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Chloe Lallouz | Deejay Darling Hits the Hot Spot at Igloofest 2024

Chloe Lallouz | Deejay Darling Hits the Hot Spot at Igloofest 2024


As the city of Montreal has fallen under the frosty spell of winter, a bomb is about to detonate and heat up the coldest music festival in the world. Chloe Lallouz, a Moroccan-Canadian DJ known for her eclectic taste and ability to blend a myriad of genres, is set to take over the Videotron Stage at the 16th edition of IGLOOFEST, in the Old Port of Montreal, on Saturday evening, February 10th.

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Born out of a life-long passion for music, Chloe Lallouz’s journey is a testament to her dedication and love for the art. Her sets are not just performances; they are musical odysseys that take the audience on a road trip through soundscapes filled with hip-hop, dancehall, reggaeton, dance, afrohouse, amapiano, and baile funk. This unique blend, enriched by her Moroccan heritage, creates a fresh and invigorating sound that resonates with listeners of all backgrounds.

Chloe’s talents have been celebrated at festivals and venues across the globe. Her ability to curate music tastefully and deliver exceptional sets has not only won her a loyal following but has also led her to collaborate with prestigious brands like Guru, NIKE, Sephora, and Yves Saint-Laurent. She has opened for international artists like Jack Harlow and Koffee and played at major after-party events for icons such as Drake.

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But Chloe’s vision goes beyond just music. She is an alchemist who seeks to merge music with fashion and art, creating immersive experiences that captivate all senses. Her collaboration with New York Fashion Week is a prime example of her multidimensional approach to creativity.

The Montreal music scene, known for its diversity and vibrancy, has embraced Chloe Lallouz as one of its own. Her performances, characterized by an infectious energy and a deep connection with her audience, have made her a sought-after name in the city’s bustling nightlife.

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Chloe Lallouz’s upcoming first performance at IGLOOFEST on Saturday evening, February 10, from 10PM to 11PM, on Afrotonik’s Videotron Stage, is a best-kept secret for music enthusiasts of her unique genre. She is set to transform the cold zone into a hot spot of sounds and cultures, reflecting the diverse fabric of Montreal itself.

Tickets for the party, which should definitely be put on everyone’s winter event calendar, are available at

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We were fortunate to sit down with Chloe Lallouz for a quick interview to get a more intimate portrait of this artist to watch for.

Hi Chloe! Tell us a bit about yourself. Where were you born? What are your roots?

My roots are Moroccan and Canadian but I’m from Montreal, born and raised. I was fortunate enough to travel a lot and live in Spain, Venezuela, New York, to name a few throughout the years; so I definitely feel like I’m a melting pot of a lot of different places I’ve lived and travelled to.

First performance at Igloofest! You must be so excited! How did this opportunity come about?

I am stoked! Igloofest is a staple in the city and such a fun way to celebrate in the cold winter months of Montreal. I was fortunate enough to be invited by my friends from the Afrotonik collective with whom I’ve already played a couple of sets. We have a really nice synergy so I love working with them. They throw these exceptional events with dancers and drum players. It’s a big vibe you have to be there to experience it!

What’s your favorite part about performing at music festivals like Igloofest?

I think for me a big part of the excitement is the exchange of energy with the crowd and the freedom to showcase my musical range, depth and creativity. Playing festival stages are fun because everybody is there to have a good time so the energy is already high. It allows me to be myself, prepare a full-on show – an audio visual experience.

How do you curate your setlist for an event like Igloofest to keep the audience energized and dancing in the cold weather?

I love curating high-energy sets, 120 bpm and better to get them moving and shaking. I think a good balance between new music and nostalgic tracks that get the crowd singing is a great way to keep people engaged and locked into what I’m playing. I’m known for my genre-fluid sets, so there’s always a little something that everyone can connect to.

Igloofest is known for its unique outdoor winter setting. What is the key word for a successful sub-zero performance?

Calor, calor, calor! Haha! We gotta get them dancing and moving throughout the whole performance so much so that they don’t even feel the cold!

Igloofest is famous for its extravagant winter fashion. Do you plan on wearing a special winter outfit or accessory during your performances there?

I was waiting for this question! One of my favourite parts about this kind of performance is wardrobe, hon-eyyyyy. Of course I have the cutest outfit lined up. I won’t describe it completely but I’m going for après-ski chic, a lot of (faux) fur and clean winter dewy makeup by one of my favourite makeup artists Chanel Valdez.

Many DJs have unique rituals or superstitions before going on stage. Do you have any pre-performance routines or rituals you follow?

I know this is funny but I hug everyone from my team before getting on stage (laughter), it’s like good luck hugs and I don’t feel ready to get on the stage until I’ve hugged everyone. I also bring a small piece of Palo Santo wood with me every time I get on stage and light it before I start. I guess it just makes me feel grounded and ready to go.

Although female DJs are quite common these days, do you still find it’s a struggle to get as much respect as your male colleagues and competitors?

I personally don’t like to victimize myself just because it’s a male dominating industry. As much as I’ve had a few off experiences, I’ve also had amazing ones and I have a handful of male colleagues in the industry I consider brothers that have helped me come up! However, as a female DJ, my experience is that we do have to work 10 times harder. We don’t get taken as seriously and (most) male DJs will say we only get booked on looks alone. At first it used to really bother me, but now I’ve learned to quiet the noise and focus on my craft + let the work speak for itself. You have to be so good they can’t ignore you!

Can you give us a sneak peek into any upcoming projects or collaborations you have in the pipeline for your fans to look forward to?

I have so much going on, especially in the summer months that I can’t mention just yet but, more international dates, more track production in the works. I also have my own audio visual project that I’ve been working on. I launched the first one in November 2023 and the next one is set for spring. It will be an audio visual set but I will be mixing on vinyl only. It will be live, not recorded and not shared online, by invite only.

Chloe Lallouz Links

Instagram: @chloelallouz
Soundcloud: chloe-lallouz
Tiktok: @chloelallouz
Youtube: @chloelallouz


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