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Beauty Buzz for June | Saint-Jean Edition with Pravi Natural Cosmetics

Beauty Buzz for June | Saint-Jean Edition with Pravi Natural Cosmetics

Beauty Buzz for June | Saint-Jean Edition with Pravi Natural Cosmetics 1

Beauty Buzz bids you welcome, for June 2022, for our edition featuring Pravi Natural Cosmetics and Quebec beauty brands in exclusivity, in honor of our upcoming holiday, Saint-Jean Baptiste.

It’s easy to forget how many incredible Quebec-based, beauty companies exist, and we often gravitate, unnecessarily towards products made elsewhere, when we could be encouraging our local economy more.

Our beautiful province is filled with abundant, natural resources, many of which, the companies featured in this article, will use in their products with incredible beneficial effects for the skin, both on the short-term and long-term.

Over the last few years, as supply chains get disrupted, there is comfort in knowing that we can produce amazing cosmetic products in our own, beautiful province that can ease, soothe, nourish, and enhance our natural beauty.

Allow me to introduce you or refamiliarize you with several Quebecois brands that are sure to delight you with their products, perfect for summer.

Pravi Natural Cosmetics are eco-certified and of impressive quality!

Every so often, I get the incredibly good fortune of discovering a gem of a beauty brand, still undiscovered by myself, that produces ethically and locally sourced, eco-certified products, locally made in our beautiful province of Quebec; and I could not be happier for this discovery.

Pravi Natural Cosmetics is a local beauty company that creates organic-grade, locally sourced, eco-certified by the Government of Quebec, beauty products and self-care products for the entire family.

I have already mentioned their wonderful Daily Moisturizer for Normal to Combination Skin here, in my recent moisturizers for summer story.

Instead, I will introduce you to three of their other products I adore, that are great for cleansing and nourishing the skin; it’s time to dive into these new products together.

Now, I must admit, I love cleaning my face and I do so twice a day and, in the evening, I enjoy the full benefits of a double-cleanse. To double-cleanse, I always prefer a softer cleanser to begin, something that is gentle and dislodges any dirt and impurities without being abrasive or harsh on the skin.

Therefore, I am completely in love with the Cleansing Lotion from Pravi Natural Cosmetics, this gentle milk cleanser is excellent for removing impurities and cleansing the skin as it calms and soothes it with its impressive formulation featuring Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice and Rose Damascena Flower Water; both featuring soothing qualities for the skin.

Beauty Buzz for June | Saint-Jean Edition with Pravi Natural Cosmetics 2
THe perfect gentle cleanser, safe for eyes as well! Photo courtesy of Pravi Natural Cosmetics.

The Cleansing Lotion is gentle and effective on the skin, it feels very hydrating, rinses easily from the skin and leaves the skin feeling fresh without feeling stripped in any way. The skin is supple and fresh once cleansed and ready to absorb any treatment or moisturizing care, post face-wash.

Many of the ingredients in the Pravi Natural Cosmetics products are certified organic by Québec Vrai, by mixing the best that science can offer in skincare, with high-level, organic-certified ingredients, Pravi Natural Cosmetics is creating products that feature the brilliance of science’s advancements in the field of skincare and balancing their products, with time-tested and proven, natural ingredients.

The first product I ever tried, is still one of my favorites from Pravi Natural Cosmetics, it is the Vitality Serum. The Vitality Serum is a lightweight, gel-texture serum that can be applied prior to your moisturizer. Featuring ice-wine extracts and Jojoba esters, mixed with proven active ingredients, this potent serum has great humectants and will help to moisturize the skin deeply from within, additionally providing a firming effect to tighten the skin.

Beauty Buzz for June | Saint-Jean Edition with Pravi Natural Cosmetics 3
This serum gives me life and keeps my skin radiant! Photo courtesy of Pravi Natural Cosmetics.

The Vitality Serum absorbs quickly and features a small percentage of Salicylic Acid, which is wonderful for exfoliating the pores and cleaning them out deeply. I found this serum to be incredibly refreshing and lightweight on my skin, which is always a plus in the summer months.

Another product from Pravi Natural Cosmetics that has seriously impressed me is the Hydra + Mist, a great facial mist to help boost hydration throughout the day or to improve your moisture levels prior to applying your daily moisturizer.

The Hydra + Mist combines humectants and Amino Acids with Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice and Rose Damascena Flower Water to create a facial mist that is nourishing and deeply hydrating for the skin.

Beauty Buzz for June | Saint-Jean Edition with Pravi Natural Cosmetics 4
Spritzing on that precious moisture! Photo courtesy of Pravi Natural Cosmetics.

Pro-tip for application, hold the bottle a good arm’s length from your face, as the pump is strong, I found this helped the product disperse more evenly on my skin.

Pravi Natural Cosmetics feel very pleasing on the skin, I recommend giving this brand a try, you will likely fall in love with the way your skin feels as you pay tribute to our Quebecois heritage.

Getting Golden and Glowing it up!

Let’s be real, it’s June, getting hotter out there and everyone wants just a little bit of color during the summer. There is nothing like that slightly sun-warmed glow on the skin, it heats up the complexion and brightens up the face.

The reality is that tanning is often dangerous for the skin in the long-term and is difficult to control, you can either get enough or go red from over-exposure and sunburn.

Therefore, bronzing products are always super popular during the summer months as they allow us to deepen our complexions without damaging our skins.

A creamy tanning stick!

The Shade Stix by Laritzy Cosmetics is technically a stick for shading and contouring; however, it can be used on the face to give a golden glow. Typically, most people will use a bronzer, around the face, accentuating the contour and jaw and temples, everywhere one would normally shade their face.

Beauty Buzz for June | Saint-Jean Edition with Pravi Natural Cosmetics 5
A creamy shading stick that can bronze or sculpt as desired! Photo courtesy of Lartizy Cosmetics.

A fun thing to do is to apply your Laritzy Shade Stix on your forehead, on the highest part of your cheekbone and lightly across the bridge or your nose. These areas are the places where the sun hits your face the most and would most logically be deeper with prolonged exposure to sunlight.

The Shade Stix is very creamy and blends supremely well on the skin, this can be achieved with your fingers, a brush, or a sponge, depending on your preference.

Also, an excellent choice if your skin is dryer and you don’t enjoy wearing powders, the Laritzy Shade Stix, will spread more evenly and will remain in place longer than any powder will alone. If your skin is oilier, you will likely want to set the Shade Stix with a pressed or loose powder of your choice.

Bronzer, blush and highlighter together!

A product that I recently tried that I think is a perfect summer product for fair to medium complexions is the Havana Glow Trio from Watier.

This sleek and effortlessly chic, compact trio features a warm bronzer, a gorgeous coral blush with a highlighting powder, all three powders in a satin finish.

Beauty Buzz for June | Saint-Jean Edition with Pravi Natural Cosmetics 6
Beyond gorgeous compact with a useful summer glow trio! Photo courtesy of Watier.

The colors are buildable and can be worn individually or blended as preferred. An excellent complexion tool to warm up the skin and give it that summer warmth that makes the skin look healthy and alive.

Watier’s products have been guiding beauty standards in Quebec for decades and it is fitting to see such an established brand doing so well. The Havana Glow Trio is another example of the excellence of this makeup and skincare brand, I highly recommend picking this trio up.

A creamy, powder highliter that is perfect for summer!

A product I find essential for summer is a highlighter, whether cream, liquid or powder, a highlighter is a wonderful tool to help to bring sheen and glow to skin, make it look more alive and accentuate features such as cheekbones, cleavage, clavicles, for example.

Annabelle Cosmetics, another Montreal beauty staple since 1967, has an amazing powder highlighter, the Perfect Glow Highlighter. The Perfect Glow Highlighter by Annabelle comes in three shades and is a creamy powder that spreads beautifully on the skin. The shimmer isn’t too glittery which gives this product a softer feel and helps it build up to desired effects of luminosity.

Beauty Buzz for June | Saint-Jean Edition with Pravi Natural Cosmetics 7
A perfect summer glow, everytime you apply this powder! Photo courtesy of Annabelle Cosmetics.

The perfect places for applying highlighter are the following: the forehead, the brow bone,the highest point of your cheekbones, sometimes the apple of your cheeks and a little on the top of your lips and possibly your chin. Try adding some highlighter on your chest and arms and shoulders before going out in the evening for the Hollywood starlet sun-kissed look.

The Perfect Glow Highlighter can be applied with a sponge, even fingers, however a brush will always give you a higher precision and control of the product and allow for more specific application.

Annabelle Cosmetics make great products and if you are newer to makeup, their formulas are easy to work with and apply. The Perfect Glow Highlighter is a great summer tool if you want to maximize your summer glow and shine like a star all day and all night long!

A MUA (Make-Up-Artist) you can trust with your special event

Once June arrives, one thing is certain, the events outdoors begin to multiply and things like parties and weddings start to pop up on our calendar and require a little extra attention.

Any event worth attending is being filmed and photographed continually and the pressure to look good for the duration of the event is on.

Now to help compliment your event, there is nothing better than a personalized makeup application, where the artist adapts your needs with your features and enhances you, making you feel your best and shine with confidence at your event with your friends, colleagues, and family.

Beauty Buzz for June | Saint-Jean Edition with Pravi Natural Cosmetics 8
The artist herself, hard at work on a beautiful makeup. Photo courtesy of Gabbie McGuire.

An excellent makeup artist I can recommend is Gabbie McGuire, you can find the link to her website here. Gabbie has been doing makeup for years and has accumulated valuable, professional experience.

Gabbie has a very clean application style and can easily adapt to the various needs of performance your makeup might require for your event.

Never underestimate the magic of a professional application, there is a reason why makeup artists are in such high demand, they have mastered techniques to improve your features that take time to master, and they can apply them quickly and rapidly and make the effects last for a long time.

I mean anyone can cook a simple meal at home, there is a reason why you eat out or order in, you want to experience something you cannot do yourself; quality makeup looks are the same.

Support your local beauty artists and brands!

June is a great month to celebrate the amazing Quebequoi beauty artists and the innovative local brands, we are blessed to have in our beautiful province.

There is a reassurance in supporting local brands, a knowledge that you are stimulating our local economy and that helps to enrichen our province and its citizens.

During my time working in the beauty industry, I have had the incredible opportunity of meeting dedicated and passionate people in our province; striving and working hard to innovate and bring the best products and services to their clientele, and that is always a beautiful thing to see and even more delightful to experience.

I hope you enjoy my Saint-Jean Baptiste selection, enjoy your celebrations to celebrate our beautiful province as you stay beautiful!



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