNatasha Nebula and more – are set to ignite the stage, ensuring that the energy remains high and the spectacle, unforgettable.

Bunny Ball
Audrey Absinthe & Pastel Trashy | © Caleb Taylor Photography

But what’s a ball without its attendees dressed to impress? The dress code is strict but exciting: full fetish or themed costume, pushing guests to explore the boundaries of their creativity. For those seeking inspiration, the Cirque De Boudoir team has curated a collection of bunny-themed images on their official Pinterest page to help you make sure your outrageous getup is the perfect fit.

Bunny Ball

As tickets for this event are highly coveted, and sales are final, prospective attendees are encouraged to secure their spots well in advance; all of which emphasizes the exclusivity and demand for this unusual spring celebration. This adults-only playground is a sandbox full of opportunities to explore and express one’s kinky and fetish interests in a safe, welcoming, and extravagantly fun environment.

Bunny Ball

In one of the most impressive church venues of Montreal, a city celebrated for its openness and vibrant nightlife, the Bunny Ball stands out as a beacon for the kink and fetish community. It will usher a night where the Easter spirit is celebrated with a twist that’s as liberating as it is risqué.

Bunny Ball

So, whether you’re a seasoned attendee of Cirque De Boudoir’s events or a curious newcomer ready to dive into the deep end of kink and fetish debauchery, Bunny Ball 2024 is your invitation to unleash your inner animal desires in the most spectacular way.

Bunny Ball
Natasha Nebula | © Marisa Parisella Photography

Dress to impress, let your imagination run wild, and prepare for an experience that will be etched in your memory long after the last dance.

Bunny Ball
Sara Sophisticated | © Caleb Taylor Photography

About Cirque De Boudoir Bunny Ball 2024

Date and Time: Saturday, March 30, from 9PM to 3AM
Location: Théâtre Paradoxe | 5959 Boulevard Monk, Montréal, QC H4E 3H5

Available for purchase only online:
General Admission: $57.31
VIP Admission: $79.67
VIP Table per person: $169.13
VIP Table Reservations:

Dress code: Sexy bunny, kitty, puppy or unicorn themed costume or black fetish outfit. For more guidelines, click
Code of conduct: No touching without consent. Always ask permission
Photo/video policy: No photo/video allowed unless you are an accredited photographer/videographer

Facebook: CirqueDeBoudoir
Instagram: cirquedeboudoir
Pinterest: cirquedeboudoir

Bunny Ball
Cirque De Boudoir co-founders Davidé and Bunnyguts
Featured image credit: Black Rabbit Mask by Nicolas Obery | Fantasmagorik®

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