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Beauty Buzz | 7 suggestions for fuller lips

Beauty Buzz | 7 suggestions for fuller lips

Beauty Buzz | 7 suggestions for fuller lips 1

Beauty Buzz has 7 suggestions for you to get fuller lips in a flash, because our lips can get parched and we need them in shape for important things, like kissing.

To help you get your pucker ready for a good smooching, please allow me to suggest a few wonders of the beauty world, I have discovered, to soften up your lips and make those lips of yours as lush and plush as can be.

A collection of balms, scrubs, creams, and other such wonders for your lips awaits, read on dear reader, soft and full lips are within reach yet.

A cherry blossom lip repair to cushion and glisten your pout

fuller lips
This lip repair will come and rescue your lips and make them feel smooth again! Photo courtesy of boscia.

boscia is a skincare brand that I first tried years ago, I have been blessed to discover more of their products of late and the Cherry Blossom and Bakuchiol Resurfacing Lip Repair was an unexpected stand-out among their impressive products.

The Cherry Blossom and Bakuchiol Resurfacing Lip Repair glides effortlessly on the lip and coats the lip occlusively with a moisturizing coat of a hydrating balm, that deeply repairs the damage that happens to our lip, with the passage of time.

I loved how smooth and flush my lips felt when I wore this product, I also found that the Cherry Blossom and Bakuchiol Resurfacing Lip Repair fades nicely from the lip and is effortless to reapply. This product is always on my person and boscia has a new admirer with me, as this product makes my lips look their best whenever I apply it.

My first ever lip mask

fuller lips
This purple wonder contains a great night lip mask, you won’t regret it! Photo courtesy of Milk Makeup.

I first tried the Milk Makeup Melatonin Overnight Lip Mask a few years ago and I loved how fresh my lips felt in the morning after having worn the mask overnight.

The Milk Makeup Melatonin Overnight Lip Mask is a thick, glossy, mask that you can coat your lips with before going to bed, it works overnight to moisturize your lips and seal the moisture and lock that precious hydration in your lips.

I also use this lip mask when I do a face mask before going out, I find wiping it off with a damp cloth is best, yet again, this lip mask really seals in the moisture.

A lip cream that will bring life back to your lips

fuller lips
Two pumps of this cream a day will soften your lips in no time! Photo courtesy of Marcelle Cosmetics.

The Marcelle Cosmetics New Age Precision Eye + Lip Contour Cream is a great cream that absorbs rapidly and helps to deeply hydrate the lip. Unlike most lip balms and masks this product is truly a moisturizer and it is easily absorbed into the lip, leaving a slight tingly feeling, as it hydrates the deeper layers of the lip.

A Montreal-based company, Marcelle Cosmetics is readily available , which means that the miracle solution that the New Age Precision Eye + Lip Contour Cream offers is available at your nearest pharmacy or drug store.

Pro-tip, seal that moisture in with a good coating of a thicker, oilier balm on top as it will lock that additional moisture in for a longer period.

A scrub to polish you pucker

fuller lips
This lip exfoliant will scrub away any flaky skin on your lips and it tastes like candy. Photo courtesy of MAC Cosmetics.

MAC Cosmetics is a leader and pioneer in the lip category in beauty and the Lip Scrubtious is an excellent addition to their stellar and diverse lineup of lip products.

The Lip Scrubtious is a perfect exfoliant for the lips, a sugar-based scrub that is coated in a luxurious balm, that never allows the exfoliation process on your lips to strip your lips of their natural moisture barriers.

I love using the scrub and gently rubbing in circular motions and wiping the scrub off with a wet washcloth. The Lip Scubtious is a quick, must-have solution for dry, parched, and flaky lips,  to get your lips primed and smooth, ideal for kissing or applying a color to the lip.

A hint of flush for your lips

fuller lips
Spread this over your lips for a little more flush to your pout. Photo courtesy of Watier.

Watier have one of my favorite products to cheat an extra flush of color to your lips and maintain the hydration at the same time.

The Magic Lip Color Enhancer by Watier is a an excellent balm to moisten and hydrate your lips, it’s soft jelly applies quickly to the lips and deposits a soft, cherry flush to the lips that naturally enhances your existing lip color.

The color of the Magic Lip Color Enhancer by Watier is a sheer, effortless, rosy color and it gives you that perfect flush and gloss boost to make your lips look a little fuller, and juicer than before.

My latest lip mask

fuller lips
This Canadian lip mask is sure to hydrate your lips overnight! Photo courtesy of belif.

I recently discovered the Canadian brand belif and I have been loving their products since they arrived a few weeks ago. I was hoping for a new lip mask and I was so thrilled to try out the Aqua Bomb Overnight Lip Mask.

The Aqua Bomb Overnight Lip Mask by belif packs a punch of moisture and is not only hydrating it is also soothing; it features Oat Kernel Extract and Centella Asiatica Leaf Extract, both extremely calming, nourishing and soothing ingredients for the delicate and sensitive skin of lips.

This lip mask is highly rated and I can see why it has such a cult following, it truly made my lips feel so smooth and feel so fresh the next day.  I think the Aqua Bomb Overnight Lip Mask by belif may well become a daily habit for me, I like keeping my lips soft and ready for anything.

Enhance and replenish your lips with filler

Now I love my lip products as much as anyone, however there is a loss of volume that can happen with age, our top lip shrinks somewhat and we lose the fullness of our youthful mouth. No amount of lip balm or lip gloss can hide this.

This process is completely normal, however, for those of you, like myself, that want to counter these effects of the passage of time; there are definite options available.

For the lips you will need to use dermal fillers, primarily composed of Hyaluronic Acid; these fillers are injected into the lip and can be used to give volume, reshape the lip, alter the shape of the lip and enlarge the lip as well. In my experience, nothing will give you fuller lips than these types of fillers.

The process involves numbing the lip, afterwards the injection procedure happens and the swelling lasts a few days, the bruising takes anywhere from several days to a full week, to heal. The results typically last anywhere from 3 months, to 6 months, or more.

You can read more about my experiences with fillers and neural modulators and lasers, here.

fuller lips
Access Medica is my favorite place to enhance my face, friendly and knowledgeable staff, love visiting them! Photo courtesy of Access Medica.

My good friends at Access Medica can surely help you out, tell them I sent you, you’ll get a discount!

I hope you enjoy these suggested products and technologies to help you plump up your pout, and help your lips get ready for kissing with fuller lips.

Until next time, pucker up and stay beautiful!

Lead image courtesy of Colombe Photographe.

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