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Beauty Buzz | 9 Products You’ll LOVE For That Summer Glow

Beauty Buzz | 9 Products You’ll LOVE For That Summer Glow

Best bronzers 2022

Beauty Buzz is here, we got you covered, and we’re going to show you 9 amazing products to get that summer glow!

Summer is a time when we want that extra golden glow to our skin, that sign of spending time outdoors, relaxing, enjoying the rays of the sun and building a tan.

Because of the importance of sun care and sun protection, many of us who were spending hours gilding in the sun, have since moved onto protecting our complexions with sunscreen.

This usually means that though we may have radiant healthy skin, we do not benefit from the sun-kissed glow that comes from tanning; thus, the incredible popularity of bronzers and illuminators to help us achieve, dewy, reflective, golden complexions, without damaging our skins with the sun’s harsh rays.

To get that ever elusive golden glow, we spend time applying darker creams and powders on our complexions to deepen the coloration of our skin temporarily to give us that golden glow, without the sun damage.

Bronzers are ideal products for this and can be used to do shading as well, in cream formats you will often find them in a bullet or stick format, whereas if they are powder bronzers, they will likely be in a pressed-powder compact.

Highlighters are great tools for illuminating the complexion, they come in a wide variety of formats, different textures such as; cream, liquid, powder. Some highlighters have finely pressed shimmer, others contain multi chromatic pigments or glitter, so you can find not only a wide variety of formats and colors but finishes for the skin as well.

Bronzers and highlighters work magically well together, the highlighter can be used to bring forward the most prominent features such as cheekbones, apples of the cheek, forehead, bridge of the nose, cupid’s bow, chin, brow bone, whereas bronzers are usually swept across the face lightly, and concentrated in the sculpted and shaded areas of the face, like the temples, forehead, across the bridge of the nose, under cheekbones and under the jaw.

I like calling it the bronze and glow, it’s such a winning combination , it enhances everyone you apply these techniques too, as long as you are texture appropriate it’s a natural choice to enhance anyone’s features.

A bronzer that will make you smile!

The Made for Shade Bronze & Sculpt Trio Palette by ONE\SIZE by Patrick Starr is a beautifully pigmented bronzing powder trio that layers well, building up to a rich color.

The Made for Shade Bronze & Sculpt Trio Palette by ONE\SIZE by Patrick Starr comes in 6 different shade selections, each featuring 3 colors , from fairest to deepest , allowing for you to continue to deepen during the summer and still have a bronzer that works for you.

Beauty Buzz | 9 Products You'll LOVE For That Summer Glow 1
This bronzing powder is sure to make you smile! Photo courtesy of ONE\SIZE by Patrick Starr.

The Made for Shade Bronze & Sculpt Trio Palette by ONE\SIZE by Patrick Starr can be used for shading the face and stays in place for long periods of time. The highly pigmented and finely milled powder is easy to apply with a fluffier brush that will allow you to buff the product out and blend it onto the skin.

The compact for the Made for Shade Bronze & Sculpt Trio Palette by ONE\SIZE by Patrick Starr is a reflective, red metallic plastic that has a great weight to it, the way the compact closes and clasps, is a thing of beauty and once again displays brilliant packaging, meant to stand out and facilitate access to the bronzer.

A definite stand out in any makeup collection, the Made for Shade Bronze & Sculpt Trio Palette by ONE\SIZE by Patrick Starr will not only give you that bronzed look, it will be a fun product to play with as it has a whimsical side to it.

High performance, fun-inspired makeup, who could ask for anything more?

A highlighter that’s always on key!

I keep on falling in love with everything this woman does! Key’s Soulcare, the beauty line by Alicia Keys that was created with board-certified dermatologist Dr. Renée Snyder, is currently available in Canada in Sephora stores as well as online.

Key’s Soulcare has recently begun releasing its first makeup products and the Gleam On Highlighting Balm is the perfect pot, that hits the right spot to give you a glow, you can use anywhere on your face.

Beauty Buzz | 9 Products You'll LOVE For That Summer Glow 2
A balm to highlight how truly radiant you are. Photo courtesy of Key’s Soulcare.

The Gleam On Highlighting Balm by Key’s Soulcare is fragrance-free and has very refined particles of glitter in it, you can layer the product for a more intense shine and also wear it in a subtle manner. I also found that the Gleam On Highlighting Balm is hydrating, true to it being a balm, it keeps that area of the skin well hydrated, as it creates an occlusive barrier to seal in moisture.

I have no doubt that you will love the Gleam On Highlighting Balm by Key’s Soulcare and that you will let yourself shine fully as you glisten and glow to your heart’s content.

Bronze and glow sticks, so cute it almost hurts!

I love cream products when it comes to blending them onto the skin, creams have a way of melding with the skin and creating a harmonious texture that is easy to spread and blend and can look glorious on the canvas of the skin.

I tested the whole collection of the Pixi On-the-Glow Bronze and instantly loved how playful, quick, and easy it was for me to create a complete glowy look on my skin in a matter of minutes.

Beauty Buzz | 9 Products You'll LOVE For That Summer Glow 3
A quick, playful and easy bronze, blush, glow and go! Photo courtesy of Pixi.

The Pixi On-the-Glow Bronze comes in four different shades, all the products can be used on the face, cheeks and even lips, they blend beautifully and can be used in concert or alone.

The color is build-able and has lovely, reflective particles within it to maximize the glowy appearance on the skin. The fairer shades worked well for me as blush and highlighter, with the two darkest shades of the Pixi On-the-Glow Bronze, I used as bronzer and contour.

The flat angles of the product make it easy to swipe across the face for broader color application, or they can be used sideways to create more structured lines for areas such as the jawline or the cheekbones or temples of the face.

I was super impressed by the ease with which I could create a complete face look with the Pixi On-the-Glow Bronze, and tickled pink by the playful nature of the actual packaging itself. The Pixi On-the-Glow Bronze is a fun and playful way to create a perfect-for-summer complexion in a matter of minutes.

A great matte bronzer that’s easy to find!

NYX Professional Makeup continues to impress with the line-up of incredible products it curates in its collection of professional grade, low-cost makeup.

The Matte Bronzer I tried this year was another stand out. The finely milled powder is easy to layer on the skin, it applies evenly, without streaking or patching, allowing for a controlled application of the bronzer.

Beauty Buzz | 9 Products You'll LOVE For That Summer Glow 4
Great quality bronzing powder that won’t break the bank! Photo courtesy of NYX Professional Makeup.

The Matte Bronzer by NYX Professional Makeup comes in a sleek, sturdy black compact, making it perfect for on-the-go touch-ups and a perfect tool to deepen the complexion, sharpen your features as a shader and use the compact for access to touch-ups anywhere, anytime.

The NYX Professional Makeup Matte Bronzer is ideal for those who prefer a matte bronzer that applies evenly without being too warm. This compact is easily available at any local pharmacy, making the Matte Bronzer a sure bet, that’s easy to find and use.

The highlighting palette of your dreams!

The Lightwork Highlighting Palette Volume I and II by Danessa Myricks Beauty, are some of the most beautiful, cream, highlighting palettes I have ever seen , and used, in my life.

The highlighting creams are richly pigmented, give incredible reflection and can easily be added on top of powder finishes, used as bases for eye-shadows or even underpainting techniques for the face; to make the luminosity come from within.

The Lightwork Highlighting Palette Volume I and II by Danessa Myricks Beauty each come in a six-pan palette featuring a selection of colors that work well together, singularly, or as under layers for highly reflective pigment payoff.

Beauty Buzz | 9 Products You'll LOVE For That Summer Glow 5
Six stellar shades to make your skin glow supernova! Photo courtesy of Danessa Myricks Beauty.

This is a versatile tool that will help any skin tone achieve its desired reflective texture. The creams are very metallic with a fine glitter, the cream-to-powder texture of the the Lightwork Highlighting Palette Volume I and II by Danessa Myricks Beauty is quite impressive and feels comfortable on the skin itself, once applied.

The Lightwork Highlighting Palette Volume I and II by Danessa Myricks Beauty comes in a sleek, elegant, black, embossed palette and is highly chic. This is a makeup artist’s dream come true for glow and your best friend if you love to shine!

Golden goddess luxury bronzing duo!

Montreal brand Watier released its Havana Baked Bronzing Powder, last spring, in time for summer. This luxurious, oversized compact contains a beautiful pearlescent bronzer that layers a shimmery golden glow over the complexion.

Beauty Buzz | 9 Products You'll LOVE For That Summer Glow 6
This luxury bronzing powder will make you glow! Photo courtesy of Watier.

The Havana Baked Bronzing Powder is also accompanied by the Havana Bronzing Powder Brush, which is an elegant, large-sized , angled, face brush, that is vegan and cruelty-free. The handle of the Havana Bronzing Powder Brush features a similar animal print on it, like the compact of the Havana Baked Bronzing Powder by Watier.

Beauty Buzz | 9 Products You'll LOVE For That Summer Glow 7
This dense, luxurious vegan brush will spread your bronzing powder effortlessly. Photo courtesy of Watier.

Both the Havana Baked Bronzing Powder and the Havana Bronzing Powder Brush are exquisite collection pieces that bring an elegance and ease to warming up the complexion of the face, décolleté and body.

This trio brings the glow to another level

If you love a powder highlighter that illuminates you to the heavens, then I have a suggestion for you; the MAC Cosmetics Hyper Real Glow Palette will give you the supercharged luminous pay-off you are looking for.

There are two different MAC Cosmetics Hyper Real Glow Palettes, each comes with three different shades of this easy to use and blend, cream-to-powder formula; one palette offers a trio of pinks to choose from; the other a selection of golden shades.

Beauty Buzz | 9 Products You'll LOVE For That Summer Glow 8
I’m not real, I’m hyper real! Glow that keeps on glowing. Photo courtesy of MAC Cosmetics.

The MAC Cosmetics Hyper Real Glow Palette packs a punch and I find it is best used with a light brush to layer the product evenly, this is a highly and densely packed pigment with incredible reflective capabilities, a little of this product goes a long way, dab it lightly if you want to wear it more subtly.

The MAC Cosmetics Hyper Real Glow Palette is one of the best highlighting powder formulas on the market today, it gives a glow unlike anything else I have tried and is easy to apply on the skin with a brush.

 A perfect stick to shade you

For those of you that love using cream products for bronzing, but you don’t want any shimmer in your bronzer, I highly recommend the Lartizty Cosmetics Shade Stix, you can read all my thoughts about it, here.

Beauty Buzz | 9 Products You'll LOVE For That Summer Glow 9
My favorite cream shading stick. Carve me up darling! Photo courtesy of Laritzy Cosmetics.

Takes up the space of a lipstick and packs the power of a shader! Let me just disappear to the powder room and accentuate my cheekbones a little more honey.

Cinema secrets to shine like a star!

RCMA Makeup is a Hollywood makeup secret that has finally opened its doors and products to the world at large. RCMA stands for the Research Coucil for Makeup Artists, an exclusive company created by the legendary Hollywood, pioneer makeup artist, Vincent JR Kehoe.

I was lucky enough to recieve the lovely highlighting set from RCMA Makeup, the Illuminating Sticks.

Beauty Buzz | 9 Products You'll LOVE For That Summer Glow 10
The perfect highlighting trio for that red carpet glow! Photo courtesy of RCMA Makeup.

The RCMA Makeup Illuminating Sticks come in a pack of 3 bullet-shaped, cream highlighters, in different shades with a glorious metallic finish.

The RCMA Makeup Illuminating Sticks are great products to highlight the skin quickly and in precise areas and blend well onto the skin, the 3 colors are Champagne, Rose and Bourbon.

Each of the RCMA Makeup Illuminating Sticks are travel friendly and contain a cream that features a fine level of shimmer that looks metallic versus glittery and can be worn alone, over foundation or blended under the foundation as well.

An easy, on-the-go option to brighten up your skin and shine like a star of the silver screen.

And this selection I am showcasing is but a fraction of the incredible products on the market for getting the golden goddess look and reflecting like a bronzed statue.

A simple last tip to share when it comes to makeup, less is sometimes more, when you know your face well, taking shortcuts and applying higher intensities of pigmentation and blending it out is great.

However, when working with products for the first time, start with a little then build up your layers to get the desired intensity, with makeup there is one universal rule; it’s always easier to add on more product then to remove layers.

On that golden note, get safely bronzed and stay beautiful!


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