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C2 Montreal | Transformative Networking For The Future

C2 Montreal | Transformative Networking For The Future

C2 Montreal | Transformative Networking For The Future 1

In a world overflowing with events and conferences, C2 Montreal still stands apart as the premier international business event in Montreal. More than a mere business networking conference, it is at its core, a unique experience that can transform how you see the world and your place in it. Now in its seventh year, 2018 will continue to deliver on its commitment of presenting the transformative ideas that are shaping our future.

C2 MTL is the brainchild of ad agency Sid Lee and performing dreamscape creator Cirque du Soleil. For the uninitiated, C2 stands for Commerce and Creativity and serves as the guiding vision for the 3-day immersive conference attended by 5,000 top executives and creative souls from around the world.

C2 Montreal | Transformative Networking For The Future 2
C2 MTL, conceived by Sid Lee and Cirque du Soleil, merges Commerce and Creativity in a 3-day immersive conference for 5,000 global executives and creatives.

For 2018, C2 brings you the concept of Transformative Collisions. At its very core, C2 is the collision between creativity and commerce. It now takes that founding principal to another level where it embraces the inevitable change that will result from such a collision not as a haphazard and unpredictable chain reaction, but rather as a necessity to the world that can now be focused and controlled.

Snoop Dogg
How Snoop Dogg fits into this concept as this year’s celebrity speaker is a mystery we are all looking forward to unearthing.

This level of experiences carries with it a commensurate price tag at $2,995 per ticket and has been sold out for some time. For those looking to experiencing a slice of the event, you are in luck. The closing party, Illumination Night, is open to the public and features 25 dueling musicians in an epic Battle of the Bands, followed by DJ James Murphy, and more musical acts to be announced. Tickets to the closing party can be purchased for $95 here. The 3-day event and closing party are taking place at Arsenal and runs from May 23rd to the 25th. Best Kept MTL will be posting daily recaps of the main attractions taking place. Stay tuned!

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