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Celebrating 25 years of Digital Culture at the SAT

Celebrating 25 years of Digital Culture at the SAT

Celebrating 25 years of Digital Culture at the SAT 1

The Societé des Arts Technologiques (SAT) is celebrating its 25th birthday! For its anniversary, la SAT invites you to 5 days of festivities on its 4 floors, with immersive experiences and parties in the Satosphere Dome, exhibitions, installations, workshops, conferences and evenings on the rooftop terrace.

Since its creation in 1996, the SAT has been a laboratory open to all creative communities. It’s the only place in Montreal (and probably in the world) to bring together a Satosphere, a Metalab, a Campus, a concert hall, a café and a Culinary Lab. Come (re) discover the SAT and celebrate 25 years of digital culture!

It is hard to properly describe the SAT. Since 1996 it is a hotbed of innovation, curating cutting-edge exploration of the digital arts in all their forms. It is a launching pad for local artists who get the chance to explore & develop their craft using the latest technology.

While also showcasing the very best international artists who are pushing the boundaries of audio-visual performances. I still vividly remember how in 2003 my mind was blown there seeing British IDM genius SQUAREPUSHER perform live for the first time.

I myself was lucky enough perform there over a dozen times as part of the SAT Mix Sessions collective. I will never forget the experience of performing in the immersive Satosphere Dome on my birthday for Nuit Blanche! Surrounded by 360 degrees of video projections while my music was being played on 270 speakers in surround sound!

Of the many events planned for this week, here are some of the highlights. There will be performances by top international artists featuring the smooth house of LEE BURRIDGE & the dreamy minimal atmospheres of CHRISTIAN LOEFFLER.

Lee Burridge @ All Day I Dream
Lee Burridge @ All Day I Dream

While simultaneously there are two evenings lovingly curated by the SAT’s original Production & Programming Director Bruno Ricciardi-Rigault that features some of the best of Montreal’s local talent! The events of the terrace also include the culinary experimentation of the Foodlab so be sure to sample some of their delicious farm to table gastronomy!



16h-18h — sweet daddy luv
18h-19h30 — Cristobal Urbina
19h30-21h — Pfreud
21h-23h — Maüs

22h-00h — Mateo Murphy
00h-1h30 — Pheek
1h30-3h — Mighty Kat




16h-18h — Leëf
18h-19h30 — Gabriel Rei
19h30-21h — Donotstealmyname
21h-23h — Clickbait

22h-00h — The Fitness b2b Ledisko
00h-1h30 — Poirier
1h30-3h — Fred Everything

VJs: Melesul3 + Binocle

Immersive films

Celebrating 25 years of Digital Culture at the SAT 2
From the start, SAT has focused on experimentation, innovation, collaboration and artistic creativity.

On June 2nd they are showing a retrospective of three of the most innovative and popular films created for the SATOSPHERE DOME.

Six Mil Antennas” – Johnny Ranger & Manuel Chantre
A series of consecutive panoramas with a sci-fi sensibility that presents an ingenious mix of analog and digital material and opens the door to a set of parallel dimensions.

Tim” – Nicolas Noel Jodoin & Joel-Aimé Beauchamp
A film that meticulously juggles between narration and contemplation, coupled with attentive cinematography, takes the viewer on a quest for self and temporality.

Liquid Architecture” – Wiklow, Diagraf & Ewerkx
A hybrid architectural reverie between the real and the speculative, which offers neat and striking granular visuals in its celebration of the beauty of potential structures.

But that’s not all! There are plenty more events, conferences and workshops. To purchase tickets & for more info please consult the SAT website.

La SAT Fête Ses 25 Ans
Societé des Arts Technologiques
1201 St Laurent Blvd
Montreal, QC

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