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Best Montreal Cafés | Staff Picks of 10 Coffee Nooks 2022

Best Montreal Cafés | Staff Picks of 10 Coffee Nooks 2022

Best Montréal Cafés

What are the best Montreal Cafés? Well that depends on who is judging! Our staff represent over 21 gem hunters who gave us their picks… Montreal Cafés full of people are everywhere in this city. Tired of circling the same ones everyone else goes to? Not finding a spot and being unable to hear your own thoughts is sure to ruin your café experience. Looking for a new study spot? A place to catch up with friends over a good cup of coffee? Well, you’re in luck! Montreal has tons of amazing secret cafés courtesy of our Best Kept MTL team!

Most well-known spots can be loud and crowded. Check out these more tucked away spots for a cozy, calm atmosphere. Great coffee, pastries, and cozy, instagramable photos await you! You may just discover your new favourite café ready to feed your caffeine addiction. 

Here are 10 somewhat hidden cafés or places to pick up a coffee-to-go that are among the staff faves for Best Montreal Cafés Summer 2022.

1. Le Beau Marché

Best Montreal Cafés - Le beau marche
Psst! For less than $9 you can grab a half  traditional Parisian style baguette with classic ham, butter, dijon and pickle!

Hidden inside well ordered rows of refined produce, is a high quality Espresso with beans from torréfacteur Rico (Le Mont-Royal & Gran Cremoso being my fave 2) + a rich buttery and genourously sized Croissant from Mamie Clafoutis for just over $5. What can a local find here? Everything you would want for an EPIC charcuterie board to impress guests or emergency eggs, milk… they also have lots of rare and made in Quebec gems like special honey and meals-on-the-go.

2. Olympico within the William Gray Hotel

Café-Olimpico-Best Montreal Cafés - William Gray
Look At that cloud of coffee foam! On the beautiful stone bar of the William Gray Hotel!

On perhaps the most romantic street in the Old Port (St-Amable lane). Adorned with vines and magical lighting, is a MTL Italian staple since the 1970s: classic Olympico. While, we generally dislike chains, this one has the best espresso period. Always has, always will. Go for the best espresso, stick around for the Ragazzi chatter!

3. La Croissanterie Figaro

Best Montreal Cafés -La Croissanterie Figaro
La Croissanterie Figaro, 5200 Hutchison St. Outremont

French-inspired decor accompanied with everything from alcoholic beverages to salads, sandwiches, and coffee, this café is a must for tourists and Montrealer’s alike. A much-beloved spot located in Outremont, La Croissanterie Figaro, is definitely many Montrealer’s favourite spot. Rich, tasty croissants, and good coffee in a cozy atmosphere is the perfect combination to make your café experience extra special.

4. Humble Lion

best Montreal Cafés- Humble Lion
1204 McGill College Ave & 904 Sherbrooke St W, Montreal

Beautifully decorated with a modern atmosphere and comfortable seating, this coffee shop is also useful for friendly gatherings. Looking to pick up a quick cup of coffee before you go about your day? Humble Lion is an ideal little spot to get your daily dose of energy. Supporting smaller cafés right now is very important. Getting your daily cup of coffee from a smaller chain will surely be appreciated. 

5. Leaves House (Montagne)

best Montreal cafés - leaves cafe - vegan
2051 Rue de la Montagne & 1800 Avenue McGill College RDC-A, Montreal

A cute vegan cafe to visit is LEAVES HOUSE (Montagne). Vegan matcha, vegan milk, vegan snacks, this cafe takes pride in the fact that it’s 100% free of any animal products! More than just drinks, they also sell all kinds of little knick-knacks, clothes, plants, and different types of plant-based milk. Vegans, and non-vegans, this place is environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and has a seriously addicting menu.

6. Esquina

best Montreal cafés Esquina, photo courtesy Hot New Montreal Cafés - Eater Montreal
Esquina, bar à café – 4526 Papineau, Montreal, Quebec

Café Esquina offers simple vegan cuisine and sources its coffee from Toronto’s Pilot Coffee Roasters! Looking for a more European vibe? Esquina (which means ”corner” in Spanish) is a bright café with a plentiful menu and definitely a great place to drop by if you’re looking for a new coffee spot to explore. 

7. Cafecito

best Montreal cafés - cafecito
Escape the everyday in this charming revamped garage!

Cafecito came to life after a trip to Little Havana, Miami. The interior was designed to recreate the charm of Havana, a daily escape where time seems to stop. With impressive Cuban style coffee behind a garage door, this place has a lot of uplifting decor in a small space. Tucked away on Prince street between Old Montreal and Griffintown, this place comes as a pleasant surprise to many. To note, they were one of the first places to implement big pink socially distancing stickers right on the sidewalk. Go say HOLA they are friendly!

8. Le Falco

best Montreal Cafés - Le falco photo courtesy of TASTET
Le Falco, 5605 Gaspe Ave

A spacious, sunny warehouse complete with couches and hanging bicycles, Le Falco is everything a cafe should be. This one of a kind coffee shop offers exceptional coffee along with some Japanese cuisine. If you want a really cool, unique experience, Le Falco is the place to go. Instead of traditional coffee machines, this café serves siphon coffee, popular in Japan. Combine your favourite Japanese foods with coffee! It honestly sounds too good to be true.

9. Café Aunja

Montreal cafes that are conducive to studying: West of campus edition | The McGill Tribune
Aunja, a Persian Paradise serving Sherbats, open from Monday to Sunday,10 AM to 10 PM @ 1448 Sherbrooke

Brick walls and a plentiful menu make this Persian Sherbrooke café a great place to catch up with friends. Comfort food including sandwiches, salads, and different deserts like Iranian pastries are offered in this rustic coffee spot. The Snowman’s Kiss definitely sounds like a drink worth experiencing. Comfort food including sandwiches, salads, and different deserts like Iranian pastries are offered in this rustic coffee spot. Coffee, tea, and special drinks like Snowman’s Kiss, Persian Paradise, and Sherbats are also served.

best Montreal Cafés - Cafe nocturne
Want chillaxing? You go it! (photo courtesy of their instagram).

10.  Cafe Nocturne

This one has a hidden Patio hello! It is small and unique and services great coffee. The decor is rustic and slightly vintage and long tables showcase a communal tribe of plateau vibes. Check it out!

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